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Useful links for Video Use in English Language Learning.


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A comprehensive list of video hosting websites including information in brief and examples.

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Useful links for Video Use in English Language Learning.

  1. 1. Video Use In English Language Learning - Useful Resources P r i m a r y / S e c o n d a r y E d u c a t i o n R e s o u r c e s A n d r o n i k i N i s t i k a k i , S e c o n d a r y E d u c a t i o n E . F . L . T e a c h e r, A t h e n s , G r e e c e M a y , 2 0 1 4
  2. 2. I have been using videos of all kinds in my EFL classes for a few years now and I find the experience incredibly rewarding and constructive for a variety of reasons. The theoretical background and pedagogy underlying fair use and effective applications of the moving image in learning is well-known to most teachers who might take the time to have a look at or even make use of the resources recommended in these slides. Besides functioning as a personal repository of favorite websites, it’s the sharing that counts and the feeling of deep gratitude that has been instilled in me by all these amazing people around the world: educators, film makers, tech savants, script writers, artists of all kinds and many more, who have put their minds and hearts into the hard task of making this world a better place. Thank you! ANDRONIKI NISTIKAKI
  3. 3. Other people’s thoughts on video use in learning ANDRONIKI NISTIKAKI  Jamie Keddie: “On Videotelling” U_A  Salman Khan – “Let's use video to reinvent education” e_video_to_reinvent_education   Chris Anderson: - “How web video powers global innovation” derson_how_web_video_power s_global_innovation/transcript  “Adding Value to Educational Video” (InfoBase Learning)- KVS Clip yKgZUzlzw
  4. 4. ANDRONIKI NISTIKAKI  Works with thematic categories including the most broadly interesting topics, supported with videos and tutorials on how to make, use and upload your own creations.  Some of the highest quality artistic films are hosted here. Example: “A short love story in stop motion”
  5. 5. ANDRONIKI NISTIKAKI  An amazing E.F.L. site hosting a vast amount of resources and useful tools as well as handy sets of lesson plans to use in your classroom.  About 100.000 files for free. Registration needed.  Example: “Pink Panther English Verbs”  m/video/pink-panther-english- verbs
  6. 6. ANDRONIKI NISTIKAKI  “A completely free site for learning English: original videos & interactive lessons, an English teacher always present to help you, and a Community of teachers & students learning together. Extra activities on Facebook.” Example: http://www.real-
  7. 7. ANDRONIKI NISTIKAKI  With accompanying online video quizzes and an embedded tool for teachers to create their own exercises.  Videos and quizzes arranged by levels. Register, create an account and join the community. Examples: • _intermediate.php?id=2707 Steve Job’s commencement speech • _intermediate.php?id=10909 quiz sample
  8. 8. ANDRONIKI NISTIKAKI  Intended for all audiences, coming with interactive transcripts, accompanying information about the speaker and subtitles in 44 languages and more..  One of the most amazing video hosting sites with speakers who make a difference. on_how_web_video_powers_global_innovatio n.html “How web video powers global innovation” or er_the_best_gift_i_ever_survived.html “The best gift I ever survived” Examples:
  9. 9. ANDRONIKI NISTIKAKI  Amazing, short, how-to videos on a variety of topics ranging from the latest discoveries in science to teaching tips.  Topics are arranged in thematic categories.  Sign up and connect.  Example: “How to use an online Plagiarism Checker to Screen Out Matches”.  to/to-use-online-plagiarism-checker- screen-out-matches-0154758
  10. 10. ANDRONIKI NISTIKAKI  A Documentary Series celebrating the World of Museums .  Visitors can watch full episodes in related hosting sites like YouTube or Snaglearning.  The Wide variety of themes and a handy search button make it invaluable.  Webisodes, TV Documentaries, museum moments and the museum world as you have never known before.  Example: “New Orleans: A Living Museum of Music explore/more/new_orlean s_a_living_museum_of_ music
  11. 11. ANDRONIKI NISTIKAKI  “Snagfilms” offers free access to quality films of all genres and shows from notable producers like National Geographic and NOVA.  Free live streaming.  Donate and support. Example: owse/category/pop_culture/
  12. 12. ANDRONIKI NISTIKAKI  “EduTube is an educational video search platform. EduTube focuses on popular and high quality educational videos.  Videos are sorted by EduTube index, a measure of quality, popularity and educational value. EduTube also has a unique system for organizing and tagging videos, to make finding videos as easy as possible.  Most of the videos on EduTube get hundreds or thousands of views a day and are highly rated on the video hosting website itself.” Example:  time
  13. 13. ANDRONIKI NISTIKAKI  Education blog hosting an amazing collection of short films, some of which are of high artistic value. Lesson plans and accompanying activities are arranged by level and theme.  Created and run by Kieran Donaghy, EFL Teacher and teacher lecturer.  2013 ElTons and Medea Award winner.  Subscribe to support the hard work. Example: “Smile” http://film-
  14. 14. ANDRONIKI NISTIKAKI  English Listening Lesson Library Online.  Comprehension and Vocabulary Quizzes.  Audio scripts, slide shows and audio notes with vocabulary examples and definitions.  All materials are graded and classified by level and theme.  Absolutely adorable!!! “Elllo” has been created by Todd Beuckens, an English teacher based in Japan.  Example: “Welfare” -Todd-Welfare.htm
  15. 15. ANDRONIKI NISTIKAKI  “The best free cultural & educational media on the web”.  Cultural and educational media on the web hosting audio books, online courses on a variety of subjects, movies, language lessons and videos worth watching. Example:  m/free_english_lessons  Great Value!
