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Marketing plan for Enbrel..a pharmaceutical product for Rheumatoid and Psoriasis

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Marketing Plan Final

  1. 1. <br />Arab Academy for Science and Technology<br />MBA course<br />Seminar in Marketing<br />Dr. Hany Abd El-Khalik<br />Marketing plan<br />Prepared by<br />Tarek Mostafa Ahmed<br />Group C<br /> Introduction <br />Wyeth is a global leader in pharmaceuticals, consumer health care products and animal health care products.<br />Wyeth has a long history of pioneering developments in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, with leading products in the areas of women’s health care, neuroscience, musculoskeletal disorders, vaccines and infectious disease, haemophilia, and oncology. Wyeth also is a leader in the development of nutritionals since 1811.<br />Wyeth improves the lives of millions of people around the world with its outstanding products. And new, innovative medicines are on the way. With research and development (R&D) programs focused on small molecules, vaccines, and biotechnology, Wyeth is exploring more than 90 new therapies for medical conditions such as diabetes, breast cancer, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, and schizophrenia.<br /><ul><li>This our portfolio of products found in Egypt.
  2. 2. All our products are in the growing phase, except for Effexor which began to decline, and nutritional products which became in the mature phase.</li></ul> <br /><ul><li>We are here to talk about a special product of Wyeth which is Enbrel.
  3. 3. Enbrel is a new innovation in treating Rheumatoid and Psoriasis; here we will concentrate on Psoriasis (PSO).
  4. 4. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease of prevalence of 1 % of the population, 20 % of the cases are moderate to severe and needs treatment, and about 10 % of the cases are diagnosed by the physicians and treated.
  5. 5. It is a chronic disease so any treatment will be for life.
  6. 6. Psoriasis affects the patient’s quality of life; it causes depression and disturbs the social life of the patient, so the psychological states of the patient should be considered when treating PSO.</li></ul> This is the market size of total patients treated = 15,000 psoriatic patients and these are the different therapies used in treatment (including phototherapy, topical, & systemic drugs) and Enbrel share of the total pie. <br />What I need to do is to penetrate the market as 0.1 % share means that I am still outside the market.<br /> This is my position in the hierarchy of the company:<br /><ul><li>I’m a product specialist, working on Enbrel for 1 year. It is present in the Egyptian market since 2004.</li></ul> Market study<br />Enbrel has 2 main indications:<br />Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and Psoriasis (PSO).<br />There is a difference in the 2 markets, one is Rheuma and the other is Derma. The use of biologics including Enbrel is more established in the Rheuma market than Derma market which is still in the awareness phase and no one penetrated it yet except for Enbrel which started its awareness campaign for the use of biologics in general in treating PSO. <br />Market Share<br />Our market share in these 2 markets is as follows<br />Where Mabthera, Remicad, & Orencia are Enbrel competitors.<br /> <br />Where DMARDs (Disease Modifying Anti Rheumatic Drugs), NSAID (Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs), & Steroids are other therapies than Biologics (which include Enbrel & competitors) used for treating Rheumatoid. <br /> <br /> Where Phototherapy, Topical, & Systemic drugs are other therapies than Biologics(including Enbrel) used in treatment of PSO.<br /> Total market share of Enbrel vs. Other biologics in the market (our competitors) is 66 %, where Enbrel is the only biologic used in Derma<br /><ul><li>As mentioned before, I will concentrate on Derma market only. From my point of view the fair market share of Enbrel in PSO is to be 10 % of total Psoriatic patients. So we are in the growing phase as shown:
  7. 7.
  8. 8. SWOT analysis
  9. 9. StrengthNew innovation 50% 30%Safety 30% 30%Tolerability 10% 10%Wyeth reputation 10% 10% 80%OpportunityInsurance 50% 20%Awareness 35% 25%Growing market 15% 15% 60% WeaknessTaken for life 50% 40%High cost 30% 15%Not registered 20% 10% -35%ThreatNew company (Wyeth 40% 35% is acquired by Pfizer) 2 new competitors 30% 20%Financial crisis 30% 25% -20%
  10. 10. SWOT score:
  11. 11. Opportunities and strength score = 140
  12. 12. Weakness and threat score = -55
  13. 13. Total SWOT score = 140-55 = 85%
  14. 14.
