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A brief description of a Business Intelligence project by NetServ and our offshore SMNetServ

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Business Intelligence

  1. 1. Title: Business Intelligence – Our Process and Work Abstract: This white paper discusses Netserv’s BI Competencies, our processes, the team and the BI support we provide to clients Our client: ________ is the largest online _____________ in US. In recent years they are spreading their business across the globe to establish themselves as a global leader in human resource recruitment. The job site posts over __________ to job seekers wherever they are - at home or at work - in print and on the Internet. More than ____________ unique visitors come to the site every month to check out the opportunities in every industry, field and job type. Our team: As an offshore development centre for projects, the India team provides day to day support to maintain the corporate data-warehouse and BI environment. The team constitutes a perfect blend of experienced resources on data-warehousing and BI technology. Our process: As an organization and customer work culture lean principles play a big role in our day to day delivery processes. __________ has been practicing lean for a long time. They have implemented several tools across the organization to support the lean processes, Teamtrack is one of them. It is a complete automation of task and project management system for new and maintenance projects. A task can be a part of a project or a request from business users to address any BI reporting issue or change request within a Service Level Agreement (SLA). Teamtrack process flow diagram Business users submit a The request arrives to Project Developer start work -> request through mail or other Manager’s queue. He / she then Contact user for any application to Teamtrack. It review it and re-assign to appropriate questions -> Complete the generates a ticket. team’s (TL or developer) queue. work-> Informs the business user. Manager & Business user receives Tester receives a mail -> start a task verified email notification. testing it -> clicks a verify button upon completion of testing. If test fails toss back to developer. 1
  2. 2. Our Support / Service: We provide an end-to-end BI support to our client. It involves understanding the business data; integrate the data sources through integration service, developing business cube, SSRS and Excel pivot reports, DBA service, ETL monitoring etc. We work in cutting edge Microsoft technologies such as Reporting Service, Integration Service and Analysis Service. Maintenance of the entire data warehouse is being done by us. This it involves problem fixing, report change request, new report development, data feed, optimization of reports, changes in SSIS packages and business cubes, database tuning and regular maintenance etc. The following sections discuss in detail some of the areas we work on. What we do in SSRS? • We develop new reports & modify existing reports for business users. Various types of reports by data representation would be matrix report, document map report, tablix report, charts etc. • There are thousands of reports in the report server being used by leadership and business users regularly. Few key reports developed by us would be Sales and Business stats, Consumer Status, Partner Stats, Business Fast Fact reports, Account Performance reports, Traffic reports, Industry Comparison report, Year Over Year performance report, various scorecards etc. • We have developed several usage reports to aid in better monitoring the health of the report server and take timely action. Few of them are “Top 10 Longest Running”, “Failure Executions”, “Subscription Failures”, “Reports not in use” etc. • The benchmark for max report execution time is <= 2 minutes. In a regular basis we optimize the reports that take > 2 minutes to execute. What we do in SSIS • SSIS packages are basically used to load data to the data marts and report specific tables. • Address data issues related to SSIS packages. Create new package to source data for reports. • Monitor the execution of SSIS ETLs. If there is any failure we address them immediately. • Monitor the load time of every ETL. If there is any performance drop, address them as soon as possible. • Few key SSIS packages are Daily Resume Load, Daily Jobs Load, Daily Traffic Load, Daily Sales Data Load, Product Load etc. What we do in SSAS • SSAS cubes are mainly created for business data analysis, e.g. Job Analysis, Resume Audit, Sales Analysis, Finance data Analysis etc. This mainly supports the ad-hoc reports used by the business users and information service team. • We undertake changes to the Cubes as requested by business users. • Monitor the daily cube processing, address any issues immediately. 2
  3. 3. ETL Monitoring • The client has several data marts that get refresh daily. Data from site databases are loaded through ETL processes to data warehouse. Most of them are scheduled at night time. It is very important for the business to have the up-to-date data ready by morning 8 AM. • We have a dedicated resource to monitor the ETL processes daily. Any failures must be addressed immediately. • In cases where the failure is very critical and can affect other business data, we work in tandem with the onsite point of contact • We are proud to say that we have been able to provide 99% accuracy in monitoring jobs 3