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Published in: Technology, Business
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  1. 1. Elastyc.Net
  2. 2. Corporate SW needs• Accounting• Erp• Crm• E – commerce web sites• Document Management• Corporate communications (intranet portal)• Infrastructure• ... Big problem what to purchase
  3. 3. Market• Classic accounting solutions o Complete absence of CRM, e-commerce, DMS, …. o Mostly DOS based o Integration problems• Classic ERP (SAP , Navision, Pantheon , ….) o Plenty of Verticals o Plenty of Verticals o Easy integrations o Significant investment, over priced for SMB• Cloud Solutions o Great products for integration with classic ERP (Sales Force, Sugar, Magento , ...) o A lot of good tools (Asana, Yammer …. ) , isolated from rest of infrastructure o Simple accounting solutions ( E – računi, Billans, ...), nice but what is the differnce with DOS? Then we come to integrators, consultunts, developers, ....
  4. 4. What about a mobile ??
  5. 5. You have big budget? no problem if not ???
  6. 6. Here comes Elastyc
  7. 7. All in one solution• Content Management• Corporate Social Network• Customer Relationship Management• Project Management• Document Management• Invoicing• Warehouse Management• ERP Integration (Pantheon ready)
  8. 8. Cloud based SAASweb aplication, mobile
  9. 9. Implementation model- Setup console- Bussines model based on 10 years of expirience (over 100 full enterprise solutions)- Low implementation cost- Approved in different industries
  10. 10. Web content management- Template builder, template gallery- 50 predefined component’s (menu, news, html, ...)- Predefined services (store fronts, ticketing, social network , on-line sales persons…)- Fully integrated with complete system (subjects, stock, finances, contract pricing, …)
  11. 11. CRM- Sales automation (sales funnel , quotes, approvals, dashboard’s, ….)- Services automation (ticketing, support, knowledge base, ….)- Project management- Integrated with Social Network, CMS, Invoicing, Accounting- Calendars
  12. 12. Corporate social network Corporate comunication in one place Case integration (sales , services , internal) File sharing (DMS) Video conference , chat, voice messaging , e-mail notification’s… VOIP integration
  13. 13. Invoicing & warehousing CRM integrated Pantheon integrated
  14. 14. Solutions for• Service based company’s• Trading (wholesale, retail)• Government• Construction• E-business startup’s• Transportation … One model fits all