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Video Game Polish


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Learn what it means to add polish to a game and how it relates to how a games feels.

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Video Game Polish

  1. 1. Game Polish Making games with feeling
  2. 2. What is game polish?
  3. 3. Game Polish ●It turns out that no one has a definition of the word ●It’s a vague term that is used to describe any improvement made to the experience of the game ●“Any effect that enhances the impression of the game.”
  4. 4. Example ●Geometry Wars - Is this a polished game? Why?
  5. 5. What makes a game great? ●It’s all about feeling ●Watch a few minutes of this video and see if you can identify what makes Geometry Wars feel great
  6. 6. What makes Geometry Wars feel great? ● Music ● Particle Effects ● Neon Glow ● Big Explosions ● Controls ● Pace ● Level transitions
  7. 7. Game Feel Game feel is “the tactile, kinesthetic sense of manipulating a virtual object. It’s the sensation of control in a game.”
  8. 8. Game Feel ●It turns out that game feel is pretty intuitive - we know what feels good and what doesn’t feel good
  9. 9. Example: Mario 64
  10. 10. Mario 64 Felt Great ●Controls were superb o why? ●Fun just to move around and explore o why?
  11. 11. Improving a Game with Feeling
  12. 12. Important Notes ●Game Feel does not change the core mechanic or gameplay - it only enhances it ●You can go overboard with too much feeling
  13. 13. How to Add Feeling ●Music ●Aesthetics ●Words ●Controls ●Transitions / animations ●Context ●Polish
  14. 14. Adding Feeling with Music
  15. 15. Adding Feeling Through Aesthetics
  16. 16. Adding Feeling by Words
  17. 17. Adding Feeling Through Controls ●“Control, intent, and instructions flow into the game as quickly as [you] can think.” ●“Feedback returns just as quickly, letting [you] fine-tune [your] instructions.”
  18. 18. Adding Feeling Through Context ●The setting of your game plays a huge role on the feeling of your game ●What you control also plays a role in feeling: o Controls are the same for a race car and a running person, but each has a different feel
  19. 19. Credit ● 0734/ p