Big business and labor


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Big business and labor

  1. 1. Big Business and Labor CHAPTER 6 SECTION 3 BY TAYLOR FAH
  2. 2. Andrew Carnegie
  3. 3. Andrew Carnegie Worked at the Pennsylvania Railroad Started The Carnegie Steel Company Most powerful steel company in 1899 New machinery and techniques  Accounting, offer stocks, liked competition Vertical and Horizontal integration Carnegie Hall Gave most of his fortune away
  4. 4. John D. Rockefeller
  5. 5. John D. Rockefeller Rockefeller created a monopoly  Monopoly- When one company has complete control over the production of a product and they can control the market of that product Low wages, low price, no more competitors They were called the Robber Barons Rockefeller Foundation, Medical Institute, University of Chicago.
  6. 6.  Social Darwinism-The success and failure in business were governed by natural law and no one had the right to intervene. The South was slower than the North industrially after the end of the Civil War The Sherman Antitrust Act  Governments attempt to stop monopolies.
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