  15. 15. BCG matrix</li></ul>StarQuestion markCash cowDog <br />The Enbrel is considered a Star product as it is still a new product with new innovation in treating PSO effectively. It didn’t yet generate money but if well investment is done, it will be very profitable product. <br /> Marketing mix matrix<br />Geographic areaProductPlacePricePromotion Market segment Cairo/AlexACairoBMansouraCAlexandria<br />Market segments: <br />A = insured patient, B = not insured patient but can afford, C = not insured patient and can’t afford<br />A= 80% Product + 20% Place<br />A= 50% Cairo + 35% Alex + 15% Mansoura<br />B= 35% Product + 1% Place + 35% Price + 29% Promotion<br />B= 60% Cairo + 30% Alex + 10% Mansoura<br />C= 8% Product + 2% Place + 50% Price + 40% Promotion <br />C= 15% Cairo + 25% Alex + 60% Mansoura<br /> Market segmentation <br />Macro environment should be considered while doing segmentation as it will affect it: <br /><ul><li>Demographic-Economic: patients will be classified according to their affordability as my product is too expensive.
  16. 16. Political-Legal: here the registration of the drug in the ministry of health will allow us to enter hospital tenders (kasr Aini, Demerdash, Mansoura university hospital, etc….), and so a new segment will be added as these hospitals will cover the cost of treatment of patients treated in it.
  17. 17. Social-cultural: some patients can hardly afford Enbrel but doctors don’t care to prescribe it for them as they aren’t aware of how Enbrel will affect their social life, so awareness campaign will add a new segment of patients who can hardly afford.
  18. 18. And sure micro environment is the base of segmentation depending on the 4 Ps as mentioned in the marketing mix.
  19. 19. Considering the awareness campaign that should be organized well, we should study customer needs.
  20. 20. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs</li></ul>Self-actualization needs (self-development, realization)Physiological(hunger, thirst)Safety (security, protection)Social (sense of belonging, love)Esteem(self-esteem, recognition, status)<br /><ul><li>Psoriatic patients are deprived of stepping upwards in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, they stop at the first step which is the basic requirements for human to survive; physiological (hunger & thirst).
  21. 21. Their disease is chronic and affects their quality of life (it is a skin disease in the form of scaly lesions which covers more than 10% of the body in moderate to severe cases, which make the patient’s surrounding people including his family fear to deal with him or have a direct contact with him for fear that the infection might be transmitted to them which is a wrong perception).
  22. 22. Besides the other therapies used nowadays other than Biologics doesn’t reach the required relief of these lesions to ensure better quality of life for the patients, in addition they have severe side effects (Liver impairment, Kidney impairment, hematological disorders,…) which doesn’t ensure the safety of patients.
  23. 23. Using Enbrel will reach the unmet needs of these patients, as it is a safe drug (human origin) so will ensure the patient’s safety, and its efficacy is superior to other therapies so will ensure the patient’s sense of belonging and love.
  24. 24.
  25. 25. So using Enbrel will allow the patient’s to live a normal life and step the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs easily till reaching the self actualization.
  26. 26.
  27. 27. The awareness campaign will be also directed to the physicians, insurance companies, ministry of health, and all companies who insure their employees, as they don’t care about the importance of the psychological state of the patients, they only care about their physiological states.
  28. 28. Segmentation matrix</li></ul> <br /> Market segments Product<br />Where A =insured patients.<br /> B =Not insured but can afford<br /> C =Not insured but can hardly afford<br /> D =Not insured and can’t afford<br />Enbrel= 55% A + 30% B + 13% C + 2% D<br /> Balance score card<br />Customer: all the company should work to satisfy the customer not only by providing the product but also by finding ways to make this product available to all customers as much as possible.<br />Financial: offer all the methods which make the product available to all customers through promotion (free samples), special prices, conducting meetings and awareness programs….<br />Internal business processes: to run the business, as the process of registering the product which will affect the business directly.<br />Learning and growth: Train the medical representatives well to insure the quality of conducting the business; also conduct awareness programs for physicians and patients. <br /> Objective <br /><ul><li>Reach market share of 1% in PSO within 3 years time, and maintain our ranking in PSO as the first biologic to be used and the number one biologic in the market for treating PSO.
