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Open Data Activity in Japan / W3C TPA2015 Breakouts Session


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Open Data Activity in Japan / W3C TPA2015 Breakouts Session
by Noboru Koshizuka, Ph. D
Professor, The University of Tokyo
Vice Director, YRP Ubiquitous Networking Lab.
Board, Vitalizing Local Economy Organization by Open Data & Big Data (VLED)

Published in: Internet
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Open Data Activity in Japan / W3C TPA2015 Breakouts Session

  1. 1. Noboru Koshizuka, Ph. D Professor, The University of Tokyo Vice Director, YRP Ubiquitous Networking Lab. Board, Vitalizing Local Economy Organization by Open Data & Big Data (VLED) 3C TPA 2015 Breakouts Session pen Data Activity in Japan My Profile  Name ▶ Noboru Koshizuka (越塚 登)  Titles ▶ Professor, Interfaculty Initiatives in Information Studies, The University of Tokyo ▶ Vice Director, YRP Ubiquitous Networking Lab. ▶ Board member, Ubiquitous ID Center/T-Engine Forum  Missions ▶ TRON Project, Ubiquitous ID Project, Open Data Project ▶ R&D and education of computer science in university ! Especially, ubiquitous computing, RFID, smart cards, embedded systems, operating systems, human-machine interfaces, computer networks, and so on… ▶ Editor of the international standards of Networked Service Protocols Triggered by RFIDs in ITU-T SG16. ! ITU-T Rec. F.771, H.621, H. 642.1, H.642.3 ! Liaison Officer between ISO/IEC JTC1 SC31 and ITU-T SG16
  2. 2. iii, The University of Tokyo Introduction Open Data Activity in Japan Strategy and Organizations “Declaration to be the World’s Most Advanced IT Nation” (2013)   Creating a Society that Encourages the Creation of New and Innovative Industries and Services and Growth ▶  Encouraging the use of open data and big data ▶  Achieving advances in Japanese agriculture and peripheral industries, converting them into intelligent industries through the use of IT, and deployed business models internationally (Made by Japan Agriculture) ▶  Encouraging interdisciplinary open innovation in a broad range of fields ▶  Rejuvenation of local communities (including remote islands) through the use of IT and data ▶  Creating new business and reinforcing international competitiveness in the imaging industry through the creation of next-generation broadcasting services   The world’s safest and most disaster-resilient society where people can live safely, with peace of mind, and comfort ▶  Create a healthy society of longevity through the provision of appropriate local healthcare and nursing care and promotion of good health ▶  Creating the world’s safest and most disaster-resilient society ▶  Efficient and stable energy management in homes and communities ▶  Diversifying Type of Employment and Achieving a Good Life-Work Balance   Development of one-stop public services that anyone can access at any time and from anywhere ▶  Provision of highly convenient electronic government services ▶  Reforming government information systems on the national and local levels ▶  Reinforcing IT governance in government 4
  3. 3. iii, The University of Tokyo PART 1 #-Government Open Data WG Under IT Strategic Headquarters, Japan 5 #-Government Open Data WG Members  Chair ▶ Jun Murai (Professor, Keio University)  Vice Chair ▶ Yoichi Yokomizo (Corporate Officer/Board Member, Rigaku Corporation)  Expert Members ▶ Noboru Koshizuyka (Professor, The University of Tokyo) ▶ Tomoaki Watanabe (Associate Professor, GLOCOM) ▶ Isao Owazawa (President, Infor Japan K. K.) ▶ Koichi Kawashima (Senior Advisor, Saga Prefecture) ▶ Hiroshi Koike (Hitachi Consulting Co. Ltd.) ▶ Hideaki Takeda (Professor, National Institute of Informatics) ▶ Takashi Hasegawa (Yokohama City)  Government Members ▶ 16 Ministries and Agencies in Japan Central Government 6
  4. 4. Open Data Catalog Web Page of Japanese Government ( 7 Now, more than 12,000 data sets are opened in open data license via “” 8
