Chapter 2 7


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Chapter 2 7

  1. 1. Welcome back to The Four Legacies everyone! It been about a month since my last update and you mightremember that Eliza took a bit of a tumble, heirs were declared and the Mertons and the Browns teensprepared for college. Now they’re actually at college and I’m super excited because it means that generation4 is almost on the way! It’s taken me long enough but yes!Anyway, usual stuff applies. If you haven’t read the earlier chapters or can’t remember then I’d recommendyou go back and read the earlier chapters. Now with that out of the way, let’s get this chapter started!
  2. 2. From: Gavin BrownTo: Declan BrownSubject: Sorry…Hi DadSorry it’s taken us so long to actually write to you, but I’m sure you know what college is like. We’ve just beenbusy, settling in and everything. The work’s so much harder than high school – you probably remember thatfrom your college days – and then we just got so busy with friends and relationships and everything thatneither me or Harry managed to find the time. Sorry about that.Anyway, that kind of reminds me of one of the reasons I forced myself to send you this. Harry’s engaged andI’m… well, I’ll start at the beginning.
  3. 3. When we first got to the dorms Harry startedchatting to all of the girls he came across. Honestly, Ithink he missed being in a relationship a little toomuch. It was almost like he forgot he had four wholeyears to enjoy himself and he just wanted to find thefuture Mrs Brown right away.Harry didn’t get along with any of the girls he talkedto, not at first and he started acting all depressed.I’m not going to lie. I was a little worried about himfor a while. I was going to give you and Dad a call,but one day it all changed.
  4. 4. About half way through the first semester he met her. Rosemarie St Julien – Rosie, as she calls herself.
  5. 5. Rosie’s okay. She’s pretty and blonde and has a ton of recessive genes that legacy families are supposed tocrave. She’s a family sim, and certainly a pleasant enough girl who gets along with everyone. She’s just notthe brightest cookie in the drawer – and yes, I know Dad hates mixed metaphors. It’s just… Rosie wascompletely shocked when she found out you have your own businesses, Dad, and that you have more thanone of them. It’s like she didn’t even think that it was possible. It was such an alien idea to her than to beginwith I might as well have been speaking gobbledegook instead of Simlish.
  6. 6. Harry doesn’t mind that though – he said something about dormies not needing to know about businessowning so what did it matter? I guess he’s right, but still – not knowing you could own your own business?That’s ridiculous.Anyway, I guess so long as Rosie makes Harry happy that’s okay. She better make him happy too, since heproposed at the end of our freshman year, just before we moved out of the forms. Rosie accepted too, shewas completely thrilled.Oh, Harry says he’s sorry he didn’t tell you he got engaged. Everything got a lot busier just after that, whatwith moving out and setting up the fraternity and everything.
  7. 7. I’m getting a bit ahead of myself. Part way through the semester when Harry was at his lowest he called theMatchmaker up for a blind date. It didn’t go well and Harry slumped off to his dorm room to go sulk. I wentoutside to send the Matchmaker off home, but she made me pause. She took one look at me and said sheknew the perfect person for me. I figured sure, why not. She couldn’t exactly send me a worse girl to datethan the one she sent Harry.You’ll notice the Matchmaker didn’t use gendered pronouns. Yeah, you can probably guess where this isgoing.
  8. 8. Dad… Dad… I’m gay. And I’ve got to admit, it’s probably a whole lot easier to come out to your parents asgay when you’ve got two dads.Anyway, I don’t know if you know this, but I was kinda struggling to work it out up until that point. I justdidn’t want to think about it in high school especially with Elijah, Aunt Cole’s jerk of a son, offering to set meup with a new guy every other week.I had to think about it when the Matchmaker dropped off Rodney Jung, the single most perfect man on theface of simearth, for a date with me. And, well, I’m completely and utterly gay.