  16. 16. ANDRONIKI NISTIKAKI  The world leader magazine hosts a variety of themes mainly exploring the Geography and cartography of our stunning planet since 1888.  The Education section contains notable teaching resources like encyclopedia articles, glossaries, a wide variety of interactive maps and networks to join in and contribute.  Invaluable!!!!!  Example: (Kid’s section)  m/video/kids/cartoons-tv-movies- kids/iggy-arbuckle-kids/family- tree-iggy-kids/
  17. 17. ANDRONIKI NISTIKAKI  Over 35 million hours of video, in a wide range of categories. Example: “Technology updates”  WClO
  18. 18. ANDRONIKI NISTIKAKI  A digital generation project promoting digital media literacy in a global learning environment.  Organized by grade level, the site hosts a wide range of videos, articles, discussions and blog posts.  One of the most reputable, noteworthy websites dedicated to Education.  Example: “Teaching Grit: How to Help Students Overcome Inner Obstacles”  overcome-inner-obstacles-vicki-zakrzewski
  19. 19. ANDRONIKI NISTIKAKI  Instructional videos for Teachers and learners.  Material organized by level  Photos, videos, audios and blog posts to explore and share.  Sign up and contribute. Example: “Figurative Language” Rap Song p?video_id=216328&title=Figurative_Lang uage_Rap_Song
  20. 20. ANDRONIKI NISTIKAKI  Created by David Mainwood, EFL, ESL Teacher  EFL, ESL and ESOL Practice activities organized by level.  Handy Post index, games and quizzes.  Remarkable collection of materials, easy to put into practice. Example: “What makes a good teacher” “http://efllecturer.blogspot. com/2011/07/teaching- and-learning-styles-what- makes.html
  21. 21. ured ANDRONIKI NISTIKAKI  The British Council Channel on youtube with 25.600 followers and 1.500.000 views so far..  Subtitles provided in the “Learn English Kids” channel and transcripts in the other channels like “Learn English”.  Explore the comprehensive playlists. Have a look at these samples  eature=related  ature=share&list=ULDb9vLf1MuPg  ature=share&list=ULoepRTA4s4XM
  22. 22. ANDRONIKI NISTIKAKI  “How to do videos” arranged in thematic catalogues covering a number of issues, including education.  Example: “Adolescence and Puberty”  m/interview/adolescenc e-and-puberty
  23. 23. ANDRONIKI NISTIKAKI  “The Global Oneness Project produces films, media and educational materials that explore how the simple notion of interconnectedness can be lived in today's complex world.”  Films, Essays, articles and interviews stored in thematic categories.  The Education section provides teachers with a variety of resources ranging from downloadable conversation cards to discussion and action guides.  Subtitles can be added, using DotSub software.  Example: “What would it look like?”  http://www.globalonenessp ditlooklike
  24. 24. ANDRONIKI NISTIKAKI  A huge multinational, mass media corporation with a website , worth exploring.  Browse channels, trending topics and AOL originals.  Wide variety and diversity of subjects.  Example: “Learn about the last will of W. Shakespeare”  the-last-will-of-william-shakespeare- 311409323
  25. 25. ANDRONIKI NISTIKAKI  Learn English using thousands of the most engaging videos on the web presented with text transcriptions and word definitions. (+ young learners)  8.000 video lessons and 40 video courses to explore and choose from.  Courses arranged in three levels (Basic, Intermediate, Elementary)  A variety of topics for E.S.P., ranging from travel English to English for Academic purposes.  Great technology to build on vocabulary, pronunciation and develop speaking skills.  Example: Shakespeare  /17083/the-life-times-and-many- rhymes-of-shakespeare-part
  26. 26. ANDRONIKI NISTIKAKI  An easy-to-navigate website with lots of useful language learning resources, including:  English listening comprehension exercises based on movie trailers.  An extensive list of American slang terms  Reading comprehension exercises and quizzes.  Example: “Catch me if you can” eslclip1_1.html
