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Presentación iciar copia

  1. 1. Thestreets   Narrow streets Elegance and sobriety due to the religious and civil buildings in the new Gothic style
  2. 2. Barcelona and it’sinhabitants  backgrounds neither previleged nor maginalized.  due to the black pest of 1348, many noble families moved into the cities, where they built their own palaces.
  3. 3. Housing  Directconnectionbetweenthehouse and thestreet.  Thehouses tended tobesmall.
  4. 4. Romanesque and Gothic Barcelona  Gothicquater: the medieval past of thecity.  Variousextensions of itswallenclosures&importance of monarchy and nobility
  5. 5. A) Monarchie and nobilityprint ThePalau de la Genralitat Montcadastreet
  6. 6. B) Role playedbytheChurch
  7. 7. C) Themiddleclasstradeprint  Drassanes TheLlotja
  8. 8. D) Welfareinstitutionsprint (Hospital of theHoly Cross)
  9. 9. Passeig del Born  Passeig del Born: urbanfestivalswerecelebrated in , such as fairs, tournaments, processions and thecarnival.
  10. 10. MainBuildings at Montcadastreet
  11. 11. The Ribera, neighbourhood of theguilds Duringthe 13th century, thecitygre wimmensely.  Itwas a characteristic of the medieval times thateachguildwas placed in a differentstreet. 
  12. 12. The crisis  But Barcelona also experienced some difficult times: The pest, or Black Death, arrived at the port of Barcelona in 1348 and a number of subsequent epidemics also took a grand number of its habitants.  Social tensions appeared all over: in the countryside there were revolts of the peasants against their feudal lords.
  13. 13.  The discovery of America displaced the center of commerce towards the Atlantic. Barcelona lost a good part of its maritime activities.