P&G Canada : Developing Scope Advertising copy


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P&G Canada : Developing Scope Advertising copy

  1. 1. Canada:Developing Advertising Copy Presented by Group 3 For Integrated Marketing Communication
  2. 2. About Procter & GambleBased in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA since 1879Established in Canada in 1815Divisions: Laundry and Cleaning products Paper products Health and Beauty Care products Food & Beverages products
  3. 3. About the Canadian Mouthwash MarketSlow growth rate- 2% over last five yearsTraditionally, 2 main segments: Refreshment TherapeuticA new segment emerging- HybridScope- targeting “refreshment” benefit segment
  4. 4. Continued…Till 1965- only Listerine- “therapeutic” benefitThen came Scope- “refreshment” benefit- took overListerine in 1975In 1984- Scope’s market share peaked- 40%Subsequently, it started declining- private label camein- lower quality at lower price- for price-conscioussegment
  5. 5. Competitors1. Listerine Loyal following Original flavor- therapeutic New flavors- CoolMint, FreshBurst- therapeutic + better taste- ads: “Rooster” + “Grandfather” New ad- “Speak-Out”- targeted at younger audience Growing market share- retained leadership2. Plax Therapeutic- “Equations” ad Not considered major threat- inferior taste
  6. 6. Continued…3. Private Label Not supported by significant advertising campaigns- lower price Targeted at price-conscious customers Not considered major threat- competitive pricing alone is not enough to sustain rapid growth- will only draw customers from price conscious segment
  7. 7. Scope’s Steps to Boost SalesIntroduces new flavors- Peppermint and Hint O’ Mint-not enoughNeeded breakthrough advertising to rebuild itsmarket share“Personal Question”- functional benefit“Honeymoon Suite”- emotional benefit
  8. 8. New Competitor: ColgateColgate “Total” MouthwashHeavy television advertising- “Bottle Fills” , “Dentist”Trade promotion- coupons, flyersBut not considered major threat Premium priced- “me too” product Benefit not believable (12-hour refreshment) Focus not clear- therapeutic, refreshment or hybrid
  9. 9. The ProblemNew threat: ColgateListerine- increasing market share Intense couponing activity Price discounts in weekly flyers Display activityNo more investment in the brand “Scope” wasallowed by management that fiscal yearNeeded breakthrough advertising rather thanincrease spending on existing advertisements
  10. 10. The ObjectiveDevelop a set of questions to be used in the focusgroups that would probe Scope’s consumer behavior inorder to finalize brand positioning statements thatwould lead to breakthrough advertising for Scope.
  11. 11. QuestionsThe group should focus on such issues as consumerperception of product benefits, brand perception, brandpositioning statements and ad effectiveness.Examples: Why do you buy a mouthwash? (rate different criteria) How does it improve your mouth condition? When do you use it? Where and at what price do you think it should be available? What do you think about brand ‘Scope’? What kind of advertisement would be affective?
  12. 12. Thank You! Group 3 Members:Shweta, Zacharia, Kern, Rachita, Swaroopa