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Reporting With A Cellphone


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New Media Tools For Journalism
Presented by Steve Garfield


Published in: Education, Technology, Design
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Reporting With A Cellphone

  1. 1. Reporting with a Cellphone New Media Tools for Journalism Presented by Steve Garfield
  2. 2. Streaming Media West
  3. 3. BIG MEDIA wants you CBS FOX
  4. 4. Cellphone Extra Batteries Microphone
  5. 5. Text to Blog Set up email to Blogger SETTINGS / EMAIL / MAIL TO BLOGGER ADDRESS Post Text Post Images up to 10MB in size
  6. 6. twitter: Tweet Your Way to Better Journalism Marshall Kirkpatrick at ReadWriteWeb recently explored ways you can enhance your work with Twitter. Kirkpatrick notes four ways he and his staff use Twitter for journalism: • Breaking news • Interviews • Quality assurance • Promotion of online work He offers some interesting anecdotes to back up just how serious Twitter journalism can be: Zoli Erdos chronicled last month how Twitter users beat government agencies and the world's (formerly) leading news organizations in reporting on March earthquakes in both China and Japan.
  7. 7. Text to Twitter SMS to 40404 Mobile web interface at Cellphone client
  8. 8. Photo to Flickr Email Get your email address at Flickr Tools page:
  9. 9. Flickr Photo Badge Add flickr photos to your sidebar
  10. 10. Flickr to Twitter Twittergram
  11. 11. Video Photo Mashup
  12. 12. Record Audio Utterli ( formely Utterz ) Register Call 1-712-432-6666 to record
  13. 13. Audio to Blog Cross post to blog - Apps and Widgets - Cross Posting Apps and Widgets - Sidebar
  14. 14. Video It’s not the camera, it’s the journalism the-camera-its-the-jou.html
  15. 15. Video to Flickr Record Video Email to Flickr
  16. 16. Live Video Qik - Live ( November 6th )
  17. 17. Cellphone Connection EDGE 3G WiFi
  18. 18. Video Sidebar Embed LIVE Qik Channel
  19. 19. Thank You Next Week: Audio and Audio Podcasting Simple Edit Live Broadcasting