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Seniors job searching


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Seniors job searching

  1. 1. JOB SEARCHINGIt is a false assumption that no one is hiring...
  2. 2. First thing first . . . GradSchool? Is Graduate School Right For You? E
  3. 3. Graduate School Why do you want a graduate degree?  Doyour research  Consider undergraduate reserach Don’t forget to consider  Location  Quality of program  Faculty  Financial aid  Availability of resources and benefits (e.g. health insurance) Move beyond your comfort zone
  4. 4. How to be Successful in your JobSearch Mind-set comes before Skill-set Expect to get a job when no one is hiring Networking is not as important as you think it is . . . It is more important!!
  5. 5. Who gets the Job? The most qualified candidate does not always get the job Those that are prepared and presented themselves in a compelling way get the job Those that demonstrate they are the best candidate get the job
  6. 6. Habits of Highly Effective Job Seekers Network, network, network Seek help Differentiate Yourself Using time off wisely Being flexible and adaptable Consistently improving and enhancing portfolio Being patient and persistent What about the economy?
  7. 7. What job do I want? Assess  WANTS/Interests  What types of activities are you interested in?  NEEDS/Values  What sort of values do I have that motivate me to work?  POSSESSIONS/Skills  What kinds of skills and abilities do I have? What kind of occupations are best suited for my particular interests, values and skills?
  8. 8. Ways to Look for WorkInternet NetworkingSchool The FedsYour State Civil ServiceNewspapers JournalsTemp Agencies PhoneBookCold Calling Cold MailingVolunteering Working for yourself
  9. 9. Need to Use THREEAlternatives Using up to four alternative methods of job hunting increases your chances of finding a jobInternet NetworkingSchool The FedsYour State Civil ServiceNewspapers JournalsTemp Agencies Phone BookCold Calling Cold MailingVolunteering Working for yourself
  10. 10. Five LEAST Productive Ways to Hunt for Job1. Mailing out Résumé to Employers from job boards, their own website, or by mail. 7% success rate
  11. 11. Five LEAST Productive Waysto Hunt for Job2. Answering ads in professional/trade journals (appropriate to your field)- using the open market isn’t as valuable as the hidden market 7% success rate
  12. 12. Five LEAST Productive Waysto Hunt for Job3. Using the Internet for Job Postings (employers don’t post every job) 10% success rate
  13. 13. Five LEAST Productive Waysto Hunt for Job4. Answering local Newspaper Ads (employers prefer local interest sites) 5-24% success rate (based on salary)
  14. 14. Five LEAST Productive Waysto Hunt for Job5. Going to Private Agencies or Search Firms 5-28% success rate (based on salary)
  15. 15. Three MOST Productive Ways to Hunt for Job1. Networking for job leads, 33%2. Cold Calling, 69%3. Taking inventory of your skills/strengths, 86%
  16. 16. The Way a Typical Employer Prefers to Fill a Vacancy 1 From Within 6 Using proof: unknown job 2 5 hunter 3 Using Best Friend or 4 Business Colleague 4 Using an agency they trust 3 5 Using an ad that was placed 2 6 Using a resume 1 The Way a Typical Job-Hunter Prefers to Fill a Vacancy
  17. 17. The Best Job Seekers The best job seekers are RESEARCHERS Research  Companies  People  Forums  Networks  Tutorials  Anything to get an edge
  18. 18. Useful WebsitesJob Search & Career Guides Job Search Engines www.Jobhuntersbible.c   om      (tech jobs)  m  You can always go to employers website to apply as well.
  19. 19. Useful Websites for Athletes The Corporate Playbook Career Athletes
  20. 20. College GraduateDriven/EducationalWebsites     www.collegerecruiter.c om (internships)
  21. 21. My Where? SpecialDream Knowledge Job Transferable Skills (in order of priority) Level of 1 People Responsibility/ 2 Environme Salary nt 3 4 5 Working Goals, Values, Conditions Purpose
  22. 22. How do you Search OnlineEffectively?
  23. 23. Applications Follow directions (30-35% are thrown out) Capitalize appropriately when doing online applications Open ended questions provides insight Use appropriate professional jargon Rank the order of your certifications Submit all required documents Update your application as your info changes
  24. 24. Keeping Track Job Search Log Track contacts, applications, or interviews
  25. 25. Being an Alum of SIUE Don’t forget about your resources here Give Back and Stay Connected  Attending games (good time to network)  Check in with Coach (who is in coach’s network?)  Offer to help out at events or volunteer (good way to gain experience)  Refer good talent (keep the networking circle open)
  26. 26. Easy Networking Have you joined the SIUE Athletics Alumni Group on Linkedin?