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  1. 1. Group 2Elizabath EappenSwarupa Rani SahuAnamika ChakrabortySherin Thomas
  2. 2. McDonalds• McDonalds is the worlds leading food service retailer – 33,000 restaurants – 119 countries – 67.8 million customers each day.In India- – Present in about 52 towns and cities across India – around 250 McDonalds restaurants – serving more than 6.5 lakh customers daily in India. LIBA 2
  3. 3. Service Culture McD• Thomas Friedman says “McDonald’s serves the interest of middle classes that are emerging in autocratic, undemocratic societies. Countries that have a McDonald’s within their borders have never gone to war against each other”• Experience: eating in a cheerful, AC, child-friendly restaurant that offers revolutionary innovation of clean toilets LIBA 3
  4. 4. McDonalds India Supply Chain• One of highest precision – On time delivery – Enabled to cut down cost – Maximize profitability – Highest quality standards• Sources from within the country – Developed local businesses – Works with 38 suppliers• Distribution centers- Noida, Mumbai, Bangalore , Kolkata LIBA 4
  5. 5. • The cold chain concept – Took 6 years – Brought a revolution• Dynamix Dairy Industry  Supplier of cheese  15 bulk cooling centres  Stringent quality control measures LIBA 5
  6. 6. Trikaya Agriculture Supplier of iceberg lettuce – intrinsic part of the cold chain Advanced agricultural practices International exposureVista Processed Foods Range of frozen chicken and vegetable foods World-class infrastructure and support services innovation in taste, nutritional value and convenience
  7. 7. Radhakrishna Foodland Distribution management services Local supply networks Effective process controlAmrit Food UHT milk and milk products for frozen desserts Automatic machinery – no human contact Strict quality control
  8. 8. Safety measuresMcDonald’s Quality Inspection Programme (QIP) quality checks in cold chain system cut down operational wastageHazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) systematic approach to food safety food processing plants and restaurants in India HACCP verification at least twice in a year and certified
  9. 9. McDonald’s Success Secret• “Golden Arches”• Mascot : Ronald McDonald• QSCV - the formula for success – Quality, Service, Cleanliness, Value• Franchise model – only 15% of the total number of restaurants are owned by the companyLIBA 9
  10. 10. McDonald’s: Menu Customization • Separate veg and non veg kitchens in Indian outlets • Introduced more veg items in the menu • Diversified from beef & pork to egg & chicken • Happy price menu – attracted Indian customers • Product elimination – removal of Beef flavored food • Product innovation to cater Indian tastes (e.g. Chicken Maharaja) • Mc Delivery : McDonalds at your doorstep LIBA 10
  11. 11. • Family place –children as the target audience• Kids zone Happy meal toys Birthday parties LIBA 11
  12. 12. Monitoring and improving standards• Is there a drop of in the number of customers Coming in daily? If so then Why?• Is there an increase in the number of customers coming? If so then why?• Determining; what were doing right and what we’re doing wrong.
  13. 13. Gaining effective feedbackInternal External• SOC one every month • Surveys from time to (station observation checklist) time• Progress reviewed on a • Group of small regular basis customers and asking• Performance reviews about the service every 12 months (free meal to participate)• Chance to see how well • Manager goes around your doing and how you asking customers about can improve the service
  14. 14. Why provide effective customer service and provide employees with ongoing trainingCustomer Service• Remain competitive• Understand your customersneeds and wants• Keep up with the latest trends and techniques• Retain customers
  15. 15. Ongoing Training• So employees are constantly improving in their field of work• Impact on performance – Happier working when they are confident with their duties and how to perform them – Decrease in absenteeism – Increase in productivity – Better customer service
  16. 16. LIBA 16