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Gemba public

  1. 1. gement of Mana School oscow M OLKOVO SK
  2. 2. Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO was established in 2006
  3. 3. Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO is the largest private business school in Russia SKOLKOVO is a joint project of 18 Russian and foreign companies and business-leaders SKOLKOVO is the only business school in Russia, providing premium level international business education Among the members of the International Advisory Board are Dmitry Medvedev, Herman Gref, Igor Shuvalov, Lee Kuan Yew, Presidents of MasterCard, Credit Suisse, Sсhlumberger, PricewaterhouseCoopers and other prominent companies
  4. 4. SKOLKOVO program portfolio Degree Programs (MBA, Executive MBA, Global Executive MBA) Executive Education – Partnership Programs Open Enrollment Programs Entrepreneurial Community Research Centers
  6. 6. We never stop learning
  7. 7. Because the world around us is constantly changing Nuerotechnology Human internet Biofutures Human horizons Energy Mobile realities Human settlement Fabbing + Hacking Automation + Robots
  8. 8. NEW PROGRAM of SKOLKOVO business school – Global Executive MBA for the FUTURE
  9. 9. In partnership with the Institute for the Future
  10. 10. Selected clients of the Institute for the Future 10
  11. 11. Conceptual framework of the program – studying the breakthrough trends influencing and changing the world Global landscape People & Technology Health & Self 10-year forecast Technology horizons Health horizons Global Food Outlook Mobile realities Well-being Social structing Automation + Robots Health care Human settlement Fabbing + Hacking Health information Catalysts for change Open science Health games Work Energy Open health Sustainability Neurotechnology Aging Cooperation Biofutures Learning Games Governance Human internet
  12. 12. Choices of countries Examples of businesses Trends of the future UAE   Cities of the future Social structing Changing nature of “work” Japan   Mobile reality Video ecosystem of the future Robotics & automation Energy saving Canada   Technology horizons Social media & human internet Biofuture Alternative energy Switzerland   Health horizons Science +Tech +Well-being Human genome Collaboration
  13. 13. Major elements of the Global Executive MBA for the FUTURE Program Thesis Discovery Expeditions: examples of “businesses of the future” 10 year trends that will change the nature of business Practical foresight methods and tools
  14. 14. Program thesis as the way to rethink your business strategy Course materials to study during the module Thesis Face-to-face communication with experts representing different industries Contribution to your company’s business operations and growth of its competitiveness
  15. 15. Global EMBA 1: December 2014 – November 2015 1 2 3 The flat world Be unique Globalization of the local SKOLKOVO Dubai Tokyo Toronto December 2014 January 2015 April 2015 June 2015 3 Module –based learning 4 6 6 6 Know how 5 6 Melting pot Connecting the dots Lausanne SKOLKOVO September November 2015 2015 6 Mobile reality, Cities of the Technology Health horizons, Process of video ecosystem horizons, social future, social science+tech globalization, of the future, media & internet, structing, +well-being, major trends of robotics, biofutures, human genome the future & their changing nature automation of “work” energy impact, catalysts for change Integrative module. Thesis presentation Distance learning in between of face-to-face modules comprises preparatory sessions, forums, module debriefs/reflections, thesis online consultations, work on thesis in virtual teams as well as attendance of online sessions of Future Thinking Series Continuous learning ‘Future thinking’ series 3 Mixed format
  16. 16. Learning formats Expedition leaders, professors Offline and online sessions with professors & experts Team work, presentations Guest speakers: business leaders, politicians, innovation gurus Visits to companies representing businesses of the future Experts panels Workshops Networking with local business elite Distance learning Thesis
  17. 17. Design concept of the GEMBA program based on the Tokyo module block schedule Introduction Japan past, present & future Japanese history & mentality Tokyo Scavenger Hunt: searching & understanding Scavenger hunt debfief Japan market Japan business systems & their specifics 10 year technology horizons Launching business & investing in Japan Japan’s place in the future world Innovative Japan Success at the negotiating table Class visit to Anime Studio Japan thesis chapter presentations Japan thesis chapter presentations Working lunch: feedforward 5 parallel group visit to “traditional” companies: big exporters, big industrial countries, banks, big trading companies Working evening with experts 5 parallel group visit to “modern” companies: energy saving countries, robotics, internet, biotech, mobile etc. Networking evening with local business elite Your interview & meetings for Japan Thesis Chapter Class visit to Tokyo Olympics 2020 site Working evening with experts Finalizing the presentations Presentation feedback session Japan expedition debrief session & closing cocktail
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  20. 20. do we How anada? ook at C l lace to –best p uters rld’s 2 mp the wo ssive co he ma house t nd nation largest otech the 2 or bi world f in the nd ountry rgest c rd –la erves the 3 l oil res globa for the tive alterna l media In socia ternet & omy io-econ b energy
  21. 21. e look w do w Ho etitive st comp orld the mo in the w y econom erland? at Switz nomy iss eco the Sw s 99% of prised of SME com is +tech Science ing e +well-b rizons ho health t of elemen d a key et Invente rn the inte ome gen human
  22. 22. Results of the program You will understand what the upcoming decade will bring to you and your business. You will get acquainted with the businesses of the future operating already today. You will reflect on/readjust you current business strategy and become more competitive. You will diversify your perception of the world and further develop your cultural intelligence. You will join the respectable and interesting community of the SKOLKOVO MBA and EMBA alumni as well as alumni of other local and international business schools.
  23. 23. GEMBA class at a glance Nationality profile: International Professional background : 10+ working experience, 5+ managerial experience Education: MBA or EMBA degree Skills and experience: Outstanding professional and leadership track record English proficiency: Intermediate and higher Profile: Top-managers and business owners Cultural quotient (CQ) higher than average Apparent intellectual curiosity Admission for all non-SKOLKOVO alumni
  24. 24. Tui5on  fees the courses, all the course related materials, mandatory readings, online courses, group & face-to-face online sessions & consultations with the faculty, meals during international modules 60К euro residence in Moscow (on Campus), half board meals, water & 2 coffee-breaks complimentary parking for the period of on campus studies Accommodation, travel, passport & visa arrangements are to be covered by the participants.
  25. 25. Special proposal To get 7% discount, please ensure to enroll & pay 25% of the full tuition fee by April 1st , 2014. No discounts will be available later. before     April  1st,  2014     Before     September  1st,  2014     Euro  15  000     Before     June  1st,  2015     Euro  27  200   Euro  13  600  
  26. 26. r new You urney ning jo lear start may 2014! mber Dece in at: ntact us Co kolko MBA@s l GE 42 or cal 777 19 919 va at +7 uravle lena Zh E