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How marketing automation can strengthen sales and marketing alliance


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How marketing automation can strengthen sales and marketing alliance

  1. 1. How Marketing Automation CanStrengthen the Sales & Marketing Alliance<br />Larry Fleischman, Director of Marketing, Televerde<br />
  2. 2. Who We Are…<br />B2B outsourced demand <br /> creation agency<br />High-tech specialty<br />Identify and nurture net new sales oppty’s<br />Integrated approach – “Category of One”<br />Generation of $2 billion in new<br />sales revenue for clients over past 15 years. <br />
  3. 3. Some Stats…<br />15 years of accumulated data, <br /> insight and best practices<br />Engagements with 1,200+ clients<br />Design & implement 650 campaigns annually<br />Workforce of 350 in 5 Knowledge Centers<br />
  4. 4. Alignment of Televerde CompetenciesWith the Integrated Approach<br />Research<br />Exactus Data<br />SpecialtyMarketing<br />Integrated Nurture<br />Dialogue-Based<br />Reporting<br />Campaign Performance<br />Business Reviews <br />Program Analysis<br />Web-Based Portal<br />Program Design<br />Data Management<br />Monitoring & Scoring<br />Content Development<br />Integration w/Dialogue<br />Market/Territory Profiling<br />Account Profiling <br />Competitor Profiling<br />Opportunity Analysis<br />Customer Sat & Loyalty<br />Lead Generation<br />Lead Qualification<br />Appointment-Setting<br />Event Recruitment<br />Direct Sales<br />Integrated Nurture<br />Sales Support<br />Opportunity Analysis<br />Customer Sat /Loyalty<br />Content Development<br />Email Design & Sends<br />Event Management<br />Web Development<br />Web Chat<br />Webinar Production<br />Direct Mail <br />Data Gap Analysis<br />Data Remediation<br />Data Management<br />Data Products<br />Data & Insight<br />Nurture<br />Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty<br />Demand<br />Creation &<br />Discovery <br />SQL<br />Data Analysis,<br />Maintenance &<br />Management<br />Go-to-Market<br />Strategy<br />Market<br />Research &<br />Analysis<br />MQL <br />SAL<br />Closed-Won Opportunity Analysis<br />Closed-Lost Opportunity Analysis<br />Sales Support & Optimization<br />Open Opportunity Analysis<br />Four-Phase Approach:<br />1. Strategy & Planning<br />2. Create, Discover, Convert, Accelerate<br />3. Nurture, Support, Assess<br />4. Analyze & Refine<br />Data & Insight<br />Data & Insight<br />
  5. 5. Life Before Marketing Automation<br />Is it possible that an agency specializing in sales<br />and marketing could experience its own “Gap”?<br />(A little embarrassing, but… Yes.)<br /><ul><li>One-dimensional lead intelligence and “scoring” model
  6. 6. Anecdotal, one-way (sales to marketing) information push
  7. 7. Less than desirable long-term lead accountability
  8. 8. No tracking of inbound web inquiries and behavior
  9. 9. Lead waste, lost revenue, lack of ongoing engagement
  10. 10. Sales and marketing had one (wrong) thing in common:</li></ul>A one-way view of the world (seller’s vs. buyer’s journey)<br /><ul><li>Bottom line: Unnecessary frustration</li></li></ul><li>Life During Marketing Automation<br />MAT forced a new view –<br />Buyer & Seller Journey Alignment<br />Which begat a requirement –<br /> Sales & Marketing Alignment<br />The transformation:<br />Multi-dimensional sources of data & insight<br />Bi-directional information exchange vs. push<br />Systematic approach for ongoing lead engagement <br />Integrating digital insight with dialogue insight <br />Well-timed, relevant touches<br />Far less frustration – much more happiness<br />
  11. 11. Keys to Successful Communication<br />The Checklist:<br />Understand each other’s mindsets and needs<br />Create a framework for ongoing dialogue & feedback<br />Align Sales & Marketing SLA<br />Demonstrate value of MAT to each other<br />Collaborate on flows, content and scoring<br />Collaborate on program development by account, by market, by product<br />
  12. 12. Keys to Successful Lead Follow-Up<br />The Checklist:<br />Embed a lead follow-up plan into the SLA<br />Establish accountability and monitor it<br />Design a “flight-check” process<br />Integrate human touch to validate, accelerate and correct<br />Establish the flow:<br /> Early (educate) Mid (solution) Late (selection)<br />Close the loop to leave no opportunity behind<br />
  13. 13. Keys to Successful Scoring Structure<br />The Checklist:<br />Score, analyze, adjust model<br />Scores are multi-dimensional<br />Monitor, analyze, re-score<br />Customize thresholds by campaign and objective<br />Aggregate “corporate score” for multiple contacts in same organization <br />
  14. 14. Keys to Successful Sales Feedback<br />The Checklist:<br />Build a systematic approach<br />Cross-pollinate – discuss at Sales meetings<br />Meet 1:1 with sales reps<br />Listen, learn, adjust – be open-minded<br />If your mother says “I love you!” check it out!<br />(Chicago City News Bureau)<br />
  15. 15. For More Info…<br />Televerde<br />+1 480-517-6137<br /><br /><br />