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Microsoft & Red Hat: Two Very Different Journeys to Marketing ROI


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Microsoft and Red Hat are two tech powerhouses that faced the same challenge: connecting their marketing plans, spend, and results to get a clear picture of marketing ROI.

In this webinar, we cover:

- The business pains around planning, budgeting, and measuring marketing performance that spurred them into action

- The very different paths Microsoft and Red Hat took to solve those pains, and the technologies they used

-Recommendations from Harris at Microsoft & Ryan at Red Hat for how to create positive change in global marketing organizations

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Microsoft & Red Hat: Two Very Different Journeys to Marketing ROI

  1. 1. The 2017 #RunMarketing Awards celebrate Marketing Performance Management (MPM) champions who run the business of marketing. They’re the operational mechanics of the marketing machine, working tirelessly behind the scenes, strategizing, planning, budgeting and analyzing to make sure every dollar counts and drive maximum results.
  2. 2. Ryan Danner Director, Global Marketing – Planning & Financials Red Hat “Under Ryan’s leadership, Red Hat’s marketers have gained control and visibility into their marketing investments, plans and budgets, and marketing has become a more strategic and trusted partner across the organization.”
  3. 3. Harris Thamby Senior Program Manager, Sales & Marketing Engineering “Harris has a deep understanding of the way marketers work at Microsoft. He has shaped the technology around their business needs in specific and innovative ways, often getting closely involved in the details of data, integrations and workflows.”
  4. 4. Marketers Have Two Jobs Customer Create Engaging Customer Experiences by Overseeing the Customer Lifecycle Do Marketing Attract AcquireRetain CMO Manage and Optimize the Business Of Marketing Run Marketing Plan InvestMeasure Results
  5. 5. Rapid Growth led to Disparate Data PLANS ANALYTICS AND BI TARGETS POs ACTUALS
  6. 6. ”I” is Foundational to “ROI”
  7. 7. Ø What chips are on the table right now? Ø Where do we have flexibility? Ø I need to be opportunistic. Can I fit $nn into this quarter? Ø How much confidence do I have in this data?
  8. 8. Separated Investment and Result Data Investments Outcomes ROMI
  9. 9. All Are Needed Within Marketing Technology ProcessPeople
  10. 10. Technology ProcessLed
  11. 11. Lack of Common Performance Measurements or Language
  12. 12. No Way to Connect Returns & Investments
  13. 13. Standardized on a Taxonomy • Identified 4 – 6 pivots (meta data) • Created a Common Language • Communicate and enabled broadly
  14. 14. Connect Process, Systems, and Taxonomy ROMI Performance Measurements Execution Costs
  15. 15. More Data Needed = Greater Operational Burden
  16. 16. Technology DataProcess Enable Create
  18. 18. Creating Visualization, Transparency and Integration
  19. 19. Accuracy Around the ”I” in ROI *Sample data. Not Red Hat.
  20. 20. Full Visibility into Marketing Plan • Aggregation of the entire plan • Campaign level intelligence • A checkpoint for spend *Sample data
  21. 21. Ability to Pivot Performance Measurements and Execution Costs ROMI Performance Measurements Execution Costs Geo’s Products Campaigns
  22. 22. Life After Allocadia 88% reduction manually data entries 100% of field marketing dollars accounted for 1M+ leads generated via planned marketing activities 500+ users within 70+ countries
  23. 23. Let’s Discuss
  24. 24. “What part is Allocadia playing in getting you to marketing ROI?”
  25. 25. What recommendations do you have for other marketers trying to get to and measure marketing ROI?
  26. 26. Get in touch! Jocelyn Brown VP Customer Success Cloud software that gives marketers confidence in where to invest their next dollar.