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Immobility cane crutch


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Immobility cane crutch

  1. 1. ›› Cane instructions Maintain two points of support on the ground at all times. Keep the cane on the stronger side of the body. Support body weight on both legs, move the cane forward 6-10 inches, then move the weaker leg forward toward the cane Next, advance the stronger leg past the cane ›› Crutch instructions ≫ Do not alter crutches after fitting. ≫ ≫ Follow the prescribed crutch gait. ≫ ≫ Support body weight at the hand grips with the elbows flexed at 30°. ≫ ≫ Position the crutches on the unaffected side when sitting or rising from a chair ≫ 4-point gait * Safest gait * Requires weight bearing on both legs * Move RIGHT crutch ahead (6 inches) * Move LEFT foot forward at the level of the RIGHT crutch * Move the LEFT crutch forward * Move the RIGHT foot forward 3-point gait * Get up put both crutches on the unaffected side * Requires weight bearing on the UNAFECTED leg * Move BOTH crutches and the WEAKER LEG forward * Move the STRONGER leg forward
  2. 2. 2-point gait * Faster than 4-point * Requires more balance * Partial bearing on BOTH legs * Move the LEFT crutch and RIGHT foot FORWARD together * Move the RIGHT crutch and LEFT foot forward together