3 things parents can do in nurturing the ideal child


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1. Inculcating our Islamic teachings and values in the lives of our children
2. Spending quality time with our children
3. To correct and explain our children’s mistakes

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3 things parents can do in nurturing the ideal child

  1. 1. Friday Sermon Instilling ReligiousValues In Our Children 3 June 2011 / 1 Rejab 1432
  2. 2. Let us contemplate on the words of Allah:
  3. 3. “ And those who pray said: ‘O Allah, bless us with pious wives and offspring who are appeasing to our eyes,
  4. 4. “ ...bring blessings to our lives and guide us so that we will be a people with taqwa.” Al-Furqan ayat:74
  5. 5. In nurturing the ideal child…
  6. 6. ...surely pure aspiration of both parents would not be su!cient.
  7. 7. Instead it needs constant nurturing, guidance and teachings from both parents from a young age.
  8. 8. Amongst the things that we can do...
  9. 9. First
  10. 10. Inculcating our Islamicteachings and values in the lives of our children
  11. 11. This includes the practice of daily prayers and the manifestation of Islamic values in our daily lives.
  12. 12. Through the noble values we manifest, it will be emulated and embodied by our young.
  13. 13. This would facilitate the child’s learningprocess as the child would already have been used to practising good values...
  14. 14. ...even before then gradually appreciating its meaning as they grow older.
  15. 15. Secondly
  16. 16. Spending quality time with our children
  17. 17. Let us try to perform congregationalprayers together as a family at leastonce a day or once a week.
  18. 18. Then, share with our children the life stories of Prophet s.a.w. or other successful personalities.
  19. 19. Do remember to relate these stories to the various challengesour children face in their daily lives as children or teenagers.
  20. 20. By establishing a strong rapport since young,
  21. 21. our relationship and bond with our children will be stronger resulting in bringing them closer to us.
  22. 22. This in turn will make it easier for us to advice them from time to time.
  23. 23. Thirdly
  24. 24. Do remember to correct and explain our children’s mistakes...
  25. 25. ...while they are still young, sothat they may remain guided.
  26. 26. Let us internalise Luqman Al- Hakim’s advice to his child...
  27. 27. “ O my child, perform your prayers, perform and obey His commands,
  28. 28. “ O my child, perform your prayers, perform and obey His commands, abstain from what He prohibits and be patient with the calamities that have fallen on you.
  29. 29. “ Indeed, those are issues that require immediate attention.” Surah Luqman:17
  30. 30. Apart from developing strong bonding with our children...
  31. 31. ...there is also a need to instill in them strong religious values from young.
  32. 32. This educational process can be further enhanced...
  33. 33. ...if parents take a more active role by getting their children to share and discuss what they have learnt from the lessons,
  34. 34. to enable them to have a better understanding of how it can be practiced.
  35. 35. May Allah shower us withblessings and wisdom to guide ourchildren to be pious and righteous children.
  36. 36. ...and protect us and our childrenfrom the degradation of the world and hereafter.
  37. 37. May Allah bless our children...
  38. 38. ...so that they will bring goodnessand prosperity wherever they are.
  39. 39. Learn morewww.muis.gov.sg/oom