  29. 29. Different Scenarios to reach this objective
  30. 30.
  31. 31. Best scenarios
  32. 32. According to the market share study, the use of biologics in Derma is still very limited. So Awareness strategy must be done to show how the patient will benefit from Enbrel than other traditional therapies used.
  33. 33. According to the SWOT analysis done, Awareness will be the best scenario as follows:
  34. 34. Strength: New innovation needs awareness.
  35. 35. Opportunity: Insurance Awareness programs for key persons in insurance companies.
  36. 36. Opportunity: Awareness is increasing Be a leader.
  37. 37. Weakness: Taken for life& high cost Awareness will increase number of insured patients so solving these weaknesses.
  38. 38. Weakness: Not registered Using our strength (Wyeth reputation) and the Awareness programs will make it easier and faster to be registered.
  39. 39. Threat: New competitors We will be the leaders in our Awareness campaign and this will build our Brand image so the competitors will take more time to build itself.
  40. 40. According to the BCG matrix, Enbrel is a Star product which is in the growing phase so we have enough budgets to invest in it.
  41. 41. According to segmentation matrix & marketing mix matrix, the product is the most important thing for segments A & B, and the price & promotion is the most important for segments B,C,D while the place is the least important for all segments. So Awareness will be the best scenario to work on followed by promotion then pricing.
  42. 42. Awareness </li></ul>As the drug is still in the growing phase, the physicians and the patients should consider this drug as an option of treatment. So it is the best scenario to work on to reach the 1% market share of the total psoriatic treated patients.<br /><ul><li>Promotion</li></ul>This scenario will be effective to a certain degree to reach our 1% market share objective.<br /><ul><li>Pricing</li></ul>It will be limited only for one segment which is the insured patients, because decreasing the price will make no difference for patients as it is still too expensive besides it is taken for life so the cost is durable. While insured patients will benefit as decreasing the price will encourage companies with good insurance programs to enroll the drug in its list. <br /> Modules <br />Awareness <br /><ul><li>M1 A: PSO education programs for physicians including
  43. 43. PSO global summit.
  44. 44. PSO international conferences.
  45. 45. Clinical meetings and local congresses.
  46. 46. Round table discussions.
  47. 47. M2 A: Physicians library including
  48. 48. Scientific journals.
  49. 49. Scientific guidelines.
  50. 50. Mini atlas for PSO.
  51. 51. PSO booklets.
  52. 52. M3 A: Engaging physicians in clinical trials, where results will be published in a reputable medical journal.
  53. 53. M4 A: PSO Ads at health magazines, and Radio & T.V. campaign.
  54. 54. M5 A: Internet website for Enbrel.
  55. 55. M6 A: patient’s educational software.
  56. 56. M7 A: CRM and call center for patients.
  57. 57. M8 A: patient’s support group meetings.</li></ul>Promotion <br /><ul><li>M1 Pn: Starter kits for 1 month for new patients.
  58. 58. M2 Pn: 3 month samples/year for patients who use Enbrel for life.
  59. 59. M3 Pn: Free lab tests and any other investigations related to the disease treated by Enbrel for patients who are on Enbrel.</li></ul>Pricing <br /><ul><li>M1 Pg: special price for hospitals.
  60. 60. M2 Pg: special price for patients who are maintained on Enbrel.
  61. 61. M3 Pg: special price for big pharmacies.</li></ul> <br />Action plan<br />2010 calendar<br />2011 calendar<br /> <br />2012 calendar<br /><ul><li>There are 2 critical modules:</li></ul>Physicians’ library; he should receive the journals, guidelines and PSO booklets in the same sequence to be maintained up-to-date and don’t miss any data published.<br /> Patient education software; as it will be a serious of software, so the patient can’t have one before another. <br /><ul><li>The other modules are free and can be placed in any sequence.</li></ul>Control<br />There will be a check point every half year to see how effective is this strategy to reach our objective which is penetration by 1% market share of total patients treated from moderate to severe Psoriasis.<br />So our indicator will be the number of patients put on Enbrel vs. the total number of Psoriatic patients (15,000 patients as a total pie).<br />