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Athens government


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Published in: News & Politics
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Athens government

  1. 1. Civic Participation and Voting Rights by: Karina Rijo, Dariano Moore
  2. 2. Voting RightsPeople who are 18 and older can voteWomen can vote but they had to beover 18Someone who runs for president has tobe natural born in the USA citizenThey have to be a least 35 years old
  3. 3. Voting Rights 2To be a candidate must have a lot ofmoneyMost citizen expect good character ofthe personTheir campaigns have to besuccessful.
  4. 4. Civic Participation• Only males that are freed and citizens could participate in the government.• They also had to have parents born in Athens.• The Athenian assembly held 6,000 citizens and they decided most of the issues in Athens.• A lot