  9. 9. Anyway, the rest of our freshman year was over before we knew it, and we moved out of the dorms. Withthe money that the pair of us saved up from our scholarships and money from our grades, the money Lukebrought with him since he moved straight in with us when he started, and a little loan from the bank – relax,we’ll pay that off in a year, two tops – we build the start of the frat house.It’s not much right now – a single storey with no foundation – but it’s ours. We’ve each got a decent sizedroom too, even if we did have to buy ourselves sofa-beds rather than actual beds. Don’t worry – we shouldget proper beds at the end of the semester! It’ll be fine.Got to go, one of the old pizza boxes attracted roaches and I need to spray them.Talk to you soon!Gav.
  10. 10. From: Amelia MertonTo: Lydia MertonSubject: I meant to emailyou soonerHey Mum!Sorry it’s taken me so long to email you back, but well, its not like you haven’t been ringing me every singleday. Seriously, you, Mum and Grandma don’t all have to call all three of us individually every day. Really –you don’t need to call one of us however often you need to and we can pass the phones around – you andMum and Grandma too!And besides, you guys get loads of emails from Alana and Rosa, and I’m sure Ivy tells you guys everythingevery time she gets back from visiting us. If I added my emails to that it’s be far too much.Anyway, I finally figured out how to get pictures off the camera you got me, so I’ve attached the one fromjust after we got to the dorms, you know, the one Grandma took of us all before you three and Ivy all headedhome.
  11. 11. Anyway, you guys already know all the details of what happened at the dorms – a big fat nothing. You’dthink considering the reputation that dorms have that something interesting would actually happen, butnope! I couldn’t wait to move out of there – maybe now we’re in a Greek house something interesting willactually happen. So far I’ve been disappointed in college. I was told there would be fun and constant wildparties and all the freedom I dreamed about as a teen but didn’t have. I was lied to – there’s classes! Andlearning and homework and it’s terrible!
  12. 12. Anyway, I’m sure Lorelai’s Mum and Dad – or one of my sisters – told you that Lore moved straight into theSorority with us instead of going into dorms. We’ve been hanging out quite a bit, what with both beingpopularity sims and all, and she’s, well she’s not half bad. She’s actually kinda cool. I think I can see whyAlana and Flic hung out with her so much at school. Everyone’s been hanging out a lot really – after we builtthe house there wasn’t exactly a lot of money left over so we either hang out or go mental from boredom.Personally I’m saving mental for senior year.
  13. 13. Okay, so I don’t know how up-to-date on everythingRosa, Alana and Ivy are keeping you, but there werea few things we never did talk about over the phone– mostly guys. It’s weird talking to you about it, but Iguess you’d like to know.So, here goes. Eliza’s dating some policeman calledHun Lajoie – weird name if you ask me, but then youdidn’t. Rosa’s dating this guy called GeorgeWendland who’s apparently one of Eliza’s billioncousins – but then so’s Lorelai’s boyfriend, Dahlsomething or other. I didn’t really pay too muchattention – I know his last name begins with Kthough!
  14. 14. Alana’s dating this guy called Jeff – what kind ofname is Jeff? It sounds stupid and dorky – which fits,because the guy is kinda dorky. Alana likes himthough, so I suppose I shouldn’t say anything toomean about him.As for Nev and Flic, they’re both busy datinganything that moves – when Flic isn’t interrogatingother people’s boy/girlfriends of course.
  15. 15. As for me, well there’s no one special. Really. Honest!Okay, fine. There is, and for the record I’m only admitting to it because I know you’ll interrogate me about itlater. I’m seeing this guy called Rich Beckett – he runs the Platinum Gym, you know that hobby lot you’repart of but never visit like all of the rest of them?Anyway, it’s not too serious at the moment. It might be in the future – might not. Dunno yet, we’re justletting things happen.That’s about everything that’s happened here – at least everything you probably haven’t already heard. Toldyou it’s been boring!Lydie.
  16. 16. From: Declan BrownTo: Gavin BrownSubject: RE: Sorry…Hi GavSo you didn’t tell us – what’s Rodney like? Your Dad and me both want to meet him and Rosie at some point.We’ll have to arrange it at some point.Not a whole lot’s being going on back here at home. I’ve mostly been working on my skills, and as for yourfather…
  17. 17. Your grandparents have been making themselves known – repeatedly. Knut’s not too happy. They only scarehim, and both of them get a few scares in each night. They’ve pretty much left me alone – something Icouldn’t be more grateful for.