  5. 5. iii, The University of Tokyo PART 2 Vitalizing Local Economy Organization by Open Data & Big Data htt.:// 9 iii, The University of Tokyo Objectives 10
  6. 6. iii, The University of Tokyo (1) promoting the open data owned by public sectors 11 iii, The University of Tokyo (2) advancing local vitalization and activation of economies by open data and big data owned by .ublic sectors 12
  7. 7. Vitalizing Local Economy Organization by Open Data & Big Data (VLED)   President ▶ Ken Sakamura (Professor, The University of Tokyo)   Vice President ▶ Hiromichi Shinohara (NTT)   Managing Director ▶ Takaaki Shimizu (NEC)   Chief Counsel ▶ Hiroshi Komiyama (Former President, The University of Tokyo/Chairman of the Institute, Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.)   Counsels ▶ Hideyuki Tokuda (Professor, Keio University) ▶ Jun Murai (Professor, Keio University) ▶ Uchiyamada Takeshi (Vice Chairmen, Directors, Japan Business Federation)   WG Chairs ▶ Yuriko Inoue (Professor, Hitotsubashi University) ▶ Noboru Koshizuka (Professor, The University of Tokyo) ▶ Ichiya Nakamura (Professor, Keio University) VLED Organization 14
  8. 8. VLED Members (9 ompanies)  KDDI CORPORATION  DENTSU INC.  IBM Japan, Ltd.  NEC Corporation  Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation  Microsoft Corporation  Hitachi, Ltd.  FUJITSU LIMITED  Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. 15 VLED Municipalities (32 local overnments)   Aomori Prefectural Government   Echizen City   Osaka City   Okayama Prefectural Government   Okinawa Prefectural Government   Kyoto City   Kurashiki City   Kobe City   Saitama Prefectural Government   Sabae City   Sabae City Council   Sizuoka Prefectural Government   Sizuoka City   Sendai City   Chiba City   Tokamachi City   Tokushima City   Nagaoka City   Nagano Prefectural Government   Nagareyama City   Nagareyama City Council   Niigata Prefectural Government   Bibai City   Fukui Prefectural Government   Fukuoka Prefectural Government   Fukuoka City   Matsue City   Mito City   Minoh City   Muroran City   Yokosuka City   Yokohama City 16
  9. 9. VLED Support Members (97 organizations)   Support Members   ICT w g   ITS Japan   IT I         p g   p           W   g   cg   I   c   I   W                 g   g g   c       g   p       DTS         S   g   g IT         17     I I   h   h     O I T     W       ClearWaterProject   I         W   JB h g   JSOL   JMA I S   O   T   SIXVOICE   p h JCC     p c       W g   g cg   p O   p h c   p       c W   c     Pentatonic   CDS   T   W g   IT     S     W p     3 Deliverables of VLED  Specifications for Open Data Distribution Platform Systems v2.0 ▶ ▶  Open Data Guide v1.0 ▶ ▶ 18
  10. 10. iii, The University of Tokyo Sapporo Open Data Project Microsoft, YRP UNL, Crypton Future Media, The University of Tokyo 19 iii, The University of Tokyo Sapporo 20
  11. 11. Many good places for sightseeing 21 22 We ould like to support tourism by
  12. 12. Three Target Problems for Tourism in Sapporo 23 Sports Transporta*on+Interna*onaliza*on1 2 3 Project Summary: Three Steps 24 Building+Open+Data+for+Tourism+of+Sapporo+ Ideathon,+Hackathon,+Applica*on+Contest+ Deployment+in+Snow+Fes*val+and+World+Cup+Ski+Jump+ 1 2 3
  13. 13. Sapporo Open Data Catalogue Site (under development) ttp:// 25 (1) Smart signboard with BLE Signboard with BLE tag 26 Sign data is open data. Automatically translated into foreign languages
  14. 14. (2) Kokosil Sapporo: Tourism App ith Sapporo Opendata 27 (2) Kokosil Sapporo for " now Festival" 28
  15. 15. (3) World Cup Ski Jump App 29 (3) World Cup Ski Jump App 30