  27. 27. ANDRONIKI NISTIKAKI  A reputable organization offering high quality resources to all audiences free of charge.  Teachers can create a class account and follow students progress by utilizing the coach resources library as well as track students’ activity and developing skills.  Makes use of the common core standards. Example: Art history Basics es/art-history/introduction-to-art-history
  28. 28. ANDRONIKI NISTIKAKI  Jamie Keddie’s extraordinary website providing teachers with quality lesson plans, well thought out activities and ideas to implement  Downloadable material.  The menu is well organized making it easy to locate preferred material and the comments section provides useful feedback on every lesson plan.  Example: “Lying on the Pavement”  “ 2/27/lying-on-the-pavement/
  29. 29. ANDRONIKI NISTIKAKI  Example: “Movies Made Easy with Technology”  os/technology-elementary-school- curriculum
  30. 30. ANDRONIKI NISTIKAKI  Multimedia resources and courses for life long learners, extending up to college level.  Funded and Supported by the Annenberg Foundation.  As stated in the “About” section, “The video components are paired with extensive Web sites that include online texts, course and workshop guides, and extensive background information to enhance the learning experience. Using these resources, teachers can learn from experts, other teachers, and even students who reveal their unique interpretations of the content”.  Amazing!!!  Examples: “Cinderella”, “Connect with English”  tml 
  31. 31. ANDRONIKI NISTIKAKI  “THE FILM SPACE seeks to encourage and build an understanding and appreciation of the moving image, in all its forms, amongst children and young people in full-time education.  Moving image, curriculum linked teaching resources  Training teachers on the use of the moving image in the classroom  Content related events, both in and out of school  Advice on the use of moving image in the classroom”
  32. 32. ANDRONIKI NISTIKAKI  Conference and event videos arranged in thematic categories.  Broad scope of subjects including technology, politics, environmental issues and religion. Example: “Transformative Learning for the Lifelong Learner” Learning_for_the_Lifelong_Learner
  33. 33. ANDRONIKI NISTIKAKI  Example: “Agreeing and Disagreeing”  on-skills-agree-disagree/ A dozen of EFL Teachers delivering video lessons on a variety of topics arranged by level.  Viewers can choose who and what to watch by clicking on desired menu tag.  Pretty easy to use.  Subscribe on youtube channel.
  34. 34. ANDRONIKI NISTIKAKI  Example: John F. Kennedy  -f-kennedy- 9362930#awesm=~oFsjETQApa4p9K
  35. 35. ANDRONIKI NISTIKAKI  Learn English with songs and videos.  Hip-hop lyrics and interactive exercises on a wide variety of subjects.  14-day free trial  Example: “Persuasive Language”  sive-language/
  36. 36. ANDRONIKI NISTIKAKI  Teaching materials including movie trailers and free English Lessons.  Video store where you can buy downloadable lesson materials.  Example: “Safety and Security – in depth explanation”  m/safety-and-security2/
  37. 37. ANDRONIKI NISTIKAKI  Top thought leaders on a continuing learning platform.  Managing directors, acting directors, award winning authors, journalists, writers, songwriters, politicians, professors, all kinds of successful professionals in one place…  Example: electronic-culture-warping-our- minds
  38. 38. ANDRONIKI NISTIKAKI  Games, animated movies, quizzes and lesson plans for Educators.  Search by standards, grade or subject.  Subscription needed to access materials.  Brainpop for Educators and Brainpop ESL are of great value  User-friendly platform features like Brainpop navigation bar, calendar, free , closed captioning and many more to suit a variety of purposes and needs..  Sign up and explore. Example: Take a tour our/
  39. 39. Take a tour … subscribers ANDRONIKI NISTIKAKI  A video hosting site with countless possibilities, where a teacher can create comprehensive lesson plans for his students on any preferred theme, customize and nominate them.  Students can work independently, making their own choices and tracking their own progress with the use of embedded tools.  Teachers can add and share content, comment in the blog and check on student’s progress, saving scores and contributions in place.  Sensational!!!
