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Tbex15 Asia Thailand Michael Collins


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TBEX Business: How DMCs and Tourist Boards Can Creative Successful Blogger Trips

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Tbex15 Asia Thailand Michael Collins

  1. 1. Michael Collins #TMevents @travelmedia_ie #tbex @TBEXevents @ThailandFanClub @ThaiAirways presentation on Slideshare and as a blog post http:/
  2. 2. Industry - Business Track How DMCs and Tourist Boards Can Creative Successful Blogger Trips
  3. 3. Industry - Business Track How to Create the Perfect Trip blogger - DMC
  4. 4. Bloggers v DMCs
  5. 5. Symbiotic Relationship • Good • Happy • Hot • Sweet • Bloggers Bad Sad Cold Sour DMCs
  6. 6. Push v Pull
  7. 7. Why is there an imbalance? • Lack of communication. Both. • BLURRED LINES. • This is what we want? DMCs. • This is why we are organising this trp. • What do you want? Bloggers. • Why have you accepted this trip? • What do you hope to get from this trip.
  8. 8. What can DMCs do better? • Early planning and engagement with bloggers. Listen. • More bespoke trips, less group trips, more flexibility. • Better balance between blogger needs and commercial/organisers requirements. • More free time. • Better planning. More on this in a minute. • Trips are an active media environment. No longer passive. Preparation required.
  9. 9. What can DMCs do better? What are the biggest bug bears that bloggers have about trips. • Not enough free time. Less is more. • Social time. Admin time. Down time. • Everyone on the same story. Group trips v individual trips. • Group trips less work, more economies of scale, but……. • Handles, hashtags in advance, • Amplification - partners need to engage, hotels, restaurants, venues etc. • WiFi, MiFi – everywhere, passwords, logins. • Paid support. Facebook, reach your audience.
  10. 10. Quotes – for DMCs “hotel inspections. Oh, God, no! They're for travel agents”
  11. 11. Quotes “Ah, Jaysus, not another church/cathedral! If I see the inside of one more church, I'll turn atheist.”
  12. 12. Quotes “8am starts after 11pm finishes. Are ye serious?”
  13. 13. Quotes “Plus, I can't overstate the value of free-time (and I'm not talking 45 minutes back in the hotel between excursions). Free time, a chance to wander alone, take photographs…………………”
  14. 14. Quotes free time - often, that's the only chance a writer gets to experience the more personal encounters with a place and it's people.
  15. 15. Quotes a relaxed writer is a better writer – if you're being frog matched from A to B at top speed then the best you can ever really come up with are bullet points which may make for informative but very rarely entertaining copy. Information you can lift from websites but personal experiences are vital.
  16. 16. Quotes “One of the most important things that comes up time & time, don't set up a blog trip and then sit back and wait for the bloggers to bring eyeballs. Make sure that you and all your stakeholders are amplifying every tweet, every instagram, every post, etc.”
  17. 17. Quotes “My advice would be for media and organisers to work together on an angle that suits the individual publication beforehand. Group trips serve a purpose, but they can also mean several publications have the exact same story.”
  18. 18. Quotes Having a hashtag for the trip is obviously a great thing. Not just for trending, but it also helps the journalists connect with their fellow press trip attendees/organisers through social media via searching the hashtag.
  19. 19. Takeaways Free time Less group trips. More tailored trips. More engagement, pre, post, during.
  20. 20. For Bloggers “-- Lads, that wee girl/guy from the tourist board has paid for everything all day -- for f***'s sake, put your hands in your pockets and stand a round at the end of the night -- he/she has a budget to observe.
  21. 21. For Bloggers Say thank you. We are talk, we all know each other.
  22. 22. For Bloggers Evergreen. “Share again and again and again, please. Stats please, we’d love them.”
  23. 23. For Bloggers ”Remember you're enjoying a privilege by being wined and dined -- it's not a right.”
  24. 24. For Bloggers “The tour guide: when he/she eventually leaves you, pass the hat around and stick 10 €$£ each in it to show your appreciation.”
  25. 25. For Bloggers “If the itinerary says 10am start, it doesn't mean 10.15 or 10.25. Be respectful to your hosts and your colleagues and have the good manners to turn up on time.
  26. 26. The Perfect Blogger Trip “The perfect trip is one where guests and hosts show each other respect, and allow breathing space”
  27. 27. ahhhhhh ummmmmmmm
  28. 28. 7 P’s - #7PS • Proper • Prior • Planning • Prevents • Piss • Poor • Performance
  29. 29. 7 P’s - #7ps • Proper • Prior • Planning • Prevents • Piss • Poor • Performance
  30. 30. 7 P’s - #7ps • Proper • Prior • Planning • Prevents • Piss • Poor • Performance
  31. 31. Case Study 1 – Press Trips
  32. 32. Lessons • 7Ps. • Follow well in advance. • Engage well in advance – start the conversation early. • Research handles and hashtags. • Tell venues, hotels, attractions media are coming. • Get WiFi access / passwords.
  33. 33. DMCs, PRs can do more. • They are now part of the conversation. • No longer passive bystanders. • Actively engaging, following, sharing, RTs, Likes. • Write a blog from the trip.
  34. 34. Case Study 2 - Events Travel Media Awards Trended no. 1 on Twitter
  35. 35. How to Trend on Twitter - blog #TMevents
  36. 36. Share Hashtags and Handles in Advance
  37. 37. Thank you to the media who helped me prep for today • Brendan Harding @BrendanHarding • Tara Peavoy @TaraPeavoy • Laura Breslin @Mamma_Fairy • Alastair McKenzie @AlastairMcK • Tom Sweeney @ScottishTom • Pól O’Conghaile @PolOConghaile • Lucy White @LucyWhiteDublin • Ian Scott @DubaiTourism
  38. 38. @niamhywaters Lastly, thank you to my colleague Niamh Waters, back in Dublin, who got up at 5am this morning to manage @travelmedia_ie during this presentation (why?).