  18. 18. Mostly time’s just marching on for everyone. It’sreally strange – all the sims I grew up with arebecoming elders – and it’s going to be mine and yourDad’s turn soon. It’s a little scary to think about.It’s even scarier when I think about your friendRosa’s grandmother’s daily battles with death. She’sbeen winning so far – probably desperate to see hergrandkids get married – but hearing about it justbrings home how much time has passed since yourgrandmother and her friends started these legacies.
  19. 19. It’s not all dreary and depressing though. Yourfriends Ambrose and Noah? Their little brothers hadtheir teen birthdays the other day. Lex grew into aromance sim, while Caleb chose knowledge.(Lex is the one with curly hair, Caleb’s hair is straight)
  20. 20. Not much else had been going on around here though. You better make sure either you or your brother orone of your sisters’ gets in touch soon – if you don’t we might just have to send your grandparents ghostsafter you!Dad.
  21. 21. From: Ally StantonTo: Luke StantonSubject: HeyHey Mum!Sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you about everything. It’s been pretty hectic around here – did youknow college is actually busy? I know! It was a shock to me too!
  22. 22. So anyway, you and Dad already know I moved straight into the Greek house with Harry and Gav – and youknow we had to take out that loan so we could actually, you know, have stuff in the house. Dad yelled at usenough for taking out loans as students. You can tell him to calm down now though – we’ve paid it all off.No, we have! The Matchmaker dropped off a lamp and Gav insisted on using a wish to get some money andpaid off the loan. It was probably a good idea but it was kinda boring. We haven’t used the other two wishesthough. So yeah, that’s great!
  23. 23. Gav said you phoned the house the other day, when I was at class. Since I actually know you, you probablywanted to know if I’ve got a girlfriend yet – it’s what you want to know every single time you call me, Lorelaitoo if what she’s said is anything to go by. I haven’t found anyone yet – chill out! I’m only a semester intocollege, there’s plenty of time left and who says I have to find someone by the time I finish college?So yeah, there’s been no one yet. I’ve met a few people, both students and professors, but none of them sofar I’ve been out on more than a couple of dates with so far. I don’t know, I’ll meet someone eventually butuntil then I’m happy just to hang out with friends and play video games – so can you please actuallyremember that next time you start nagging me about finding a girlfriend.
  24. 24. I get you’re concerned about what we’ve been up to since we moved founded the fraternity, but you don’tneed to worry. We haven’t done anything stupid or just plain unhealthy like eat pizza for every single meal orhad both the llama and the cow mascots in the house at the same time.No, we’ve been acting like the adults we’re supposed to be – promise!
  25. 25. We certainly haven’t been borrowing things from campus whenever we visit to decorate the house oranything like that. Well, maybe a little, but we didn’t take anything that would be missed!
  26. 26. Okay, more seriously? We’ve mostly just beenhanging out with people, having fun and making themost of our time at college. There’s been a fewparties here and there too, but nothing to writehome about.And no, the girls don’t come over here too often.Harry’s still got some issues with Lydie and Nev afterthe whole falling thing a couple of years ago. Eventhough Eliza’s fine now, he still picks fight with themboth whenever he’s around them, so they don’t comeover all too often.
  27. 27. Anyway, when we’re not doing silly things we’remostly just studying and trying to ignore theconstant cheerleader interruptions that we didn’tknow were a risk with Greek houses.I’m sure I’ll talk to either you or Dad soon,Luke
  28. 28. From: Amelia MertonTo: Lydia Merton, Rosa Merton, Alana MertonSubject: Update from homeHi girls!I’m sure you three are all pretty busy right now since it’s the exam season so your mother, grandmother and Ihaven’t been bombarding you three with phone calls but I know you’d all like to know at least some ofwhat’s going on back here at home.For starters I got another promotion – I’m the Hand of Poseidon now. I think that makes about five LTWscompleted, and it’ll probably be my last one.
