14 learning points from our Prophet’s final Friday sermon.


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This friday sermon was the last friday sermon delivered by our Prophet during the famous hajj called “Hujjatul Wida”. Our prophet PBUH touched the importance of human rights, brotherhood, family life and financial institution in a very brief sermon.

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14 learning points from our Prophet’s final Friday sermon.

  1. 1. The FinalSermonA bite-sized content in a simple and visual way.
  2. 2. 14 learning points fromProphet Muhammad PBUHfinal Friday sermon.
  3. 3. 01When & Where
  4. 4. The last sermon was held on... 9 Dhul Hijjah. Year 10 Hijrah Uranah Valley of Mount Arafah.
  5. 5. 02Attention needs permission
  6. 6. “O People, lend me an attentiveear, for I know not whetherafter this year, I shall ever beamongst you again...”
  7. 7. 03Treat every life and property ofMuslim as sacred trust
  8. 8. “O People, just as you regardthis month, this day, this city asSacred...
  9. 9. ...so regard the life andproperty of every Muslim as asacred trust.
  10. 10. “Return the goods entrusted toyou to their rightful owners.” $
  11. 11. “Hurt no one so that no onemay hurt you.” ✖
  12. 12. 04Always remember thehereafter (Akhirah)
  13. 13. “Remember that you will indeedmeet Allah, and that He willindeed reckon your deeds.” !
  14. 14. 05The forbiddance of usury,riba’ (interest)
  15. 15. “Allah has forbidden you totake riba’,usury (interest)... Riba
  16. 16. ...therefore all interestobligation shall henceforthbe waived.”
  17. 17. “Your capital, however, is yoursto keep. You will neither inflictnor suffer any inequity.” Capital
  18. 18. 06Beware of Satan, the enemy
  19. 19. “Beware of Satan for the safetyof your religion...
  20. 20. ...He has lost all hope that hewill ever be able to lead youastray in big things, so beware offollowing him in small things.”
  21. 21. 07Responsibilities towardsmen and women
  22. 22. “O People, It is true that youhave certain rights in regardto your women, but they alsohave rights over you.” ✓
  23. 23. “Remember that you havetaken them as your wives, onlyunder Allahs trust and with Hispermission.”
  24. 24. “Do treat your women welland be kind to them, for theyare your partners andcommitted helpers.” ✓
  25. 25. “And it is your right that they do notmake friends with anyone of whomyou do not approve, as well asnever to be unchaste.” !
  26. 26. “And it is your right that they do not Adjective:make friends with anyone activity Relating to or engaging in sexual of whomyou do not approve, as well asnever to be unchaste.” !
  27. 27. 08Reminder of the fundamentals(Islamic Pillars)
  28. 28. “Listen to me in earnest,worship Allah, perform yourfive daily prayers (Salah)...
  29. 29. ...fast during the month ofRamadan, and offer Zakat.Perform Hajj if you havethe means.”
  30. 30. 09Racism & Double Standard
  31. 31. “All mankind is fromAdam and Eve...
  32. 32. ...An Arab has no superiorityover a non-Arab, nor does anon-Arab have any superiorityover an Arab...
  33. 33. ... white has no superiority overblack, nor does a black haveany superiority over white ...
  34. 34. ...except by pietyand good action.” ✓
  35. 35. 10Every Muslim is a brother toevery Muslim
  36. 36. “Learn that every Muslim is abrother to every Muslim andthat the Muslims constitute onebrotherhood...
  37. 37. ...Nothing shall be legitimate toa Muslim which belongs to afellow Muslim unless it wasgiven freely and willingly...
  38. 38. ...Do not, therefore, do injusticeto yourselves.”
  39. 39. 11We are responsiblefor our deeds
  40. 40. “Remember one day you willappear before Allah and answerfor your deeds... !
  41. 41. ...So beware, do not stray fromthe path of righteousness afterI am gone.”
  42. 42. 12There are no prophet afterRasulullah PBUH
  43. 43. “O People, no prophet willcome after me, and no newfaith will be born.”
  44. 44. 13The 2 manuals,Quran & Sunnah
  45. 45. “I leave behind me two things,the Quran and, the Sunnah(my example)...
  46. 46. ...and if you follow these youwill never go astray.”
  47. 47. 14Sharing is Caring
  48. 48. “All those who listen to me shallpass on my words to others andthose to others again...
  49. 49. ✓...and it may be that the last onesunderstand my words better thanthose who listen to me directly.”
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