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Social media update 1

  1. 1. Coldwell Banker Marina del Rey September 27, 2010 Social Media Update
  2. 2. Social Media – Corporate
  3. 3. Social Media – Corporate
  4. 4. This service is a social media aggregator - Combine your networks into one place (linkedin, twitter, facebook and myspace) Post a short update, a photo, a link to an article, change profile picture, personal information or a new listing on just the networks on which you want to interact Easily import all your contacts from all sites and manage them all at once Set contact and posting goals and the site will send reminds and suggest the type of post you should send list of tips and writing ideas get you posting great content formatted for each network Our content library has links to breaking stories articles and web resources., targeted local content..with just two clicks it's posted
  5. 5. • More than 500 million active users on Face book (estimate 1 billion by years end) • FB has overtaken Google as the busiest site on the net • 40% of all Californians are on facebook • 50% of users log on to facebook on any given day • talking about what they are doing in their lives and spend they most time talking about consumer brands and purchases • 67% more likely to buy from the brands they follow on Twitter • 51% more likely to buy from a brand they follow on facebook • 79% more likely to recommend their Twitter follows • 60% more likely to recommend their facebook follows • All of that information is searchable
  6. 6. Goal: To assist our agents in selling properties by providing resources and assistance they need to take advantage of the trends in marketing on social media Tactic 1: Provide social media pages where news, listings, open houses, and local information that they can leverage with sellers and buyers Tactic 2: Help agents set up their facebook/twitter/blog with the best assortment of available applications to maximize the effectiveness of their online marketing.
  7. 7. Del-Rey-CA/CB-Marina-del-Rey playadelreyrealestate santamonicarealestate
  8. 8. rinadelreyrealestate realestate cificpalisadesrealestate abbotkinneyrealestate
  9. 9.!/ marvistarealestate /CBMarinadelrey Things-To-Do-in-Culver-City/
  10. 10. Post open houses, new listings from camoves,com and/or youtube video content from the CBMDR office on the CB Marina del Rey facebook page, twitter page and appropriate local real estate facebook page - send email (eventually facebook messages letting agent know they have properties listed on the page reminding them to comment or cross post the listing) - Expand this to other CB agents/offices (for local RE facebook page) to grow the page “like” audience and get more qualified eyeballs on the page Future tactics include: • Regular facebook agent contests/prizing • Homeowner/buyer contests • Office news, communications and opportunities (floor schedule, open house sitting opportunities, reductions, and relevant content and updates from our affiliates)
  11. 11. Utilize social media Facebook efforts on sites that Twitter consume smaller “sound bite” content to feed an audience into your blog. Alternately, if you haven’t started a blog Blog yet, you feed the other media audiences into facebook and provide Youtube deeper content there. Linked-In
  12. 12. If you see a property for which you have some additional insight, add a comment.
  13. 13. Communication is viral on facebook All social media requires active participation to be effective By commenting on this property all of the people on my profile friends list will see my comment and the original post on their wall That is 253 views that may not have seen it otherwise.
  14. 14. Automatically cross posts to Twitter Most blogs can also be set up to cross post tweets and facebook posts
  15. 15. Roost - Social Real Estate Platform: Adds a local real estate section to your Facebook. Includes residential property data, schools information, walk ability etc. See My Listings – Display all your® listings on your Facebook wall by simply providing your MLS ID. RSS Graffiti: Graffiti allows you to publish multiple RSS/ATOM feeds on your Facebook profile's & pages' walls and automatically pushes them to the news-feeds (Facebook homepage) of your Facebook friends & fans. NetworkedBlogs: Bring your blog to Facebook, and Facebook to your blog. Static FBML: This application will add a box to your Page in which you can render HTML or FBML (Facebook Markup Language) for enhanced Page customization.
  16. 16. Technology and social media news sites: tech & social media news for RE tech news and opinion real estate blog hosting site real estate news directory of 900+ twitter tools web tool to assist in generating word clouds for analytics. Shows you which words you use most in various applications Metrics and tracking tracks metrics on websites fb pages and blogs – keyword driven submit parameters to be sent links to every online mention of key words and phrases choose a new phone number that is tied to you, not to a device or location, can link it to all of your other phones and ring any or all of them
  17. 17. Other Useful business tools send files up 2 gb Photoshop JR application open source post Powerpoint presentations online post design projects such as landing pages, logo designs, banners and branding assets and receive proposals from interested graphic artists that populate their 80k users voice messaging service that allows you to connect directly with anothers voicemail and avoid a lengthy conversation when time is critical hyper-local content for blogs, tweeting and facebook updates. allows you to capture the content of your PC screen with a single button click. allows you to capture video content being shown on your PC screen. store up to 15 gb of files on the internet that you can access from anyplace. open source free alternative to microsoft office suite.