  29. 29. It’s very good news, but not everything that’s been happening has been quite so wonderful. Ivy probably toldyou when she last came to visit that we had a visit from the repo man. Paying the bills just kept slippingeveryone’s minds and by the time we remembered it was too late.He didn’t take anything all that important – he took one of the sofas in the living room and that was it. Wereplaced it quickly enough, but it’s still a little embarrassing that it happened. Hopefully it won’t ever happenagain.
  30. 30. Your grandmother’s still beating Grim in their dailybattle, and she’s winning with ease. I think she’splanning on living until at least you three havegraduated and gotten married. She’s a stubborn oldfamily sim, so I think she might just make it.Unfortunately this doesn’t make it any easier on therest of us. We’re just waiting in dread for themoment Grim gets the upper-hand. It’s so stressfulon us all – your mother, myself and Ivy – but I thinkit’s worth it for even a single extra day with yourgrandmother.
  31. 31. Apart from that not a whole lot has been going on around here. We haven’t even seen much of Ivy – she’salways either with that Oliver boy or over at the university visiting you three.Anyway, I won’t make this any longer so I don’t distract you from your exams more than I already have. Ihope to see you three soon!Lots of Love,Mum.
  32. 32. From: Ambrose JacobsTo: Noah Jacobs, Alexander Jacobs, Caleb JacobsSubject:Guys, you three are going to love college!Yeah, I know Caleb, you’ve been looking forwards to going for years already but trust me! It’s great. And no,Lex, it’s not al classes and stuff like that. I’ve only got a couple of classes a day – I spend more time over atthe frat house than I spend in class or back at the dorm. I’m pretty much only at the dorm to sleep and that’sabout it.In fact I spend so little time at the dorm I’m not even sure what my dormmates’ names are. I should probablyfind out at some point.
  33. 33. I’m all pledged up with the house, and due to move in when I start my sophomore year, around the sametime you move into the dorm actually, Noah. It’s good timing too – living together at the frathouse is okaybut living in the same dorm as my little brother? Not what I want to do.Anyway, Luke, Gav and Harry have all been pretty cool about it. I mean, you hear all sorts of horror storiesabout what pledges at Greek Houses are made to do but none of them put me through any bad hazing. Infact, now that I think about it I didn’t get any hazing at all. What a rip-off!
  34. 34. You would have at least thought they’d make me deal with that roach infestation they had, but no! Gav tookcare of it as Luke bawled his eyes out and Harry ignored the whole thing! I mean, really! It’s almost like theguys haven’t even seen a college movie.Guess I shouldn’t complain though. If I’d been stuck with the spraying then I’d be the one who got the flu.
  35. 35. So anyway – I’ve started just hanging out wherever on campus. I would spend more time at the frathouse,but Harry and Gav constantly have their boy/girlfriends over. Didn’t used to bother me since Luke was theretoo when they got too involved in each other. Unfortunately Luke went and got himself a girl, a redheadmechanic called Marsha. She’s cute, I guess, but they’re both so wrapped up in each other I’ve had nothingto do.Well, okay, so I’m hanging with Auny Ruby’s son Mortimer a bit. It freaks people out when they see us –apparently we look too alike to be cousins.Gotta go guys! I’ve got class in about five minutes and I’ve still got to get to the other side of campus.Tell Mum and Dad I said hi!Ambrose
  36. 36. From: Caleb JacobsTo: Ambrose JacobsSubject: RE:Hey AmbroseFigured you’d want to know what’s been going on at home. There’s not a whole lot happening, to be honest.It’s been really boring around here.High school’s so easy, I don’t know what you and Noah have been complaining about all these years. I can’twait to get to college. You must be learning so many cool things, it has got to be fascinating!
  37. 37. Since high school’s not the challenge I was promisedit would be I’ve been skilling most of the time,building up all skills I’ll need for college and beyondand getting as many scholarships as I possibly can.Mum’s been working on her skills too, and Dad’sbeen helping her. She’s still struggling to top hercareer. I don’t think she’s too bothered about makingit though. It’s not like her LTW is career based.
