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MCS Electronics LLC has been operating successfully in the information technology industry of Mongolia for over ten years. Established in 1997, the company has grown to own over 30 percent of the computer market share, providing sales and services of computer equipment and peripherals to customers from all market segments.

The company has a mission "to lead the ICT industry in creating innovative value to its customers and partners through professional teamwork". The special advantage of MCS Electronics LLC, which makes itself different from others, is that the company delivers complete and total solutions from single point utilizing its knowledge and expertise by providing Information and Communication Technology infrastructures that fully meet the special requirements of our enterprise customers.

MCS Electronics LLC is a leading Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solution provider in Mongolia, with main business lines in the following sectors:

Sales and Service of Computer and Business Equipment
Internet and Data Communication
System Integration, Project and Software Development
The company is the authorized business partner, distributor and reseller of such world-leading companies as Dell, Canon, HP, NEC, Acer, Apple, Lenovo, Samsung, IBM, Panasonic, RAD, Oracle, Cisco, D-Link, Intel.

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MCSE Corporate Presentation

  1. 1. CORPORATE PRESENTATION The Power of People, Information and Technology Since 1997
  2. 2. ABOUT MCS GROUP Introducing World Standards Mining & Property & Information & Beverages & Fashion & Infrastructure Construction Communication Distribution Hospitality Technology Founded in 1993 as a relatively small-scale energy sector consultant, today the company has evolved into a large-scale reputable group of companies active across a wide range of business sectors including energy, infrastructure, IT, communication technology, food and beverage, cashmere and wool apparel production and sales,57% wholesale and retail sales, real estate and mining. Since 1993
  3. 3. ABOUT MCS GROUP OVER 20 MAJOR SUBSIDIARIES PROFESSIONAL WORKFORCE TOTAL REVENUE ACCUMULATED TAX 7600 Professional Employees Accumulated tax of 120 million USD Annual Revenue of 480 million USD 57% Since 1997
  5. 5. ABOUT US Founded in 1997 as a trader of IT equipments ■ The first System integration company of Mongolia which provide total ICT solution and service since 1999 Market Leader of IT sector with 30% market share Top 300, in total 10,000+ Customers ■ Total revenue for year 2011 is 33.1 ml USD Since 1997
  6. 6. Since 1997
  8. 8. NET SALES 2011 USD $35.0 $33.1 $29.7 $30.0 $24.3 20.00% Hardware $25.0 $19.8 $20.0 $17.0 Satellite $15.0 $12.0 20.00% 60.00% Services $10.0 Project & SI $5.0 $0.0 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 57% Since 1997
  9. 9. PROFESSIONAL WORKFORCE A total of 250 employees.■ 150 engineers and technical experts■ 40 engineers with certificates of wellknown companies in the world, such asMicrosoft, Cisco, Oracle, Dell, Canonand HP.■ 10 marketing and 39 sales personnel Since 1997
  10. 10. Since 1997
  11. 11. ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE OF MCSELECTRONICS, BUSINESS PORTFOLIOS CEO COO CMO CTO Business divisions Functional departments ERP Project HR, Legal & System Software Finance /Enterprise Development Admini – Integration Division Department Resource Department stration Unit Division Planning/ Computer & Orbitnet & Logistic & Service & Other Sales Marketing Business Distribution Department Production business Department Equipment Department Division Division Division Since 1997
  13. 13. CBE – BE FIRST IN EVERYTHING ... PRODUCTS & SERVICES ■ Computers | Copiers | Laptops ■ Professional and Compact Digital Cameras | Camcorders ■ Servers | Projectors | All In 1 Printers ■ Scanners | Ink Printers | Digital Cameras ■ Photo Printers | Lenses | Binoculars ■ Web cameras | Bag For Laptops and Digital Cameras ■ Storages | iPod | MP3 Players | Headsets ■ Play station | Mouse, Speaker… Since 1997
  14. 14. MARKET SHAREThe number of imported computer Year: 2011equipment & peripherals /EA/ Source: Customs reportYear: 2010Source: Customs report 5% 4% 3% 5% 12% 4% MCSE 30% 3% 14% 3% 5% 17% MCSE 29% 4% 9% 6% 14% 9% 12% 9% 16% Even though the market size had been 14% increased by 65%, MCS Electronics managed to maintain it’s market share. Since 1997
  16. 16. SALES AND SERVICE CENTERSITZONE chain stores | web store | Canon showroomMCS Electronics LLC has been servicing itscustomers through its brand new “IT ZONE”world standard computer department storeswith 7 branches since 2007. IT Zone Plaza ITZone Canon Uvs city Showroom IT Zone Darkhan IT Zone Tedy IT Zone IT Zone Computer Land Now anybody, who wants to keep the Horoolol pace with the latest advances of Information Technology, can get anything he wants in one place, with full trust and ahead of everybody else. Since 1997
  17. 17. SALES AND SERVICE CENTERSITZONE chain stores | web store | Canon showroom In order to meet the ever growing demand of customers for faster, closer and easier service, we have introduced a web store which include all the products being sold throughout the ITZone chain store.
