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[StepTalks2013] - CMMI: A Regional Perspective - Lisa Masciantonio


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StepTalks2013 - CMMI: A Regional Perspective

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[StepTalks2013] - CMMI: A Regional Perspective - Lisa Masciantonio

  1. 1. CMMI: A Regional Perspective Lisa Masciantonio CMMI Institute
  2. 2. Technology Transition Technology transition is the process of creating and maturing a technology, introducing it to its intended adopters, training and certifying those adopters, and facilitating the technology’s acceptance and use The transition goal of the CMMI Institute is to have broad adoption by our Partners who deliver CMMI Institute services globally to the critical mass
  3. 3. Partner Network CMMI Partners… • • • • are selected, trained, certified, and licensed to deliver authentic CMMI Institute services are an extension of the CMMI Institute and offer the same first-in-class services have permission to use CMMI Institute intellectual property provide services in parts of the world that are under-served and in languages that may not be well represented When an organization receives services from an CMMI Institute Partner, it can be sure that the quality of those services is comparable to the quality it would get from the CMMI Institute
  4. 4. Transition Lifecycle Variables Many variables affect technology transition and adoption: – – – – – – – – economics industrial capability organizational maturity human capital Government sponsorship competition demographics push/pull for product Regional markets transition efforts are highly dependent on these variables Tailored transition planning needs to be coordinated and implemented on a country/region specific level
  5. 5. Achievements in Growing Economies UK Bulgaria CHINA US MEXICO e India COLOMBIA Kenya SOUTH AFRICA MALAYSIA
  6. 6. Opportunity for Growth Internationalization Exportation Global Outsourcing *
  7. 7. Keys to Success The strategy • • • organizational processes and maturity building high performance knowledge workers and teams Universities focusing on improving professional education Lessons Learned • • • • • clearly define goals and put measurement in place initiative sponsors and senior management HAS to be visible and active on a regular basis competition is healthy…share results and lessons people will resist change…change management is critical focus on business performance and overall improvements As a whole, the industry has to improve cost and schedule management, cycle-time, and product quality. Improving performance in these areas and developing the workforce capability are critical
  8. 8. Strongstep - Innovation in software quality Email: Web: Telefone: + 351 22 030 15 85 Strongstep UPTEC Parque de Ciência e Tecnologia da U. Porto Rua Alfredo Allen, 455/461 4200-135 Porto, Portugal Strongstep Chiado Largo Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro nº 16 1200-369 Lisboa, Portugal