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Mec rn care


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Mec rn care

  1. 1. Meconium-stained Amniotic Fluid after 38 weeks of gestation due to fetal maturity of normal physiological functions fetus has had an episode of loss of sphincter control, allowing meconium to pass into amniotic fluid Umbilical cord compression results in fetal hypoxia that stimulates the vagal nerve in mature fetuses Hypoxia stimulates the vagal nerve, which induces peristalsis of the fetal gastrointestinal tract and relaxation of the anal sphincter Amniotic fluid – black to greenish, yellow, or brown. Consistency may be thin or heavy Criteria for evaluation breech presentation Present with no changes in FHR Stained fluid accompanied by variable or late decelerations in FHR (ominous sign) Nursing Care Document color and consistency of stained amniotic fluid. Notify neonatal resuscitation team to be present at birth. Gather equipment needed for neonatal resuscitation. Follow designated suction protocol. ¦¦ Assess neonate–s respiratory efforts, muscle tone, and heart rate. ¦¦ Suction mouth and nose using bulb syringe if respiratory efforts strong, muscle tone good, and heart rate greater than 100/min. ¦¦ Suction below the vocal cords using an endotracheal tube before spontaneous breaths occur if respirations are depressed, muscle tone decreased, and heart rate less than 100/min.