  18. 18. SALES AND SERVICE CENTERSITZONE chain stores | web store | Canon showroomAs a result of six years of cooperation between MCSElectronics and Canon Hong Kong Corporation, CanonCorporation (a corporation with a branch networkcovering over 180 countries worldwide) opened itsbranch with the name of “Canon Showroom Mongolia”with a mission to deliver its best and highest qualityproducts to customers in Mongolia directly from itsfactories. A total of 4 sales personnel are working atCanon Center.
  19. 19. TECHNICAL SUPPORT & SERVICE CENTER TECHNICAL SUPPORT and SERVICES:MAIN SERVICES: Technical service of computer and equipment■ Computer repair services■ Electronic repair services■ Total set of LAN services■ Spare parts ordering services■ Contracted repair and maintenance services Office equipment and electronic■ High level contracted repair and maintenance servicesOTHER SERVICES:■ Training, Consulting, Organization of Meetings and Seminars Software installation, diagnosis and clean up virus■ Computer & Peripheral Rent Services■ Leasing Services for Equipments■ Delivery and Installation ServicesAUTHORIZED SERVICE CENTER of: Mobile phone, LCD & Plasma TV, MP3, IPod, storageSince 2000 Since 2003 Since 2004 Since 2009 Since 2009 Since 2009 Since 1997
  20. 20. MOGUL COMPUTER FACTORY On the basis of our 9 years of experience and skill for computer assembly industry, in 2008, we introduced the brand computer manufacturing know-how for the first time in Mongolia with the ultimate purpose of producing high quality brand computers, that can take a place of imported computer from other countries.Advantages of Mogul brand production Computer assembling lines are consists of simulation laboratory, assembling line, burning All assembly process had been automated room and multimedia testing that are fully Technological procedure with quality control complied with international standards and its Laboratory for computer testing capacity to assemble computer is 100 computers Factory facility daily, and yearly 26K units. which complies with the standards No human errors Production Process AfterPre-production Fully production laboratory for automated quality testing compatibility assembly line laboratory Since 1997
  21. 21. CUSTOMER SUPPORT CENTER CALL CENTERIn order to keep our customers satisfied, weoperate 24 hours a 7 days hotline, provide avariety of up-to-date information about ourproducts and services and offer technical supportover the phone. E-Mail: Phone: 312424
  23. 23. Integrated satellite communication network covering whole Mongolia.
  24. 24. Satellite Communication Services / ORBITNET Satellite Communications Services ORBITNET was established in 2004 as a satellite communications services provider company. The company delivers to its customers satellite communication services through its two Teleports located in Ulaanbaatar city working on Ku-Band transponders of ExpressAM3 and Telstar T18 satellites. For the past years ORBITNET grown as a major player in Mongolia. The company cooperates with worldwide leading satellite communication companies such as IDIRECT, ASCSIGNAL, NJR, MCL, IBM. Services and products: ■ Satellite Broadband Internet ■ VPN ■ IP telephony services ■ Video Conferencing ■ Mobile backhauling ■ Broadcasting 1997-2009
  25. 25. 54% 46% 17%SYSTEM INTEGRATION & SOFTWARE DIVISION Since 1997
  26. 26. SYSTEM INTEGRATION DIVISIONSystem Integration Division | Software Division | ERP SI Division is in charge of designing presales solutions and performing its deployment tasks for the sophisticated ICT automation projects. System Integration Automation Communication Data Management -Industrial Automation -Networking Equipment -Server & Storages -Fire & Security -WAN, -Fiber, -VSAT -Backup & Archive -CCTV -LAN – Wi-Fi, UTP -Data center Designing -RFID -VoIP, Video, PBX -Office Automations -GPS Driven Solutions -Wireless -Domain Controller -Road Toll System -Fiber Optic -IT consulting Since 1997
  27. 27. LARGE SCALE PROJECTS IN INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION & MONITORINGSystem Integration Division | Software Division | ERP Erdenet – Largest Copper Mining - Control and Monitoring at the crusher & conveyer system - Control and monitoring at the Waste Water System - Automation of first section of ore processing factory Water Supply System of the Capital City - Control and Monitoring at the Water and Electric supply system - Telemetry system for Water supply network of Ulaanbaatar - Telemetry system for water supply network of Ulaanbaatar, phase-II Ukhaa Hudag - Coal Mining Site - Telemetry system for Water and Electric supply network Since 1997
  28. 28. FIRE & SECURITYSystem Integration Division | Software Division | ERP We do presales solutions and deployments for: - Commercial, Industrial, Home Security - Fire Detection & Suppression - Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) - Toll Gate system for highway roads MCSE is a market leader in Fire & Security Solutions and it’s completed over 50 sophisticated projects in various organizations and industries: - International airport - Mining sites - Production and factory premises - Tower buildings and office premises - Home compounds and apartment buildings - Diplomatic and international organization offices - Retail Chain stores - Banks and its branch offices - School facilities and university complexes - Public crowded places. Moreover, SI division installed the Toll Collection and Weighing System for heavy load trucks on 240km asphalt road in Gobi desert area. Since 1997
