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TBEX Asia 2016, To Drone or Not to Drone, Lina and David Stock


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David Stock Co-Founder of Divergent Travelers Convinced by my wife (Lina) to quit my job to travel after attending our first TBEX. Writer, Marketing Media Specialist, Videographer, Getty Images Video Contributor, GoPro Award Winning Photographer, Outdoorsman, Commercial/Private Drone (UAV) Pilot and Adventure Traveler.

Lina is one half of the travel blog, Divergent Travelers and with her husband, David, have been traveling the world full time for 3 years. Specializing in true adventure travel, they work together to bring their travels to life through visual media with professional photography, video and aerial drone work.

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TBEX Asia 2016, To Drone or Not to Drone, Lina and David Stock

  1. 1. To Drone or Not To Drone
  2. 2. The global market for commercial photography drones is set to be worth $12.5 billion by 2021, according to a report from Acute Markets released in September 2016.
  3. 3. To Drone or Not To Drone •  The  Hard  Truth  About  Drones   •  Benefits  of  Having  a  Drone   •  How  Can  Owning  a  Drone  Make  You  Money   •  Things  to  Consider     •  Top  Camera  Drones   •  Drone  Resources   •  App’s  and  Helpful  Info  
  4. 4. How  would  you  feel  if  your  $1500  laptop  dropped  on  the  sidewalk  and   shaIered  into  pieces….the  first  week  you  had  it?     Here  are  a  few  recent  quotes  for  your  consideraNon:     “Tonight  I  no+ced  the  lights  started  blinking  red   and  it  fell  out  of  the  sky.  I  haven’t  found  it  ,  will   go  to  look  for  it  in  the  morning….  I’ve  been   crying  like  a  child….  ”     “I  lost  my  (expensive)  drone  a  couple   days  ago  and  am  trying  to  determine   what  most  likely  happened  to  it  aDer  I   lost  connec+on”     “Flying  at  about  30D  my  (expensive  drone)  decided  to  land   in  the  water  just  100D  away!  No  control  over  descent.   Nothing  I  did  with  the  controller  made  any  difference.  It   was  just  unbelievable,  watching  helplessly  ”     The Hard Truth About Drones
  5. 5. The Hard Truth About Drones •  If  you  are  not  comfortable  technical  and  mechanical   items,  do  not  enter  this  hobby     •  Consider-­‐  can  you  afford  to  lose  it?   •  These  are  REAL  AIRCRAFT  and  you,  as  the  pilot  and   crew  chief,  have  to  become  familiar  with  every  aspects   of  flight,  including  potenNal  emergency  situaNons     •  If  you  cannot  shoot  in  manual  on  a  DSLR-­‐  you  will  have   a  hard  Nme  producing  quality  with  a  drone   •  The  ability  of  drones  are  limited      
  6. 6. The Hard Truth About Drones •  Are  you  able  to  carry  it?   •  Are  you  traveling  long  term?   •  What  countries  are  you  planning  to  visit?   •  Storage  Woes-­‐  leaving  at  airports,  hostels,  etc.   •  Extra  costs     •  Are  you  comfortable  following  and  staying     •  educated  on  ever  changing  rules  and  regulaNons?  
  7. 7. The Hard Truth About Drones •  The  fine  for  flying  in  US  NaNonal  Parks  is  $5,000.00   and  over  2,000  fines  have  been  issued  from  May-­‐ Sep  2016.  More  then  ½  were  found  once  the   photos  were  posted  online     •  French  tourist  gets  fined  €113,000  for  flying  drone   over  the  Coliseum  in  Rome   •  Police  surveillance  cameras  spoIed  an  aircrab   hovering  over  Notre  Dame  Cathedral  in  Paris-­‐   Israeli  tourist  spent  one  night  in  jail  and  was  fined   €400     We  all  want  those  shots  but  at  what  cost?   You  may  think  you  can  get  away  with  it….      
