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Human Powered Vehicle Project


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Human Powered Vehicle Project

  1. 1. Hi, Thanks for checking out this slideshow! This is merely a short collection of my latest and greatest work, primarily what I have done in Solidworks 2009- 2010. This is screenshots and photos of my work in the Human-Powered Vehicle competition for Spring of 2010. The majority of the work was a collaboration between myself and my teammates as a final exercise to show to the education board at my university our abilities to bring a design concept from a brainstorm to a final product: involving modeling, analysis, prototyping, and plans for production. In any case, it's short, sweet, and hopefully a bit fun to look at! I hope you enjoy!
  2. 2. This is the near-final model drawing of the HPV: we decided to utilize a tadpole- recumbent design that also incorporates tilt-steering so we may lean at higher speeds into corners on the racetrack.
  3. 3. One of my pride and joys: the carbon-fiber pan dish wheel, utilizing a vacuum-mold method of construction to lay up to carbon fiber, and a custom-made center hub design to minimize wheel scrub.
  4. 4. Another point of pride: the center hub! The design allows a wheel offset to minimize scrub and mounting of the front disc wheels. It took 4 hours to program the CNC for this!
  5. 5. The final product: After 200+ hours of design and construction! Yours truly is in the background, taking yet more pictures..
  6. 6. Here is the HPV in-competition, with my teammate Zac pushing it through its' paces; this picture shows Zac navigating a hard corner in which many racers had wrecked.. needless to say the tilt-steer truly helped allow us to operate in a safer manner through this portion!