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Junior - Career Module


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Junior career module

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Junior - Career Module

  1. 1. What will your career be? How do you find it?
  2. 2. “Do you hate your job? Sorry to hear that. There’s a support group for that. It’s called EVERYBODY, and they meet at the bar!” ---George Carlin
  3. 3. You are already on the right track! 63% of jobs in the United States will require a post secondary degree by 2020  Universities  Colleges  Seminaries  Institutes of Technology  Vocational Schools  Trade Schools
  4. 4. Did I choose the right major?!  Choose a career because it is . . .  Something you are passionate about  Something you can see yourself doing for a long time  Something that makes you come alive All of us are good at things we’re not madly in love with and all of us have talents we never used.
  5. 5. Working for the next 50 years  Most likely you won’t stay in one career for the whole 50 years.  Studies show that people change careers (not jobs) about 5 or 6 times over their life  Your tastes, interests, and life situations could change
  6. 6. Finding your PASSION  Being passionate about your career/job can contribute to your personal happiness  A career could help you obtain fulfillment  It’s about how the job makes you feel inside  Work should spark excitement and energy If you work in your passion, money will follow.
  7. 7. Three-Movie Exercise  Without thinking too much, list your three favorite movies  Examine those three movies and determine the common thread that runs through each This statement closely resembles (if not mimics) your passion in this life
  8. 8. My Major is great, but isn’t a direct path to a career  Interest inventories can help you determine what area to go into if your major is flexible  Myers-Briggs Type Indicator  Keirsey Temperament Sorter  The Big Five Personality Test  Campbell Interest & Skill Survey “The good life is when you get up in the morning and can’t wait to start all over again.”
  9. 9. Let’s do a survey!
  10. 10. Where do I start?
  11. 11. FIRST Clean up your Image!  Google  Voicemail  Email  Facebook  Twitter  Blogs (class assignments)  Photo Websites (i.e. Flickr & Photobucket)  Instagram  Change settings to private  Untag pictures Different people have different gauges of what is or isn’t appropriate
  12. 12. FIRST Clean up your Image!  Don’t just remove the bad, add some good  Create a LinkedIn profile (look at the profiles who rank well for tips)  Join the SIUE Athletics Alumni Group on LinkedIn  Follow @SIUEAthelticsSAS on Twitter  Use your own blog to showcase your skills 88% of employers will Google your name
  13. 13. SECOND Who will support you?  Start thinking about who you would use as references  favorite teachers  coaches  supervisors  Mentors/advisors  Foster your relationship with that person(s) Never burn bridges –it can hurt your career progression or job search
  14. 14. THIRD Conduct Career Research  Informational interviews  Prepare just as you would for an actual job interview  Job Shadowing  Firsthand experience in work environment  Internships  Actual work experience in a particular industry  Career Fairs  Attend and gather knowledge
  15. 15. FOURTH Gain Experience  Take Initiative  Be Proactive  As student-athletes your time is limited  Example:  You are a barista who is majoring in graphic design. Design some marketing collateral for the coffee house and ask your supervisor if they would like to use it
  16. 16. Let’s do a survey! A second one . . .
  17. 17. FOURTH Gain Experience  Leadership opportunities  Meetings with mentor  Volunteering  Internship in the summer  Jobs during the school year  Working with a professor on research  Independent Study  Study Abroad
  18. 18. FIFTH Join up!  Sign up for professional associations and organizations –FREE ADVICE!  Much cheaper while you are still a student  Opportunities to network  Leadership opportunities  Browse listings of internships and positions  Publications  Conferences/Conventions  SIUE Student Groups  SAAC  Kimmel Student Involvement Center
  19. 19. SIXTH Go Shopping! Is your closet prepared for an unexpected interview?  Shop for business attire so you can “dress for success.”  Millenials vs. Over 50s
  20. 20. Still Not Sure which Career?  These careers have shown the largest numerical growth recently  Industrial/Organizational Psychologist  Personal Care Aides  Interpreters/Translators  Occupational Therapists  Genetic Counselors  Physical Therapists BLS Occupational Employment Statistics and Division of Occupational Outlook
  21. 21. Careers on the Rise  These careers are predicted to have the most growth in the coming years  Registered Nurses  Retail Salespersons  Home Health Aides  Secretaries  Customer Service  Accountants  Medical Secretary  Childcare Workers BLS Occupational Employment Statistics and Division of Occupational Outlook
  22. 22. Don’t forget . . .  Occupational Outlook Handbook  Complied by US Bureau of Labor Statistics  Published yearly  Description, pay, outlooks, education needed
  23. 23. Job Search/ Action Plan Resumes, interviews, researching options Focusing Which organizations are a good fit? What do I need to be competitive? Who can connect me to these options? Exploration What’s out there? Options, jobs, careers and industries that fit my skills and interests? Self Assessment Who am I? Interests, Skills, Values, Work Styles The JOB SEARCH PROCESS You are Here Senior Year
  24. 24. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know!
  25. 25. Be an active Job Seeker  Job boards have less than 5% effectiveness  Networking has over 50% effectiveness  Select companies where you would want to work  Follow that company on LinkedIn or Twitter  Like the company on Facebook  Join the conversation – comment on blogs
  26. 26. Pocket Resume iPhone/iPad App