Media language investigation


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Media language investigation

  2. 2. MEDIA LANGUAGEIn the following slides I will be analysing three horrortrailers which are The Purge The women in black Paranormal activity 3I will be analysing how the trailer has been producedthrough the use of cinematography, sound, editingand mise-en-scene.
  3. 3. THE PURGEHere a close up of twopeople who we assume arethe villains wearing maskshas been used , the masksare related to the horrorgenre as they are seen asscary and suspiciouslooking.Here is a close up ofwriting on a wall writtenin blood. The torch lighton the wall showsdramatic lighting andbuilds up tension.Here is a shot of a womenshowing her body andwearing a white dress. Whiteis a typical colour to wear inhorror films as the blood onher dress shows up a lotmore, she is also holding aweapon.Here is a shot ofpeople with guns whichhas been caught on acctv camera showingthat its reality.Here theforeground hasbeen blurred andthe backgroundis infocus, focusingon the villainfollowing hevictim.
  4. 4. THE PURGECinematography- there are a lot of extreme close ups, close ups and mid shots throughoutthe purge. By using close ups it gives the audience a more understanding of thecharacters faces and expressions. Over the shoulder shots during the trailer are used toshow the audience that the victims are being follows by the villains to build up tension.The victims are shown to have low authority as there are several low angle of the villainsshowing that they have more power to the victims.Editing- There is writing at the beginning of the trailer giving a brief of what is happening.There is a straight cut to a family and there home showing that they are wealthy.Everything begins to speed up towards the end of the trailer creating tension for theaudience. There are also fade out cuts during the trailer which is associated with horrorfilms.Sound- During the trailer there are voices over’s which make it looks realistic like it’s a newsreport. There is also non diegetic music put over the trailer to build up tension showing usthat it’s a horror film. The sounds used have been emphasized to scare the audience.Mise-En-Scene- Dark settings have been used as they are stereotypical of a horror film andthe audience will know straight away. Blood and darkness are related to the horror genreand also masks are used in several horror films to hide the villains identity.
  5. 5. WOMEN IN BLACKAn establishing shot ofdark, old room has beenused at the beginning of thetrailer to show the audiencewhere its set.A close up of anscary lookingchilds toy hasbeen used tocreate tensionabout the filmAn establishing shot of adark deserted place withnothing but just a horseand cart.A low angle shot ofthe house showingits power whichlooks old andhauntedA high angle shot ofsomebody walking into thedark haunted house lookingdown on the person thatsenteringA shot of the characterlooking out the window witha unusual ghost looking facebehind them causingtension.
  6. 6. WOMEN IN BLACKCinematography- The trailer begins with an establishing shot which shows the audiencewhere the action will be taking place throughout the film. There is a lot of close ups andmid shots to show the characters facial expressions and to show the creepy childs toys.There are low angle shots of the house to show its power of it. Dark lighting has beenused because this is typical of horror trailers.Editing- Fade outs have been used during the trailer leaving a black screen which is atypical colour associated with the horror genre. Shorter takes have been placed togetherin a face pace more towards the end of the trailer to show tension.Sound- At the beginning of the trailer the sound of wind has been used, this is a typicalsound associated with horror trailer as it creates are eerie atmosphere. There is a voiceover of a child telling the story of the film in a nursery rhyme style. These are both used inhorror trailers a lot to create a scary feel. There is the sound of a childs toy playing whenthere is tension in the trailer which speeds up.Mise-En-Scene- The setting of the horror trailer is an old place which is very dark which isvery common in horror trailers. There is a lot of use of childs toys which creates a scaryfeel to the trailer. Blood is a typical convention of the horror genre also and desertedplaces.
  7. 7. PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3Distorted recordingmaking the trailerlook realistic.Mirror shotshowing it’s ahome madevideo lookingrealisticDark childs room with justlight from the fish tank andthe child standing at thetop of the stairs
  8. 8. PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3Cinematography- the camera used in this film trailer is handheld like home videoingcameras. Using an handheld camera makes the film look more realistic to the audiencecreating a more scary vibe. Also the handheld camera makes a shaky hand recordingshowing that the character is scared when recording, this is also shown through the midshots and closes ups of the characters facial expressions. There are mirror shots,flashbacks during the trailer giving them a better under standing of the film wanting themto watch more.Editing- The editing during the trailer is that there has been a distorted and fuzzy look to therecordings this makes it look more realistic to the viewers. Some shots have been spedup creating tension throughout and cuts back to the previous paranormal activity films.Also there are slow motions cuts to build up tension because the audience will knowthat something is about to happen.Sound- The voice over throughout the film which has been distorted and creates a nervousatmosphere which is typical of the horror genre. The non diegetic sounds creates tensionthroughout along with the screams. The childs laughter creates more tension also.Mise-En-Scene- The trailer has a very dark lighting which is very typical. A bright light isused to emphasize the scary dark parts in the trailer. The characters look casual as it’s ahome made video making it look very realistic and gives it more of a scary atmosphere.