  29. 29. SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT DIVISIONSystem Integration Division | Software Division | ERP Software Division is in charge of various scales of software analysis, development, testing, implementation, customization and maintenance. Software Division Software Software System Analysis Quality Control Products Development & Support Licensing Over 25 staff members who are software developers, testers, business analysts and partnership officers. Since 1997
  30. 30. PRODUCTS & SYSTEMSSystem Integration Division | Software Division | ERP eSchool Suite – School Management System The system maintains the following functionality: variety of enrollment, registration, attendance, scoring, library management, tuition fee management and comprehensive reporting for schools PMMIS - Procurement Management and Monitoring Information System It’s developed to maintain overall process of a procurement activity such as planning, bidding, collecting information, evaluation, selection, tracking and monitoring of the shipment and its enquiries and reporting. Prosecution Management Monitoring System Overall prosecution process and monitoring system for Mongolian Prosecutors’ Organization. SkyResort POS System Engineering Support Service System SureClock – Time Attendance System Since 1997
  31. 31. PRODUCTS & SYSTEMSSystem Integration Division | Software Division | ERP pTrack – Product Tracking System This system tracks products throughout its lifecycle e.g. import/production, serialization, delivery to stores, sales, services, repair etc. Microsoft CRM Customization and Implementation We have over 4 years of experience in customizing and implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM system and we implemented it in 4 enterprises and handling its ongoing support and maintenance. Oracle Expertise & Software Licensing We have OCP, OCA experts who are capable of providing a low level assessment in Oracle DBMS based systems and come up with the solutions.
  32. 32. ERP TeamSystem Integration Division | Software Division | ERP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) project is a large scale project started in year 2010, which aims to combine about 20 enterprise resource management modules into one complex application. The team is comprised from 35 highly skilled professionals. Released and developed Modules: HRM, SaaS POS, Procurement MS Modules being researched: CRM, Accounting and financial system
  33. 33. 54% PROJECT DIVISION 46% 17%Since 1997
  34. 34. PROJECT DEPARTMENT■ The Project Division is responsible for: Project Division Project Enhancement of Project Bid Proposal Implementation Company Project Development Preparation and Management Management Capability Since 1997
  35. 35. PROJECT DEPARTMENT Project Department supports company business by:■ sustaining synergy among business divisions.■ coordinating cooperation and work interconnections between and of the divisions.■ maintaining a pleasant environment for cooperation of all types of stakeholders.■ building new business partnership with vendors. The Department has considerable experiences in project management after successfully completing over 130+ of projects. Since 1997
  36. 36. PROJECT DEPARTMENT Notable projects by the Project department: ◦e-School, Information Management System for General Education Schools ◦PMMIS: Procurement Management and Monitoring Information System ◦EIN: Emergency Information Network ◦Telemetry SCADA system expansion, phase-2 ◦Project List on Industrial Automation, Process Control Systems and CCTV ◦Project List on Networking, LAN, WAN, PBX, Fiber Optic and Satellite (VSAT). ◦Project List on Software and Web Portal Development and Customization Since 1997
  38. 38. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Being a part of the driving force that empowers social development, we support many non-profit activities which contributes to social and our employees welfare, for better educated Mongolian nationals aside from satisfying the stakeholder’s satisfaction. Our activities for social responsibility are divided into 3 main segments which falls under the “Better life – Better world” motto. 1. Education is our future - Computer laboratory – World Vision - Sponsorship of the student programming Olympiads - Establishment and donation of Simulation laboratory for National University of Mongolia - Introduction of e-School e-management solution - Sponsorship of the ABU Robocon engineering competition - Donation for the new IT School of National University of Mongolia - Donated 20 Dell computers to Erdmiin Orgil school of Nalaikh district - Supports the “I’m Young Teacher” program for teachers Since 1997
  39. 39. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY 2. We are citizens of one world - MCS Electronics’ Scholarship for students who are majoring in GIS, LBS and RFID - Young teacher preparation program Phase I and II - Establishment and donation of Simulation laboratory for National University of Mongolia - Introduction of e-School e-management solution - Donation for the new School of Information Technology at the National University of Mongolia - Donation for herdsman who suffered heavy weather conditions - Donation for Japan which had been hit by tsunami - Donation for the Elder’s care center - Renewed the computer equipments of Children Emergency center - Sponsored the “Mongolian Wanderer” book of Amai who travelled around the world on foot Since 1997
  40. 40. Since 1997
  41. 41. Since 1997
  42. 42. WE SERVE for Better Life THANK YOU. Since 1997