Media language investigation


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Media language investigation

  2. 2. Within the following slides I will analyse three different horror film trailers. The Purge The Last Exorcism Part 2 Paranormal Activity 3 I will analyse how the trailer has been produced through the use of cinematography, sound, editing and mise en scene. And how these features contribute into making a horror film trailer. MEDIA LANGUAGE
  3. 3. ‘THE PURGE’
  4. 4. Cinematography: there is a use of different shots such as close ups and extreme close ups. This is to make it chaotic for the audience as they are unaware of what they are seeing. The close ups show the expressions on the actors faces. There are birds eye view shots meant to look like CCTV as if the audience is watching real life footage. The last shot of the trailer is of the American flag with the title of the film over it, this shows the audience perhaps where the film is set or a deeper meaning which the audience has to find out through watching the film. Editing: there is a use of writing at the beginning of the trailer to give the audience some background information. The editing of the CCTV shots are fuzzy to show the chaotic atmosphere. Towards the end there are fast pace cuts to build suspense.
  5. 5. Sound: The music at the beginning of the trailer is slow accompanied by the writing it gives a depressed tone immediately. When there is shots of the CCTV footage there is digital zooming sounds. These sounds and crashing/thumping music begins with dialogue. An ‘emergency broadcast’ signifies the beginning of the Purge and adds the element of real life. The trailer is filled with diegetic and non diegetic sounds with dialogue and eerie music which is typical of a horror film. Mise-en-scene: the use of dark lighting and shadows is continued throughout there is a shot of a woman in a white dress which is blood stained holding a knife. The use of the blood is continued as there is a shot of writing on the wall in blood.
  7. 7. Cinematography: As seen in the previous film trailer there is a variety of different shots to show the variety in emotions. Facial close ups are used for the audience to see the characters facial expressions. A birds eye view shot is used as if someone is being watch. There are long shots of the spooky house and a burning fire. There is a shot with writing on again to give information and the same background and font is used at the end of the trailer showing the title. Editing: some of the shots are edited very quickly which shows the chaotic atmosphere within the film. There is a shot of a girl appearing to be floating in the air, this a typical feature for a film based on exorcism’s as seen in the original ‘Exorcist’.
  8. 8. Sound: the trailer begins with dialogue and a hymn like sound in the background. Followed by burst of screams and more dialogue. There is diegetic and non diegetic sounds. There is more hymn like music in the background. The trailer ends with spooky music followed by a dialogue. Mise en scene: there is dark lighting and shadows throughout the trailer which is typical of horror movies. There is typical dark colours used. With the stereotypical haunted house like image.
  10. 10. Cinematography: The cameras chosen to film this movie has been done by using home video cameras. This adds the element of real life to the film. This makes the audience believe that this is something that could happen in real life. The hand held camera gives the distorted and shaky feel to it this also adds the chaotic feel. Editing: During post production the continuity between each shot has been edited to a distorted and fuzzy style. This creates a chaotic atmosphere. There are motivated cuts as well which link back to the previous film showing the audience a brief narrative.
  11. 11. Sound: there are voiceovers used throughout which has been echoed and distorted to create a nervous and eerie atmosphere this adds to the typical horror genre feel. Non diegetic sound along with the sound of broken up film is used towards the end of the trailer which creates further suspense. Mise en scene: The overall feel of the trailer is dark, black is a typical convention of horror. Also light is used to emphasise the scary aspects. The use of every day clothes and home cameras used makes the trailer see very realistic.