  8. 8. Benefits of Having a Drone •  Enhance  you  photography  and  filmmaking  game     •  Give  your  photography  business  an  edge   Why  would  it  be  good  for  your  brand?   •  Get  shots  only  a  few  people  can       •  Create  that  wow   •  VersaNlity  to  go  anywhere  
  9. 9. How can owning a drone make you money? •  Aerial  Photography   •  Stock  Agencies   •  Aerial  Video     •  Real  estate  &  ConstrucNon     •  Event  photography  or  video   •  InspecNon  and  Mapping    
  10. 10. Diversify Your Income More  to  offer  for  partnerships  to  diversify  your  income   Why  would  it  be  good  for  your  brand?       •  Aerial  Photography   •  Aerial  Video   •  Price  vs  Helicopters/Airplane/  Photo  Shoots   Don’t  barter  drone  work!     Its  worth  money  and  you  should  be  paid  for  it!    
  11. 11. Want To Buy a Drone? •  Not  all  drones  are  easy  to  fly.   •  Not  all  drones  are  ready  to  fly.   •  Not  all  drones  are  the  same.     •  You  need  to  make  investments  upfront.   •  There’s  a  ton  of  places  to  buy  from.   •  You  cant  always  fly  them.       Everyone  wants  to  buy  a  drone  theses  days.  But  before  you  do,  here’s  6   things  you  should  know  
  12. 12. Top Camera Drones •  #1  DJI  Phantom  4  $1399.99   •  #2  DJI  Phantom  3  $899.99   •  #3  DJI  Inspire  $2,899.99   •  #4  Yuneec  Q500  4K  $899.99   •  #5  Yuneec  Typhoon  H  4K  $1,199.99   •  #6  3DR  Solo  $999.99   •  #7  Parrot  Bebop  $399.99   •  NEW  GoPro  Karma  $799.99   •  NEW  DJI  Mavic  $799.99-­‐$999.99   Based  off  consumer  sales  as  of  Sep  4,  2016  
  13. 13. •  Simple  Google  search     (Rules,  RegulaNons,  Maps  and  Permits.)     •  FAA  or  CAA  agencies   •  Embassy   Print  off  or  save  a  copy  of  any  informaNon  you  find.     •  Just  because  you  can  fly  does  not  mean  you  can!   •  Just  because  your  working  with  a  tourism  board   does  not  mean  you  don’t  need  permits!     Do  your  research  before  you  fly.  Our  secrets  to  successful  droning     Drone  Resources  
  14. 14. Helpful Info •  USA  FAA  Rules  hIp://   •  EASA  Drone  Rules:   hIps://­‐and-­‐you/civil-­‐drones-­‐rpas   •  Rules/Drone  Jobs  By  Country  hIp://   •  Rules  By  Country   hIps://­‐laws-­‐by-­‐country/   •  Pilots  Handbook  and  Study  Meterials  (107):   hIp:// fly_for_work_business/becoming_a_pilot/      
  15. 15. Useful  App’s •  Hover             •  Skycatch     •  AIRMAP   •  FlighIrader24   •  Know  Before  You  Fly   •  UAV  Forecast   •  RCFlyMaps   •  3D  RoboNcs  Tower  
  16. 16. You represent all of us. •  USA  temporarily  banned  drones  in  NaNonal  Parks   due  to  one  person  disturbing  a  herd  of  bighorn   sheep  in  Zion  NaNonal  Park.  (The  ban  sNll  stands.)   •  Drone  crashes  into  iconic  Milan  Cathedral  and   narrowly  avoids  causing  millions  in  damage.    -­‐  BBC  News   •  Drone  crashes  into  plane  at  Heathrow  airport  .     -­‐CNN  News   DON’T  BE  THAT  PERSON!  
  17. 17. Questions?  
  18. 18. Divergent Travelers   Lina  and  David  Stock   ______________________________________