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SKOLKOVO Startup Academy is a smart accelerator,a new kind of entrepreneurship programme that                             ...
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SKOLKOVO Startup Academy brochure


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More details about the programme:

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SKOLKOVO Startup Academy brochure

  1. 1. SK O LKOVOs t ar t upA C AD E MY neu r ship tre o f E n t r epr eT he E pic en In cooperation with
  2. 2. SKOLKOVO Startup Academy is a smart accelerator,a new kind of entrepreneurship programme that STUDENTS PROFILE LEADING INTERNATIONAL PROFESSORS AND MENTORSfuses the best of practical education with world-class WHO NEEDS STARTUP ACADEMY?business acceleration, and gives you and your ideaeverything needed to reach entrepreneurial success. • Corporate managers who want to start their own companyLanguage:English/Russian (Simultaneous translation • Entrepreneurs with a business idea who need helpprovided, educational materials are available to put it together, develop a business model, receiveboth in English and Russian) financing and launch a startupDuration: • Startups who want to test their ideas and make sure Steve Blank Fadi Bishara Shomit Ghose Thomas Gad10 weeks, including 2 weeks in Silicon Valley, they are on the right track Startup Guru, Silicon Valley Founder and CEO, Partner at Onset Ventures CEO, BrandFlightUSA. Education in Moscow is conducted in the serial-entrepreneur Blackboxevenings (2 times per week) and on weekends. • Business Angels who want to build their expertise andPersonal meetings with business coaches and learn to make smart investmentsmentors are conducted in convenient time. • Family business inheritors who want to bring theirDates of the programme: business to a new level11 April 2013 – 17 June 201328 May 2013 – 12 June 2013Trip to Silicon Valley, USA Val Jerdes John (Grizz) Deal Bob Dorf Peter LindholmPlace of study: I WANT TO BECOME A PARTICIPANT OF Partner, Innov8 CEO, Purple Mtn. Ventures Serial entrepreneur, coauthor Managing Director,Campus SKOLKOVO, PWC office (Belorusskaya THE PROGRAMME. Global Ventures of “Startup owners manual” JSC «ValoDia»metro station) and Silicon Valley (USA) MY NEXT STEP:Cost of the programme: 1. Submit an on-line application form and a CV13,500 Euros excluding flights and on expenses in Silicon Valley(student loan programmes are available) 2. Pay the application fee of 50 Euros on-lineGroup size: 3. to the interview with the Startup Academy team Go30 people member Gaidar Magdanurov Lawrence Wright Yossi Turkaspa Gary FowlerDiploma: SKOLKOVO Diploma ACCELERATE YOUR BUSINESS! Web-projects manager, Professor of Practice, Partner, M M Venezia CEO, Fowler Int’l Microsoft SKOLKOVO Startup Academy DirectorAndrey Shelomentsev Alexander SvininSKOLKOVO is forever. SKOLKOVO Startup Academy opened For me, as a person who had never been in business before,the doors to the world of new possibilities. Startup Academy was first and foremost the place where IStartup Academy programme is for those who want to get a got the facts about how, when, and where to build my ownrapid turn of mindset and skills, to obtain priceless network business, how to grow it, structure it, and launch to market.of contacts and immerse into the entrepreneurial business A second important point is the community of students. Weatmosphere of ideas, enthusiasm and achievements. The only became a better, stronger team, supporting each other evendownside is that it is impossible to go back to your normal after graduation. And that helps us reach our goals.” Alex Friedland Alexey Kharitontsev Oskar Hartmann Stan Yakatanlife. Managing Director, SOROS Director of Legal and Founder and CEO, Chairman and founder, Fund Management Corporate Development Katan AssociatesPROGRAMME STRUCTURE*: Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 BUSINESS SALES AND FINANCIALS OF PRODUCT LAW AND TEAM-BUILDING MONETISATION STUDYING THE RAISING PROJECT MODEL MARKETING START-UPS DEVELOPMENT BRANDING STARTUP MODELS EXPERIENCE OF CAPITAL, LAUNCH GENERATION AND WEB- MANAGEMENT NEGOTIATIONS SILICON VALLEY NETWORKING PREPARATION/ CUSTOMER TOOLS PITCHING TO STARTUPS AND INVESTORS DAY DEVELOPMENT INVESTORS EMERSION INTO THE ECOSYSTEM* The school has the right to change the programme Silicon Valley
  3. 3. Startup Academy is 25 professors over 40 mentors 10 business coaches 7 company visits over 10 guesttop-speakers 20 professional investors 7 networking eventsLEARN MORE FROM THE PROGRAMMEMANAGER:MADINA TYURYAEVA+7 495 539 30 03, ext. 2701+7 919 777 25 16startup_academy@skolkovo.ruCampus SKOLKOVO: Novaya ul. 100, Skolkovo village, Odintsovsky District, Moscow Region, 143025, Russia Phone: +7 495 539 30 03 • Fax: +7 495 994 46 68 • • www.skolkovo.ruJoin Startup Academy: Facebook: @SkolkovoStartupAcademy Twitter: @SkolkovoStartup www.skolkovo/ssa Ivan Pisarev ‘’After just 2 months in the programme, the life has changed radically. The pace has picked up considerably. It really feels as if an entire year has elapsed during those 2 months. I cant believe that June 1 was even this year, and now its August 1. There was an amazing amount of information to absorb. I am very glad that I now have the knowledge that Startup Academy gave me. Its scary to think what I would have endured or where my project would have ended up without Startup Academy. Startup Academy in a word is fun, tons of contacts, innovation, drive.’’Vladimir KovalskiyStartup Academy is a very good theory and practice hybrid ofbuilding a business. Businesses that operate in current markets.An extensive network of SKOLKOVO mentors can link togetherthe best practices of building a startup with real projects of eachstudent. Regardless of the projects’ stage - each member of theAcademy gets a powerful boost and a clear road map for furtherdevelopment. If you are consider joining the programme, thenmy advice to you - Just jump into it! You will not regret it!