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Elements of Play - Ingredients for a Video Game


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Learn the parts of a game and how each part plays an intricate role in the success of a game.

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Elements of Play - Ingredients for a Video Game

  1. 1. Elements of Play How to make Game System
  2. 2. What makes a game good?
  3. 3. The Core Diagram
  4. 4. Core Mechanic
  5. 5. “The core mechanic in a game will usually be the purposeful interaction that occurs the most frequently…. Another way to determine the core mechanic is, if without it, you wouldn’t be able to play the game at all.”
  6. 6. “A core mechanic is the most basic element of a game; it is the heart of the system.”
  7. 7. What is the core mechanic for a: ●Platformer? oRunning / jumping ●FPS? oShooting ●Racing game? oDriving
  8. 8. Why is the core mechanic so important? ●“The best games usually have a very strong core mechanic that is easy to grasp but provides room to expand upon.” ●“If this action is boring or unfulfilling, it doesn’t matter how many twists or extra features you add to the game. They can’t save your game design.”
  9. 9. Important things to consider ●“The core game mechanic must be intuitive and relatively easy to learn, because learning a mechanic is never as interesting as utilizing it as a means to completing your goal. In other words, learning time should be minimized.” ●“Truly fresh experiences often result from innovations at the core of the game.”
  10. 10. Secondary Mechanics
  11. 11. Secondary mechanics “provide twists to the core gameplay mechanic, forcing the player to use it in a slightly different and more challenging way.”
  12. 12. What are the secondary mechanics for: ●Mario? oUppercut oStomp oDash oDash jump oCrouch oCrouch slide oMushrooms oEnemies ●Halo? oDifferent weapons oVehicles oChallenges (stealth missions vs. run and gun missions) oEnemies
  13. 13. Important things to consider ●Vary the secondary mechanics, but try to have each one relate back to the core mechanic ●“Don’t spam your game with huge amounts of [secondary] mechanics.” ●“The fewer game elements you have, the more important each one becomes.”
  14. 14. Progression Elements
  15. 15. “Progression systems form the mechanical envelope to the the game, being the source of change within the game.”
  16. 16. Progression helps players keep playing ●Mario oLevels oLives oPowerups oKilling enemies ●Halo oLevels oHealth oSheilds oKilling enemies oCheckpoints
  17. 17. Important things to consider ●Know the difference between intrinsic progression and extrinsic progression
  18. 18. Narrative
  19. 19. “The Narrative is the outer most layer that puts all the inner layers within it into context.”
  20. 20. Narrative tells us why the player should progress. It brings together all the mechanics and progression elements ●Mario oSave the princess ●Halo oSave the world ●Portal oEscape death
  21. 21. Final thoughts ●“The most effective games are ones where each layer compliments the other.” ●“Sometimes innovation comes from having an unusual combination of layers.” ●“By crafting a smart set of a few core mechanics that can be mixed and matched together and allowing features and [secondary] mechanics to support them rather than take the spotlight, you have saved so much time developing your game.”
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