  40. 40. ANDRONIKI NISTIKAKI  CNN website hosting thousands of videos on every topic.  Edition preferences in Spanish and CNN on TV.  Menu tags related to news bulletins from different continents.  Example: “The biggest wave ever surfed”.  2014/02/04/ctw-biggest-wave-ever-surfed- andrew-cotton-intv.cnn.html
  41. 41. ANDRONIKI NISTIKAKI  A great community of educators and other committed professionals for American schools.  Content is explored with digitized textbooks, media, video and audio materials.  Curriculum alignment services, embedded assessment tools and robust educator networks.  Makes differentiation easy for teachers and students.  Take a tour….  /who-we-are/about-discovery- education.cfm
  42. 42. ANDRONIKI NISTIKAKI  An all-powerful learning platform, addressing educators, parents and students alike.  Free activities, games, lessons and playlists available to explore and interact with.  Teachers can build classes and modify assignments.  Easy to create and sustain blended learning environments.  For American residents. Example: Educator’s page arning/educational-games-activities
  43. 43. ANDRONIKI NISTIKAKI  Free educational website hosting 42 academic and 7 extracurricular subjects.  User-friendly interface.  Courses are continuously added.  Designed for Educators and Self-learners.  “Mission Statement  To collect educational and cultural resources to create a free online school, empowering people with access to a world-class education at no cost”.  Example: “Women in Art”  art/
  44. 44. ANDRONIKI NISTIKAKI  “With over 20 million lessons delivered and more than 240,000 registered users from 200+ countries, Brightstorm is helping learners save time so they can enjoy other things... like life”.  One week free trial.  The ‘about us’ section  m/about-us
  45. 45. ANDRONIKI NISTIKAKI  Example: “A moment in time”  channel/969  Delivering instructional Media to students and educators In Virginia.  bout  Aimed at teachers in the U.S.A.
  46. 46. ANDRONIKI NISTIKAKI  PBS & WGBH Educational Foundation.  Hosts a variety of top quality lesson plans easily searchable by Level, Grade, Subject, National Standards, Common Core Standards, Media Type and Accessibility Features.  Precious for both teachers and students.  Example: “Ruby Sings the Blues”  early.rubysingstheblues/ruby-sings-the- blues/?utm_source=FeatureWell&utm_medium=Imag e&utm_campaign=homepage
  47. 47. ANDRONIKI NISTIKAKI  A broad collection of educational videos arranged in thematic categories.  Select category and click.  Example: “ Who was Shakespeare?”  was-shakespeare/
  48. 48. ANDRONIKI NISTIKAKI  A large Independent video site with great partners like Vimeo, Vevo and Fora tv.  User-friendly Browse bar and A-Z Directory.  Example: “Classroom of the Future”  14457
  49. 49. ANDRONIKI NISTIKAKI  Free educational videos arranged by topic, subject, grade and common core standards in a user-friendly directory.  50.000 educational videos in over 5.000 categories.  Addressed to students from Elementary to High school.  Teachers can suggest videos for inclusion or comment on content and rate.  Example: “What can creativity do?”  ?VideoID=34648&CategoryID=93
  50. 50. ANDRONIKI NISTIKAKI  Video lesson library with 30.000 lessons.  Interactive assignments  I-pad and screencasting tools or a camcorder can be used to create lessons for online learning.  Experienced teachers’ tips and past stories can solve problems and inspire.  Example: “Art appreciation 3”  tch/lesson/23917
  51. 51. ANDRONIKI NISTIKAKI  Online instructional video for Students and Teachers.  Example: “Are you my mother?”  bin/search/linfo.cgi?id=3431
  52. 52. ANDRONIKI NISTIKAKI  There is almost everything here: movie trailers, music video clips, how-to videos, digital stories, documentaries, tutorials on every subject as well as a lot of trash material you wouldn’t care to watch or know about.  Apart from watching and sharing, you can add your own content. 100 hours of video are added to it every hour, making it the world’s largest video hosting platform.  Take a look at these pages…  user-guide-to-your-youtube-channel/  personal-brand/  list-youtube.html  Except for watching and adding your own content there are useful tools embedded to it so as to edit, subtitle and share yours or other people’s content.  Create your own channel to upload your own videos, make up your playlists , subscribe to preferred channels related to your interests or connect it to other Google products you are using.
  53. 53. My channel on YouTube ANDRONIKI NISTIKAKI ka/channels If you click on the above link, you will land on my personal channel. What’s of interest here concerns only the subscription list, which you will find useful, as it comprises some of the most renowned EFL channels on the platform(more than 100). Tip: As you will probably know quite a lot of them, take a look at the rest. It’s not going to be a waste of time….
  54. 54. For suggestions, queries or recommendations, use my Gmail account ANDRONIKI NISTIKAKI