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High level overview of NetSuite; the world's leading cloud ERP solution.

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  • If you’re not familiar with NetSuite: NetSuite offers a complete business management solution all running in the cloud at NetSuite’s data center. We’ve experienced dramatic growth since our founding in 1998 – growing double digits We’re on the vanguard of cloud computing as it gains acceptance in the enterprise – just recently we entered the Top 10 financial management / ERP solutions according to Gartner and IDC. Our cloud business management solution runs mission critical applications across finance, CRM and Ecommerce for over 6,600 companies – small and medium size businesses, and divisions of global enterprises., A key foundation to NetSuite’s success is the architecture, performance, security, and reliability of our data center .It provides a level of performance that is practically and economically impossible for a business to achieve with in house/on premise business applications In this presentation you’ll hear what you can expect from NetSuite’s data center, why you can trust NetSuite to run your business processes in the cloud, and how NetSuite sets the benchmark for the cloud data center.
  • We power hundreds of manufacturing companies similar to yours. Here we can see their smorgasbord of logos. Our manufacturing customers range in size from a handful of users to hundreds, with varying levels of complexity in between. More importantly than just seeing their logos, you want to know: what are these customers saying about NetSuite?
  • Gregg Johnson, CFO at Mounts Inc says that’ve got 40 thousand item masters and hundreds of thousands of records, yet the performance of NetSuite is just as good now as it was when they started with a lot less. He also says the total costs of ownership is less than when they used MS Dynamics and had a db admin and software developer on staff.. He also says he’s saved just on hardware and software upgrades from Microsoft that are no longer necessary. David Stover, CFO of AsahiKASEI says they’ve gone from spending 3% of revenue on IT spend with SAP to 0.1% with NetSuite. I think that speaks for itself. And Richard Osbourne, co-owner of CountryPet Naturals says his company has grown from 500K per year to 5 million, and NetSuite has made them so efficient they only needed to add one employee during that time.
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    1. 1. NetSuite IntroductionPresented by: James Blackmore ; NetSuite Account Executive
    2. 2. NetSuite: World’s #1 Cloud ERP Background PerformanceFounded 1998 World’s most deployed cloudPublicly traded on NYSE: “N” business management solutionOffices in 10 countries Used by 10,000+ organizations1200+ employees Fastest growing top 10 ERP$236M+ FY2011 Used across 100+ countries#1 Cloud Business Suite Industry Recognition Fastest Growing Top 10 FMS Vendor Best Financial Management 3rd Year Running Best Relationship Mgt. Top 10 Cloud Companies Best Business Software to Watch Best Cloud Platform
    3. 3. Record Revenue22% YoY Annual Revenue Growth $236.3
    4. 4. Standout Growth Over the Past 3 Years 80.00% Top 10 FMS Market Share Growth 2008-2010 North America 70.00% 60.00% 50.00% 40.00% 30.00% 20.00% 10.00% 0.00% Lawson Exact Deltek Infor Sage NetSuite Epicor Microsoft Oracle -10.00% SAP -20.00%Chart created by Market Share: All Software Markets, Worldwide, 2010 Source: GartnerNetSuite based on April 2011Gartner market share note
    5. 5. The Software Hairball© NetSuite 2012
    6. 6. One System for Running a Business Customers CEO CFO NetSuite SINGLE NetSuite ECOMMERCE DATA CRM+ SOURCE Shipping Sales Rep/ Manager NetSuite Manager FINANCIALS Purchasing Production Manager Manager Vendors Partners© NetSuite 2011
    7. 7. Why Does Cloud Matter To You? Accessible anywhere the internet is available.  Remote offices, mobile employees, mobile devices No IT infrastructure is required. Invest in your business, not technology.  No IT staff, servers, back-ups, climate controlled server rooms, databases, uninterrupted power supplies, wide area networks, or remote desktop solutions are required.  Personal computers and an internet connection only IT required. Automated upgrades mean you’ll always be on current software and will never be version locked. All of the above leads to dramatically reduced total cost of ownership compared to on-premise software.© NetSuite 2010 7
    8. 8. NetSuite’s Cloud Datacenter99.5% uptime guarantee.100% service credit if wedon’t meet itServe 4BN+ customerrequests per month1.4M+ unique logins perquarterSupports 10,000+ companies2 automated upgrades per Bicoastal datacentersyear1 code base provide real-timeThe data always belongs to PCI-DSS PCI-DSS EU-US Safe Harbor Compliant Compliant Compliant
    9. 9. NetSuite’s Manufacturing Success Powering Hundreds of Manufacturing Customers© NetSuite 2011
    10. 10. What Our Customers Are Saying “ Since upgrading to NetSuite’s integrated business solution in 2002, Countrypet Naturals has increased its yearly revenue from $500K to $5 million, and has been able to handle this growth by adding just one new employee during that time.” “ Richard Osborne, Co-Owner, “ We were spending 3% of our revenue on SAP. By switching to NetSuite, we Countrypet Naturals reduced that cost to 0.1% of revenue” “We have upwards of 40,000 item masters with hundreds of thousands of transactional records and yet the performance of Netsuite remains every Officer, good David Stover, Chief Financial bit as Asahi Kasei Spandex America as when we began with significantly fewer records. And, the TCO is less than we were paying when we were using Microsoft Dynamics. During that era at Mountz we maintained a database manager and software developer on staff at a high cost, not to mention the necessity of regular upgrading of hardware and software and the annual maintenance tax from Microsoft.” Gregg Johnson, CFO, Mountz Incorporated© NetSuite 2010
    11. 11. James Blackmore