  38. 38. Last time you emailed us you whined about how yourfriends are busy with relationships – how do you think Ifeel? My twin brothers always way too busy with JaceUna, his boyfriend, to hang out with me. And whenhe’s not trying to get in Jace’s pants he’s busy trying toset Noah up with Jace’s sister Jess!Noah’s pretty oblivious about it though, which issomething. Jess too – but I think that’s her deliberatelyignoring Lex’s prompts.I get that Lex’s hearts probably in the right place, butit’s really annoying. At least he hasn’t tried setting meup with anyone!
  39. 39. Okay, Lex doesn’t spend all of his time dating Jace and trying to set Noah up with people, but he does spenda lot of time doing it. The rest of the time he’s actually skilling – yeah, weird. But it’s the dance sphere andthat’s fun. Dizzying but fun.And we do spend a little bit of time hanging out, but it’s nowhere near as much as when we were kids. Whydo things have to change as we get older?Right, that’s all from me. Please tell me that college is more of a challenge than high school!Caleb
  40. 40. From: Felicity BrownTo: Knut Brown, Declan BrownSubject: Hi DaddyHi Dads! Harry said you guys probably want an update from us about what me and Eliza have been up to. Ifigured now was as good a time as any. The house is pretty quiet right now, you see. It’s just me and Eliza in,the others are out.
  41. 41. Lorelai’s been out all day, ever since she finished her class this morning. Think she said she was spending thenight over at her boyfriend’s house tonight. She’s been going on and on about him a lot lately – no idea why,but she thinks he’s going to surprise her with something.
  42. 42. I don’t have a clue what she’s talking about though. They’ve been dating for like two years now. How manymore surprises can there be?
  43. 43. Alana, Rosa, Lydie and Nev have gone back home forthe night since it’s Alana’s mothers’ birthday tonightthat they need to be there for – and probably theirgrandmother’s nightly fight with death. I guess itprobably went well – we would’ve heard somethingif that weren’t the case.Which reminds me – your birthdays are coming upsoon. What’s happening about that? Will it just beme, Eliza and the boys, or are guys going to have ahuge party and invite everyone we’re related to?
  44. 44. Anyway, I would be hanging out with Eliza since wenever get to do that anymore but she’s been stupidlyannoying ever since she got engaged to that oaf of afiancée of hers. Everyone’s been getting engaged,actually. The same day Eliza got engaged Lydie askedher guy to marry her. Alana did it a few days beforethat! There must be something in the water aroundhere.Honestly, the only sane people are me and Nev.Neither of us are even thinking about settling down. Imean, we’re practically kids!
  45. 45. Before I forget, yes, for the last time we got the pictures of the new house you guys sent. I still don’t knowwhat was the problem with the old house, but it looks good. Just one thing – are you guys sure it’s bigenough? I mean, I know you said it has what, five bedrooms? But you know Harry and Rosie are going towant to fill it with a bazillion kids. You might need to add in an extension or two.
  46. 46. So can you believe we’re seniors now? Just one year left before we all head on and actually have to face the‘real world’ – you can’t see it right now but I’m pulling a face – and a year before you get your piece andquiet interrupted by Harry and Rosie.We celebrated making it through the exams of junior year in the traditional Greek manner. You know whatI’m talking about, Dad! We had a Toga party!It was great! It ended up a roofraiser, and yes Dad. We did invite everyone, even our weirder cousins. Thehouse was crammed. You could hardly move. I missed most of the party though. I had important socialisingto do with some of the guys who turned up.
  47. 47. Don’t know if it got mentioned, but Lorelai’s been working hard on getting us a placeholder. We mostly lefther to it since she’s been singlehandedly raising our House level. I’m not even sure what we’re up to now, butthere’s a lot of family friends.I know Lorelai was dithering on who to ask for a while but eventually she settled on a girl called Ichellesomething or other. She’s okay, I guess. I don’t really know her much but then I’m not the one who’ll everhave to live with her. Lorelai’ll be stuck with her for a year, then whatever girls come out of the nextgeneration.
  48. 48. Despite the parties and stuff I stand by what I said infreshman year – college is boring. Apart from theoccasional party it feels like everyone’s always busyeither studying or skilling and when they’re not doingthat they’re too busy with dating.Ooh! That reminds me! I met this super cute guycalled Dargo and… I just proved my point didn’t I?We’ll see you guys on your birthday!Flic
  49. 49. From: Luke StantonTo: Ally Stanton, James StantonSubject: You guys wanted an email a week ago, didn’t you?Oops? Sorry! It’s been kind of hectic around here for a while now. Everything’s been so busy.
