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20140108 og-aea-ea4 innov8v1-overview


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Enterprise Architecture for Innovation - relevant to EA practice , Business & IT leadership. Presented at Association of Enterprise Architects , MI chapter-part of Open Group

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20140108 og-aea-ea4 innov8v1-overview

  1. 1. EA for Innovation Innovation Journey with EA Jan 8, 2014 Sundar Ramanathan Enterprise Architect/ Consultant
  2. 2. Presenter Profile  Sundararajan Ramanathan – Enterprise Architect/ Consultant  TOGAF 9 & Capgemini IAF Certified Architect -  Consultant & Enterprise Architect at large  7+ years at Capgemini, Southfield, Michigan  10 years at Compuware, Detroit, Michigan  5 years at Informix Software, California  B.Sc (Physics), B.E (Indian Institute of Science), MBA (Wayne State University, Michigan)  Open Group  Co-Author : Legacy Evolution to SOA Guide  Project Chair: SOA for Business Technology Project-  NIST  Contributor – NIST Cloud Computing Forum – Taxonomy, Reference Architecture & Roadmap, Big data & Cloud Security Forums: gacEvolution to SOA
  3. 3. App Store + Services+ Smart-Devices + ?What NEXT? Boundaryless Information Flow™
  4. 4. Agenda EA4Innov8 Purpose EA4Innov8- Sector EA4Innov8 Overview EA4Innov8 Key Points EA4Innov8-Opportunities Q&A
  5. 5. Purpose Need/ Requirement:  Companies in all industries and of all sizes have expressed a growing need to create Innovative Enterprise – Business Technology & Model Changes  The purpose of EA for Innovation in Enterprises is in demand for realizing Boundaryless Information Flow as espoused by Open Group  Boundary for Standardization vs Transformation in Enterprise changing rapidly  Business Value and Outcome based KPI Metrics for Technology Solutions delivered EA4Innov8 Purpose
  6. 6. EA4Innov8 - Overview  An infrastructure that provides Boundaryless Information Flow™ has open standard components that provide services in a customer's extended enterprise that:    Combine multiple sources of information Securely deliver the information whenever and wherever it is needed, in the right context for the people or systems using that information. Innovation hungry Enterprise  Business Model & Technology convergence (Consumer vs Enterprise)  TCO, TTM, Reuse + what NEXT?  Business Technology – Services + Devices  Consumer / Customer - Collaboration EA4Innov8 Overview
  7. 7. EA4Innov8 Key Points     Enterprise Journey for Innovation  Ideation Life Cycle & Management  Budget crisis & Rapid Business Model Changes  Business Transformation and Transition  Competitive & Market forces  Consumer to Customer Conversion  Customer Loyalty / Retention  Perennial issues with DATA WAREHOUSE (un)implementations & Analytics  Explosion of Devices and Data Collection  Security Breaches & GRC quandary  Disruptive Global Trends & Technology adoption Intersection point between business, enterprise architecture and Innovation Labs Provide guidelines and mechanism to assess the business consequences and impact of not having Innovation Maturity Models and Innovation Scorecards EA4Innov8 Key Points
  8. 8. EA4Innov8 - Sector Innovation Manufacturing Healthcare Retail Energy Connected Vehicle Smart-meter Smart-Devices Smart-Services Social Business Technology Customer Analytics N equals 1 R, resource, equals G, global EA4Innov8- Sector
  9. 9. EA4Innov8 - Opportunities  Cross Industry Sector – Business Solutions Building Blocks   Customer Analytics   CRM Social Business Enterprise Models Cross LOB – Business Solutions Service Catalog    Customer Information Services catalog Product Information Services catalog Common Shared Business Technology Services  Platform for Development & Collaboration  Application LifeCycle models/ methods / Implementation patterns  GRC – Risk (Security), Governance & Compliance (Regulatory, Industry) EA4Innov8-Opportunities
  10. 10. Enterprise Innovation - TOGAF ADM view Business Drivers Innovation Principles Innovation Areas Innovation Urge Innovation Stakeholders Innovation Solution Management Innovation Resource Plan Business Innovation Model Innovation Architecture Governance Innovation Organization Innovation Change Enablement Innovation Frameworks Innovation Policy Innovation Resource Plan Innovation Management Business Attributes & Plan Innovation Awareness Innovation Solution Catalog Innovation Collaboration Control Objectives Innovation Solution Migration Innovation Services Catalog Innovation Classification Innovation Integration & Interfaces Innovation Process, Practices & Rules Innovation Roadmap Innovation Lifecycle Management Innovation Solution Catalog Innovation Standards ??? @Sundar Ramanathan 10
  11. 11. Q&A  Contact  Email:  Share results of your EA4Innov8 journey to AEA, MI chapter  Feedback Q&A
  12. 12. References