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What is SoLoMo?


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What is SoLoMo?
A simple description to what is SoLoMo

Quiz 2 for Ecommer K32

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What is SoLoMo?

  1. 1. What is this? SoLoMo is short for social-local-mobile
  2. 2. SoLoMo from a consumer perspective is the integration of one’s social media platforms and physical location with one’s mobile device. A SoLoMo integration would be a social mobile app that knows your physical location and that you can interact with from your mobile device, both to input information.
  3. 3. SoLoMo in a business perspective, represents an opportunity to micro-target prospects and consumers wherever, whenever, with relevant content, information or promotion that is also designed to be shared on social media.
  4. 4. Social Media is the platform you use to promote your message and engage with your target audience; Mobile is the medium of connection between your brand and its customers. Local is your area of concentration; this can be physical or even online.
  5. 5. The Implications and effects on E-Commerce SoLoMo gives local businesses tools and products that allow them to connect with customers in a different way. It closes the loop between consumers and merchants. This gives another means of connectivity between businesses and the consumers.
  6. 6. There is a shift away from traditional advertising into new channels. Mobile takes a lot more instruction than social media. It's not as intuitive. But more and more consumers are using mobile for discovery or search, which means if you're the type of business that relies on that kind of traffic, you have to make sure you leverage geolocation.
  7. 7. The trend in the next 2 years Small businesses don't know the term SoLoMo and becomes a problem for them as well other similar friendly mobile-advertising initiatives.
  8. 8. Services like these spend an average of $1,190 per year on digital marketing, up from $876 in 2011, but only 14.7 percent have even rolled out mobile-optimized websites. For the remaining 85 percent, a cutting-edge concept like integrated SoLoMo can seem as futuristic as jet packs and hover cars.