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Wudu for children


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A guide for the Muslim children on performing ablution (Wudu)

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Wudu for children

  1. 1. A guide for the Muslim children Saima Suhail PakTurk International
  2. 2. ThinkThink What is the most importantWhat is the most important act to be performed beforeact to be performed before Namaaz?Namaaz?
  3. 3. What is Wudhu?What is Wudhu? Before Namaaz, the body parts areBefore Namaaz, the body parts are washed with water.washed with water. This way of washing is calledThis way of washing is called WUDHUWUDHU
  4. 4. Method of Wudhu?Method of Wudhu? Making intention is the first step ofMaking intention is the first step of Wudhu.Wudhu. This is calledThis is called NiyyatNiyyat
  5. 5. Method of Wudhu?Method of Wudhu? • Shirt sleeves are rolled up to theShirt sleeves are rolled up to the elbows and trousers rolled up toelbows and trousers rolled up to the ankles.the ankles.
  6. 6. Step 1 Wash your hands to your wrists three times, right hand then left hand making sure you wash between your fingers.
  7. 7. Put a hand full of water in your mouth and rinse it thoroughly three times using your right hand. Step 2 Use brush or miswak to brush your teeth otherwise you may also rub your teeth with fingers.
  8. 8. Step 3 Step 4 Sniff water into your nose three times and then wash the tip of your nose. Clean your nose using left hand.
  9. 9. Step 5 Step 6 Wash your face three times from right ear to left ear and from the forehead to the throat.
  10. 10. Step 7 Wash your right arm then your left arm thoroughly from the wrist up to the elbow three times.
  11. 11. Steps 8 a & b Move wet palms over the head from the top of the forehead to the back of the head. Wipe at least one fourth of your head.
  12. 12. Steps 8 a & b Wipe the nape of your neck and clean the inside and outside of both ears including behind the ears. Step 9
  13. 13. Use your left hand for washing your feet Finally, wash both feet up to the ankles, starting from right foot making sure that you wash between the toes and all parts of the feet. Step 10
  14. 14. Wudu - Golden RulesWudu - Golden Rules Every bit of skin on the face,Every bit of skin on the face, forearms and feet need to haveforearms and feet need to have touched water for Wudu to havetouched water for Wudu to have been performed properly.been performed properly. Make sure all steps areMake sure all steps are performed in the right order.performed in the right order. Do not interrupt the Wudu. IfDo not interrupt the Wudu. If you stop the wudu you will haveyou stop the wudu you will have to start the steps start the steps again.