  16. 16. Ideathon, Hackathon, and App Challenge 応募方法など詳しい情報はこちら! 主催:札幌オープンデータ準備委員会 共催:日本マイクロソフト/ YRPユビキタス・ネットワーキング研究所 後援:総務省/札幌市 協力:一般社団法人 LOCAL / Code for Sapporo / Digital北海道研究会/北海道モバイルコンテンツ 協議会/札幌ビズカフェ/ LODチャレンジJapan 2015実行委員会/東京大学大学院情報学環ユビ キタス情報社会基盤研究センター/北海道大学/ 公共交通オープンデータ協議会/一般社団法人 オープン&ビッグデータ活用・地方創生推進機構 オープンデータアイディアソン・ハッカソン2O15 in 札幌 開催日程 :2015年11月21日(土)、22(日) 開催場所:日本マイクロソフト北海道支店 (JRタワーオフィスプラザさっぽろ20F) Sapporo Open Data App Challenge 2015 応募申請期間:2015年11月2日(月)∼2016年1月22日(金) 表彰式:2015年3月上旬 アプリコンテストを開催!! み ん な で 作 る 札 幌 観 光 ア プ リ 札幌オープンデータを利用した テーマ 外国人を含めた観光客の利便性向上、 ならびに満足度アップに繋がるアプリ アイディアソン・ハッカソン 参加者 募集中 みんなで作る札幌観光アプリ 外国人を含めた観光客の利便性向上、ならびに満足度アップに繋がるアプリ オープンデータアイディアソン・ハッカソン 2015 in 札幌 ∼みんなで作る札幌観光アプリ∼ 開催日程: 2015年11月21日(土)、22(日) 開催場所: 日本マイクロソフト北海道支店(JRタワーオフィスプラザさっぽろ20F) 応募資格: ○ 資格はありません。個人でもグループでも構いません。(参加いただいた方の属性などに合わせてチーム分けを行います。) 申込み方法: Door Keeperより申込みをしていただくか、「お名前/ご所属(グループ)」を 宛にメール でお送りください。 ※メールのタイトルは「アイディアソン・ハッカソン申込み」としてください。 ※グループで申し込まれる場合は、代表者の方がグループ全員のお名前を記入し、ご送信ください。 表彰内容:【アイディアソン】 ◎ ベストアイディア賞 1点 2万円 / ◎ グッドアイディア賞 2点 5千円 【ハッカソン】 ◎ グランプリ 1点 5万円 / ◎ マイクロソフト賞 / ◎ YRP賞 / ◎ クリプトン・フューチャー・メディア賞 / ◎ 協賛企業様の賞 札幌オープンデータアプリコンテスト Sapporo Open Data App Challenge 2015 例えば、次の利用シーンに関して、より良いサービスを提供できるアプリを募集します。 ❖ 初めて札幌に来た外国人がさっぽろ雪まつりを楽しむ ❖ 雪を見るのも初めてな人がスキージャンプ WCを楽しむ ❖ 台湾人が札幌観光に来たら使えるアプリ ❖ 札幌市内は何回か来ているリピーターが更に札幌を好きになるアプリ 応募申請期間:2015年11月2日(月)∼ 2016年1月22日(金) 応募資格: ○ 本コンテスト募集要項に同意いただいた方のみ応募ができます。 ○ 個人、グループ、法人を問わず、どなたでも応募可能です。 ○ 国籍、年齢、居住地等の制限もありません。ただし、未成年の方が応募する場合は、保護者又は監督者(学校の先生等) の許可を得てください。 ○ ひとりの応募者(グループ、法人を含む)で、複数のアプリケーションの応募、また複数のグループに所属が可能です。 応募方法: 応募には、応募規約の同意が必須となります。専用webサイト内に設置する応募フォームからご応募ください。 期日までに応募申請がない場合は、応募することができません。 表彰式 : 2016年 3月上旬に札幌においてシンポジウムを開催。その中で表彰予定。詳しい日程は後日発表します。 表彰内容: ◎ 最優秀賞 1点 20万円 / ◎ 優秀賞 2点 10万円 / ◎ 特別賞 2点 5万円 / ◎ 協賛企業賞 31 iii, The University of Tokyo PART 3 Association for Open Data of Public Transportation http://odpt org/ 32
  17. 17. Organization (1): Headquarter  President ▶ Ken Sakamura (Professor, The University of Tokyo)  Board ▶ Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd. ▶ NEC Corporation ▶ FUJITSU LIMITED ▶ East Japan Railway Company (JR East)   Observers ▶ The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication ▶ The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transportation, and Tourism ▶ Tokyo Metropolitan Government  Bureau ▶ YRP Ubiquitous Networking Laboratory ▶ The University of Tokyo 33 Organization (2): members ..sorry in Japanese   S 1st                           YRP cg S     g         S       g   p     E C 34
  18. 18. iii, The University of Tokyo Open Data of Public Transportation in Tokyo Case Study of open data across public and private sectors apporo City Railway Map 36
  19. 19. iii, The University of Tokyo So simple ! ...Only... JR Hokkaido (former National Railway) Sapporo City Metro Public Transportation = Transportation by Public Sector 37 iii, The University of Tokyo "Global Standard" 38
  20. 20. iii, The University of Tokyo But Tokyo is completely different 39 Tokyo Railway Map 40
  21. 21. Tokyo Bus Map 41 iii, The University of Tokyo Railway 1,052km, 766 Stations, 14,500 Cars Buses 7,023km, 2,545 Lines, 15,000 Cars Taxi 50,000 Cars 42
  22. 22. iii, The University of Tokyo Many Public Transportation Operators in Tokyo Railway: 14 companies and sector Buses: 100 companies and sector Taxi: 1,100 companies 43 eg. Railway Companies and Sector in Tokyo   JR East   JR Tokai (Shinkansen)   Tokyo Metro   Tokyo Metropolitan Government (Public Sector)   Tokyu Railways   Tobu Railways   Seibu Railways   Keio Railways   Odakyu Railways   Keisei Railways   Keikyu Railways   Tsukuba Express   Tokyo Monorail   Rinkai Line   Yurikamome 44
  23. 23. Railway Station is Owned by Multiple Sectors in a Mosaic Manner (ex. “Ikebukuro” Station) 45 Tobu++ Railway Tokyo++ Metro JR+East Tokyo++ Metro Seibu+ Railway Shopping++ Center Department++ Store+A Department++ Store+B Department++ Store+C JR+Building Tobu+Building Difficulty in providing integrated information services Necessary information of Public Transportation for passengers  Arrival time (realtime location information)  Congestion information  Temperature of train/bus cars  Delay information  Change transfer information using realtime information  etc... 46
