7 Hadith About Friday


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Friday is the best day in a week and some important recommendation from Prophet PBUH that we should aware of.

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7 Hadith About Friday

  1. 1. 7 HadithAbout FridayFriday is the best day in a week and some importantrecommendation from Prophet PBUH that we should aware of.
  2. 2. 01The best day of the week
  3. 3. Abu Hurairah reported AllahsMessenger PBUH as saying:
  4. 4. The best day on which thesun has risen is friday... Narrated by Imam Abu Daud
  5. 5. Friday
  6. 6. 02The day Allah createdProphet Adam
  7. 7. ...on it Adam was created,on it he was made to enterParadise, on it he wasexpelled from it.   Narrated by Imam Abu Daud
  8. 8. 03Recommended by Prophet tobath on Friday
  9. 9. Narrated Abdullah bin Umar:Allahs Apostle PBUH said,
  10. 10. Anyone of you attendingthe Friday prayers shouldtake a bath." Narrated by Imam Bukhari
  11. 11. Bath
  12. 12. 04Recommended by Prophet touse Siwak and wear perfume
  13. 13. Siwak Perfume
  14. 14. Narrated Abu Said: I testify thatAllahs Apostle PBUH said,
  15. 15. The taking of a bath on friday iscompulsory for every male Muslimwho has attained the age ofpuberty... Narrated by Imam Muslim
  16. 16. and the cleaning of histeeth with Siwak, and theusing of perfume if it isavailable." Narrated by Imam Muslim
  17. 17. 05Our Prophet recite surahAs-Sajadah on every fajrprayer on friday
  18. 18. Narrated Abu Hurairah:The Prophet used to recitethe following in the Fajrprayer of friday,
  19. 19. 1 Alif, Lam, Mim, Tanzil – Surah As-Sajadah
  20. 20. 2 Hal ata ‘alal Insani – Surah Al-Insan
  21. 21. 06Du’a will be answered
  22. 22. Narrated Abu Hurairah:Allahs Apostle PBUH talkedabout friday and said,
  23. 23. There is an hour on fridayand if a Muslim gets itwhile praying... Narrated by Imam Muslim
  24. 24. and asks something fromAllah, then Allah willdefinitely meet hisdemand." Narrated by Imam Muslim
  25. 25. Du’a on Friday
  26. 26. 07Forbid from fastingon Friday
  27. 27. Narrated Abu Hurairah:I heard the Prophet saying,
  28. 28. None of you should fast onfriday unless he fasts a daybefore or after it. Narrated by Imam Abu Daud
  29. 29. None of you should fast onDid you know friday unless he fasts a dayThe Hell fireorkindled except before is after it.of Friday.(Hadith Sunan Abi Daud) Narrated by Imam Abu Daud
  30. 30. May you find this beneficial for you & your family.
  31. 31. Have a good day and May Allah bless us with his Rahmah.
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