  50. 50. For starters, Ambrose’s little brother is at college nowso we’ve been getting him pledged to the house sohe can move in next year. He was thrilled when heofficially became part of the fraternity – well, thrilledonce he got over his embarrassment. Ambrose gavehim the good news when he was in his outerwear,and I’m pretty sure I told you what Ambrose’souterwear is like.And speaking of Ambrose, he moved in here at thefrat house straight after finals last year. I’m glad hedid, let me tell you! I don’t know what I’d do withouthim as a buffer against Harry and Gav.
  51. 51. The pair of them are both seriously stressed out seniors. Both of them spend all of their time studying – wehaven’t been able to have a party for a whole week! A week! Can you believe that? But they’re both toostressed out to have any fun since they’d ‘fall behind’. It’s ridiculous!Luckily there’s only a couple of weeks left before the year’s out and they graduate. No more stressed Gav andHarry! Instead I’ll be taking their place as the house senior… On second thoughts can they stay a little whilelonger?
  52. 52. Right now they’re both out the house since it’s theirdads’ birthdays.
  53. 53. From: Lorelai StantonTo: Ally Stanton, James StantonSubject: Two emails from us in as many weeks – no, nothing’s wrongHey Mum, Dad.I know Luke emailed you a couple of weeks ago – no, nothing’s gone wrong or anything. It’s just been a whilesince I wrote to you and I thought you might actually like an email from me for once.Anyway, the semester’s over! I’m a senior at last and soon I’m going to graduate and I can actually get out ofthis place. I can hardly wait.
  54. 54. I know you guys’ll be thrilled to know that I’ve been putting my time to good use. Right now I’m the big simon campus – I know everyone here at college and I’m friends with most of them. You probably won’t get theappeal but trust me, it’s brilliant. Things don’t get much better for a popularity sim.
  55. 55. Life’s the been the usual for college life – I’m sure you both remember it from when you were both in college.We’ve been making plenty of trips to campus too – Dad, I’m sure you remember what it was like in a GreekHouse. We haven’t found anything useful on our trips, but I’m sure we’ll find something eventually! If not,well it’s not like it’s going to matter.
  56. 56. Everyone’s been getting to know Ichelle – that’s the girl I asked to be placeholder. Rosa’s been a bit iffy withher, and Lydie was at first. In fact Lydie and Ichelle actually came to blows at one point. They’re fine nowthough. A few rounds of chess cheating and they pretty close friends.Yeah, I don’t get it either.
  57. 57. The last couple of weeks have been pretty boring though. Nothing’s been happening, just like every yeararound finals time. Everyone’s too busy with studying to do anything fun. It’s been so boring!
  58. 58. So the last couple of weeks crawled by, and then,finally, it was the end of the semester. We had eightgraduations – eight! Only one party though, whichwe hosted. The guys in the frat house came over andwe finally got to celebrate.As soon as the party of one there were a whole lot ofexplosions of confetti – I still need to clean that up,actually – and all eight of the ex-seniors headed outto the taxi, trying to hide their transition outfits fromus. None of them were that was bad. Well, except forRosa’s. She got a wedding dress of all things.
  59. 59. The house quickly emptied as they and all the guests left. I lived alone – for all of five seconds before Ichellemoved in.That’s it for now. Just one more year to go until me and Luke move back to the neighbourhood. The sorority’sgoing to be pretty quiet with just two of us in it, but it shouldn’t be too bad. I hope not at least.Lots of love,Lorelai
  60. 60. Aaaaaand that’s it! The first half of generation 3 is all graduated! The next chapter will be out… some time. Idon’t know exactly when since I’ve finally found some work since graduating from uni last July so that’sgoing to take up quite a bit of my time. And yes, that’s the reason why this chapter took as long as it did. Itshould be out within a month though, so I can keep on track with my goal.And on that note – this makes 2 of the 12 updates for the year down, 10 to go!Until next time, goodbye!