  24. 24. Overview of Live Transportation Information Tokyo  Realtime location information of railways and buses ▶ In the experimental operation 2013-2014, information of Yamanote Line (JR East) and Toei Bus (Tokyo Metropolitan Government) were provides. ▶ Estimated location of each train/car is displayed with an icon on a map. ! Realtime location data has a delay about one minutes.  Timetable information ▶ Timetable of each station and bus stop is shown by pointing railway station and bus stop.  Operation information ▶ Railway lines in trouble are displayed on a map. 47 IoT/Open Data System Architecture of Live Transportation Map Tokyo 48 Opendata Platform Information services of public transportation Special information service of Public Transportation for the Physically Disabled Ubiquitous Location-aware Information Services Tokyo Station Data (Name and location of facilities, Environmental information (temperature, humidity, and pollen)) Data collection from public transportation companies/sectors open data platform Information services Railway data (Realtime Location, Delay, Cancellation, etc...) Toei Bus Data (Realtime location, delay, cancellation, etc...) data data data
  25. 25. Realtime Location Information of Trains and Buses Station Bus Stop Train Bus The Train is running from Yurakucho Station to Tokyo Statio n The bus is running from Otemachi to Kandabas hi Dokosil March 31, 2013, Tokyo 50
  26. 26. Collected Data are Opened via API for App. Developers  Opened Data  Public Transportation Data ▶ Time table, operation status, realtime location information, etc... ▶ Information of facilities such as railway stations, bus stops/terminals, etc... 51 Developed apps (1/3) OpenData+RailMaping TOREBASA! Eki-Tei Navi Busreq Collecting Trains Yanamote-Line Collecting train cars stopping at stations LapppinPedia Collecting wrapping trains running in Yamanote Line
  27. 27. Developed apps (2/3) HyperTransfer OriNavi SpotNavi Mushing-up information of tourism and bus operation SuggestingSensor TokyoStationNavi Developed apps (3/3) EkiSen (Eki-Sensors) Filtering facility information using sensors in the station Ekimachi-App (Waiting at the station) Realtime Operation Status Display App BusMap Visualizing Bus Operation FixtheStation App
  28. 28. Tokyo Metro Co. Ltd., Open Data Contest Now 55 iii, The University of Tokyo   of registered programmers = about 2200   of Submitted Apps = 281 56
  29. 29. Winners ! 57 First Prize Second Prize iii, The University of Tokyo Conclusion Lessons from the Project
  30. 30. iii, The University of Tokyo Public Transportation Information is so “public” Private sectors hold important data for public benefits 59 iii, The University of Tokyo Arguments from public transportation operators “We are not government. Why must we open data?” “Transportation data is a property of private companies.” 60
  31. 31. “Public Services by Private Sectors”  In Japan, ... and also in other countries,..  Many public services are provides by private sectors as well as public sectors ▶ In London, metro services are provided by London City Government ▶ In Tokyo, metro services are provided by both Tokyo City Government and Tokyo metro company.  How can we apply open data principle for private companies providing public services? 61 Typical Solutions   Regulation by government ▶ “For the public benefits, private companies must open data.” ▶ [Advantages] Very simple principle. ▶ [Problem] Japanese government do not have so strong leadership now.   Fee-Charging data ▶ [Advantage] This is also simple principle. Managers of companies may agree with this principle easily. ▶ [Problem] This is not open data. This is normal commercial data business.   CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) ▶ “Open data for public benefits is a kind of CSR.” ▶ [Advantage] Good balance between no strong enforcement and open data concept ▶ [Problem] It will take a long time for big companies to change the company policy   Other solution?? ▶ We would like to know experiences of other countries. 62
  32. 32. iii, The University of Tokyo Who share the cost? Who is responsible for the risk? We must answer these questions for encouraging the open data of private sectors. 63 iii, The University of Tokyo Thank you 64
  33. 33. iii, The University of Tokyo for more information 65