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Public Relations in Tourism(Nepal)


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Public Relations in Tourism(Nepal)

  1. 1. Public relations and publicity department organization, objectives, activities of Nepal Tourism Board Presented by : Sukhdeep Kaur
  2. 2. Where exactly is Nepal ?
  3. 3. There are several exquisite tourism products in Nepal. The diversity in culture, nature and ethnicity makes it a destination par excellence. Within a short distance, one who is spellbound to find the highest points of the world will also see the lowest points. There is the tuna climate. There is the warm climate. Along with this, Nepal’s advantage is that it has well established tourism destinations and human resources. Tourism in Nepal
  4. 4. The annaual report of tourism shows that only 40% Of female travelled to Nepal compared to 60 % males travelling to Nepal.Highest ratio is of age group 31 to 45 followed by 46-60 years age group Top five countries from where travellers are visiting Nepal are India followed by Sri lanka ,U.k,China and U.S.A
  5. 5. Wht are the weak points of Nepal tourism? 1. Inadequate and lack of effective Branding 2.Instability in Government 3.lack of direct air connectivity with europe And U.S.A. And expensive air tickets 4.Weak infrastucture . 5. Lack of relations with other countries other than India,Tibet and Britain 6.Lack of resource endowment 7.Failed to collaborate with private sector for promotion of international tourism. 8.Failing of the NTB to do publicity in international arena,lack of investment
  6. 6. Objectives and activities of Public relations and publicity department of NTB The main objective of NTB is to establish Nepal as a premiere holiday destination in international arena with definite brand image. NTB is leading Nepal's participation in WTM with 18 Nepalese tourism companieS.
  7. 7. Activities of PR and Promoting Organization of NT Long term Objectives Generate support from media, trade and other related partners  Upgrade existing promotional collateral and create new ones  Improve and smoothen communication  through e-newsletter, newsletter, e-mails and Hotline  Develop linkage and provide facilitation support to travel intermediaries  To position nepal as a holiday destination for weekend breaks, lifetime experiences and amazing adventures with special interest products comprising of nature, culture and adventure To increase the average length of stay as well  To improve the spatial distribution of as the spends of the international visitors. visitors across the country at the same Short term Objectives time addressing the seasonality issue and to foster the growth of new tourism  Position/establish Destination brand in major areas international markets  TO SHIFT THE MEDIA TO MASS  Increase interaction/network (Face to Face) with the MEDIA international travel trade and widen the database of nepal selling Tour Operators in major markets  . Engage in direct promotions for consumers  Focus promoting niche tourism products & sustainable tourism products  liaise with the concerned authorities and stakeholders to increase Air Accessibility/ Charter Flights, air seats capacity.  Manage crisis 
  8. 8. STRATEGIES 1.Work with International Mass media 2.Coordinate with Nepalese diplomatic missions/Honorary PRRs abroad and nepali communities for the promotion of nepal 3.Conduct familiarization tours for media and tour operators 4. Help attract major international events to nepal for further growth of nepalese tourism.
  9. 9. PUBLIC RELATIONS Trade Fairs, Sales missions and Road Shows • Press Meet, Press Release, Situation Update, Advertorials etc. • Promotional programs in collaboration/partnership with Diplomatic Missions, Honorary HPRR, nepali Communities, Trade and Media • Advertisement/Advertorials, Hoarding and signage • Familiarization Tours • Speeches, Reports, Presentations, Destination Write-ups etc. • Tour Operator’s Meet • Talk Shows, Seminars, Conference, Workshops • Film/Documentaries/Multimedia/Montage • E-Newsletter, Newsletter • Website and E-Collateral • Dispatch and personal counseling to visitors through email, telephone, fax and PUBLICITY  TOOLS & ACTIVITIES
  10. 10. Thanks for your kind attention