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Content matters


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Content matters

  1. 1. Content matters, so make it work skye doherty +61 401 326 726 CONTENT is the most important thing on your website and social media profiles. It is what sets you apart from your com- petitors. It is why users visit your site, search engines rank it and advertisers buy inventory on it. Content helps build and reinforce your brand. Well crafted, branded content will help your organisation communicate its messages, engage with customers or clients and reach niche audiences. It’s a form of marketing that is growing in popularity. A recent report on content marketing trends shows that 90 per cent of organisations are using content as a marketing tool. The report - B2B Content Marketing: 2010 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends, produced by MarketingProfs and Junta42 - says that content marketing supports multiple busi- ness goals, with brand awareness, customer retention/loyalty, and lead generation the top three. WHAT IS IT When we talk about content we are talking about words, images and sounds. And this can take many forms: • Stories or news releases • Photo galleries • Videos • Podcasts • Presentations • Whitepapers • Forums or polls The reason content like this works is because it provides your readers / users / customers with something meaningful and useful. New media PR man David Meerman Scott says people don’t use the internet to find advertising - they use it to find content. “By providing information when they need it, you can begin a long and profitable rela- tionship with them. Editors and publishers obsess over readership, and so should you.” His book, The New Rules of Marketing and PR, is a valuable guide to incorporating digital content into your marketing strategy. TELL STORIES Increasingly, companies and organisations are creating rich digital content that tells stories about the work they do. Look at some of the client work produced by MediaStorm and DuckRabbit for ideas. Narrative is an extremely effective way to link facts, figures and details in a way that engages an audience emotionally. Charities and nonprofits are in a strong position to use storytelling because, often, they have good stories to tell. If your work involves overcoming adversity, standing up for the underprivileged or high- lighting injustice then there are likely to be good stories to tell. Think about your cases and identify charac- ters, conflicts and achievements. These might form the foundation of a strong narrative that will engage and inspire new and existing audiences, without the need for spin. VQ @ UQ: Workshop November 5 2010 Create original1. content Update your2. website regularly Know your3. audience and give them content they can use Use social media to4. increase exposure and reach Create content that is5. meaningful FIVE RULES FOR CREATING CONTENT THAT WORKS MATCH CONTENT AND MEDIUM FIVE QUESTIONS TO SPARK IDEAS STORIES What tales have you got to tell? SOLUTIONS What useful information can you share? EXPERTISE What specialist knowlege do you have? EVENTS Is there a way to hight- light your cause? CONFLICTS What challenges have you overcome? Stories Solutions Expertise Events Text News release Social media Blog post FAQ Newsletter Forum Q&A Wiki Blog Press release Social media Forum Sound Audio slideshow Radio package Podcast Interview Podcast Podcast Interview Vision Image gallery Video Social media Mashups Slideshow Animation Vlog Interview Vlog Presentation Video, vlog Image gallery Maps Social media