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Tbex15 Asia Thailand Tim Leffel


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Commerce: The Antifragile Blogger: Increasing Your Monthly Earnings Through Multiple Income Streams

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Tbex15 Asia Thailand Tim Leffel

  1. 1. @TimLeffel on Twitter The Antifragile Blogger
  3. 3. How Much $ Do You Need?
  4. 4. The Elements of Happiness 1) Positive emotion 2) Engagement 3) Meaning In concrete terms: 1) Basic needs 2) Freedom 3) Self-actualization
  5. 5. Do you as a travel blogger have… …plenty of freedom? Hell yeah!
  6. 6. Do you as a travel blogger have… …the ability to do meaningful and fun work? Hell yeah!
  7. 7. Do you as a travel blogger have… …a steady and reliable income? Ummm…no
  8. 8. We are already rich. We just need a little more money…
  9. 9. Part-time Earnings: Travel Writers & Bloggers
  10. 10. Full-time Bloggers & Travel Writers
  11. 11. Where Does $100K+ Come From for Content Creators? First, lots of little things…
  12. 12. And a few BIG things…
  13. 13. Online Content Creators Can Be…
  14. 14. Diverse Income Streams - 2015 1) Direct ad revenue 2) Sale of one website (out of 7) 3) Book sales & related packages 4) Affiliate ad sales 5) Network ad sales 6) Freelance writing for others 7) Rental house (AirBnB, VRBO) 8) Guanajuato Street Food Tours
  15. 15. “Putting all your eggs in one basket and watching the basket really carefully isn't nearly as effective as the other alternatives. Not when the world gets crazy.” - Seth Godin
  16. 16. How Diverse Are Your Income Streams? Network Ads Affiliate Sales Digital Products Writing for Yourself Personality Blog/Site Freelance Income (Paid for Time/Output) Income From Work Paid for Specific Task Direct Ads Own Product Sales Physical Products Writing for Others Subject or Destination Blog/Site Passive Income (Paid anytime) Income From Assets Paid for Expertise
  17. 17. The Benefits of Multiple Sites/Businesses A buffer against factors beyond your control Increased inventory for advertising Cross-promotion opportunities Increased outlet/content/travel opportunities Increased affiliate sale opportunities Increased tax write-off opportunities Increased media/marketing opportunities Multiple streams of income – earning diversity
  18. 18. Expanding Your Business Beyond One Blog PHAT AND HAPPY TRAVEL BLOGGERS ARE WORKING SMARTER
  19. 19. Passion + = $
  20. 20. Why It’s a Wonderful Time to Test a New Business - Your Business Start-up costs are the lowest in history Data measurement tools are cheap or free Finding your audience is easier than ever Web publishing is a no-overhead business Publishing books is cheaper than ever Joblets can be farmed out cheaply You can live and work anywhere
  21. 21. Non-advertising revenue options Ongoing sponsorships Book royalties E-book sales Courses Consulting Leading tours Freelance writing Speaking for companies/brands
  22. 22. Where is your NEXT path going?
  23. 23. Becoming Antifragile Means: 1. Creating multiple sources and types of income 2. Watching for and taking advantage of market opportunities 3. Creating publications that have value without you 4. Never becoming overly dependent on one thing (one blog, one type of income, one client, one niche)
  24. 24. What to Do Next Week – Some Options Start a 2nd or 3rd blog or resource site (that is very different than the current one) Listen to your followers and draft book or course ideas Prepare a lead magnet and start collecting e-mail addresses Start pitching instead of waiting for freelance writing or ad deals “Hustlers send invoices.” - Dan at The Tropical MBA
  25. 25. Go to
  26. 26. Could we work together? I’m looking for… - Real-world interns/assistants who want to learn how to succeed - Partner niche blogs that get 20,000+ monthly visitors - Guest posters that can cover cheap travel destinations in detail - Launch team partners for upcoming Travel Writing 2.0 second edition - Students for Real Money Writers course & mastermind group launching in January
  27. 27. Globetrots on Instagram TimLeffel on Twitter, G+, Pinterest, LinkedIn Site names on Facebook, such as CheapestDestinations