20120716 Og Wsh Soa4 Bt Overview


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SOA for Business Technology Project in Open Group brings the REAL business relevance and value based on SOA implementations and lessons learned leveraging Best Practices.

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20120716 Og Wsh Soa4 Bt Overview

  1. 1. 15 June 2012 1 © The Open Group 2012
  2. 2. SOA for Business Technology Project Overview July 16, 2012 Project co-chairs Ahmad Yagoobi, The Boeing Company Martin Neuhard, HP Sundar Ramanathan, Cap Gemini
  3. 3. Presenter Profile Sundararajan Ramanathan – Enterprise Architect @ Capgemini since June 2006 TOGAF 9 & Capgemini IAF Certified Architect - http://www.opengroup.org/togaf9/cert/protected/certuploads/30487.pdf 10 years at Compuware, Detroit, Michigan 5 years at Informix Software, California B.Sc (Physics), B.E (Indian Institute of Science), MBA (Wayne State University, Michigan) Open Group  Co-Author : Legacy Evolution to SOA Guide  Chair: SOA for Business Technology Project- NIST  Contributor – NIST Cloud Computing Forum – Taxonomy, Reference Architecture & Roadmap: Legacy Evolution to SOA Guide
  4. 4. AgendaSOA4BTPurpose SOA4BTProject Brief Project Charter SOA4BT Touch Points SOA4BT BusinessSOA4BT Section Leaders Architecture - Definitions Q&A
  5. 5. Purpose Need/ Requirement: Companies in all industries and of all sizes have expressed a growing need to create agile Flexible Business and IT Transformations using a Service Oriented approach and style The purpose of SOA for Business Technology (SOA4BT) project is to provide a comprehensive approach and guidance to practicing Enterprise Architects, Business leaders & users resulting in clarity on SOA based Solutions using Business terms. SOA4BT Purpose Project Brief
  6. 6. SOA4BT Project BriefSOA for Business Technology Guide – with potential contents  SOA4BT Definition(s) and FAQ  Taxonomy  Portfolio mapping and Service Landscape  Rubric of KPIs and Dashboards The first stage will be to leverage identified material from all SOA projects related to the three ingredients of Service Landscape (portfolio), Business Alignment, and Measures/Metrics relevant for boundary-less information flow through SOA4BT. The project team will then develop the SOA4BT Definition and FAQ. SOA4BT Purpose Project Brief
  7. 7. SOA4BT Project Charter  Provide definition of business technology;  Provide intersection point between business, enterprise architecture and SOA;  Provide an overview of SOA business technology (SOA4BT) approaches and details in the participating member organizations; (citing any case study taking out all vendor/product/client related content so that it can have the organization/vendor/technology neutral view from The Open Group);  Provide guidelines and mechanism to assess the business consequences and impact of not having SOA;  Define a taxonomy for services landscape/portfolio, measures/metrics and SOA for Business Technology alignment  Provide a framework for service portfolio management, to enable alignment of business and IT through the integration of capabilities (both business and IT), service portfolios, and service categorization;  Leverage the Open Group technical standard Service Integration Maturity Model (OSIMM), answering the most urgent industry needs and provide inputs from SOA4BT Project to other SOA Work Group initiatives;  Define SOA4BT measures, metrics and dashboards  Define skill maps and education roadmaps for SOA4BT practitionershttps://collaboration.opengroup.org/projects/soa4bt/protected/index.php SOA4BT Project Charter
  8. 8. SOA4BT Touch PointsSOA WG Projects Definition Portfolio & Business Metrics & Landscape Alignment Measures (Taxonomy & RA)TOGAF Next,Practical GuideSOA GovernanceSOA Ontology &Business ArchitectureSOA RASecurityCloud Computing SOA4BT Touch Points
  9. 9. SOA4BT Section LeadersSOA4BT Touch points Business Architecture Sections: Gerard Peters TOGAF Next: Sriram Sabesan SOA Governance: Sundar Ramanathan OSIMM Model / SOA RA: Nikhil Kumar Security: <TBD> Cloud Computing / SOCCI : Nadhan Easwaran Case Studies: Ahmad Yaghoobi Relevance across Business Boundaries: <TBD>Business Value Proposition: Marty Neuhard SOA4BT Section Leaders
  10. 10. Definition – Business ArchitectureDefinitions Leverage existing Open Group SOA WG SOA Create and adopt Industry Definitions Business Technology SOA4BTSOA4BT Taxonomy SOA Ontology / Reference Architecture Extensions SOA4BT Business Architecture - Definitions
  11. 11. Q&A Contact SOA4BT project team (soa-4bt@opengroup.org )  Share results of your SOA4BT journey  Feedback on SOA4BT guide TOC Q&A15 June 2012 11 © The Open Group 2012