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Programagymkhanateam1 2-3 copia

  1. 1. B A R C E L O N A N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 3 the Gothic gymkhana COMENIUS IN BARCELONA EDITION Introduction This is a cultural Gymkhana through thematic tests in the historical center of Barcelona. Instructions You will have to accomplish some task in groups, in which there will be representatives of at least three countries. We want you to work in teams therefore you will take the roles and so you will make agreements (assign the one who acts of spokesman, who is going to be the leader…), but there is no need to say that the roles can also be changeable. Starting point: In the center of Plaza Catalunya Team identification 1. Every team should develop a colored team icon using a cardboard, one scissors and a piece of string in 5 minutes time. 2. All the team members will be wearing the same icon. So you must create your team icon and do that before departure time. 3. Therefore you need to coordinate (divide the string proportionally distribute the task…) We will record the starting and arrival times, so that we know how much time did every team needed to reach the end. Every team will have to provide us all the 18 the proofs in the end of the gymkhana, so that we can assess them. It is not just only important how fast you do the test and to be the first arriving to the finish line, is even more important to do the tests as good as possible (as long as we will score every test from 0 to 2) The aim of the gymkhana is to know the heart of the city and some of historical traces. We Intend that you pupils will ve able to know some of the most emblematic places of the Gothic Barcelona through time (from Rome up to the current time).
  2. 2. GOTHIC GYMKHANA COMENIUS 2013 Gymkhana description for students 1. In order to get out you have to be wearing all of you the team icon build up with the three materials we provided you (a pen, cardboard and a string.) 2. This is a team game and the clock, which will have to pass a series of tests and follow a particular route to reach each target group 3. It is essentials that you carry out the tests marked and keep on the path described by the marked order or else the team will be disqualified. 4. The tests are valued at the end, when you reach the goal. 5. The gymkhana will approximately take about 3 hours time and there will be three hidden controls between the start and the end points: Plaza Catalunya, Plaza Real and Fossar of them Moreres Recommendations: Remember to wear comfortable clothes, closed footwear, sunglasses and a hat if the day And your team is… Your help teacher contact information is…
  3. 3. GOTHIC GYMKHANA COMENIUS 2013 Fusce quis lacus Gothic gymkhana waybill Time aprox. Place Test Score Do the icon or the teams distinctive using the provided materials. Take a picture of all the team. Proof 1 Proof 1 10:15 Center of Plaza Catalunya (Starting point) Ramblas Proof 2 10:30 La Boquería Take a picture of you drinking from Canaletes fountain (where Barça team celebrates its victories) Proof 2 Look for an unknown product and take a picture with it showing the name of it (behind the counter if it is possible) Proof 3 Write in one sheet the information provided by the seller (name, origin, type of product: animal, vegetable…) Proof 4 Take a picture with a foreign family with at least four members. All the team must be in the picture. Proof 5 Write their names, nationality and ages. Proof 6 Record yourself doing a performance (singing, dancing, playing the statue…) doing something that make you earn money. Proof 7 Take also a picture of someone giving money to you. Proof 8 Enter to Plaza Real through a passage called “Passatge Bacardi”. You have to take a picture of you in this passage. Proof 9 Find out which the oldest streetlamps of Plaza Real are, and also who its designer was. Take a picture or video explaining it. Proof 10 Find out where is the ORIGINAL council (city house) facade and take a picture of all you there. Proof 11 10:00 10:45 11:00 Ramblas Liceo 11:30 Plaza Real 11:45 Plaza Real 12:00 Plaza Sant Jaume Proof 3 Proof 4 Proof 5 Proof 6 Proof 7 Proof 8 Proof 9 Proof 10 Proof 11
  4. 4. GOTHIC GYMKHANA Time aprox. 12:15 12:30 COMENIUS 2013 Place Test Score Going to Cathedral of Barcelona Paradís street 10-12 Cathedral Discover where is the “Centre excursionista de Catalunya” (hiking Catalonia´s club) entrance and take a picture of you showing the name of the roman monument hidden inside it. Proof 12 Go to the main entrance to the Cathedral of Barcelona and take a picture of the Group showing its building date and its architectonic style Proof 13 Take a picture of all you in a place where you can read the Latin name of Barcelona and you also get a piece of the roman aqueduct Proof 14 Proof 12 Proof 13 Proof 14 12:45 Plaça del Rei Ask who lived in the Royal Palace and take Proof 15 a picture of you with the palace behind you and a sheet saying the answer. Proof 15 13:00 Museo Picasso Take a picture of all of you on the museum Picasso steps holding a sheet saying the name of the noble house and its construction dates. Proof 16 Proof 16 13:15 Santa María del Mar Seek the Barça weapon among all the church stained glasses and take a picture of it. Proof 17 Proof 17 13:30 Fossar de les Moreres Explain with a picture what happened in this place, and why there is a memorial in El Fossar de les Moreres. Proof 18 Proof 18