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How To Make A Superhero Avatar! Baldeep2


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This is a published explanation that a 10 year old student wrote about how to make a Superhero avatar

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How To Make A Superhero Avatar! Baldeep2

  1. 1. How to make a Superhero Avatar! By Baldeep
  2. 2. Run Away!! First you go on to the Takahe 1’s wiki home page on: When you’re on the homepage, there will be these words: THE HERO FACTORY. Click on that and then this sort of Superhero which will have these words in the speech bubble: MAKE ME A SUPERHERO
  3. 3. Click on that button then suddenly there will appear these % numbers which will then do this: 10 %, 20%, 30 %, 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90%,100% Which means the page is loading.
  4. 4. When it is up to 100%, there will appear a page where they will ask you if you would like to be a male or female. Next you will get to choose your hair style and the colour of your hair. After that you may choose your heroes eyes or if they may wear mask over their eyes. Later you may choose the upper body clothes, for your super hero avatar.
  5. 5. After doing that you may choose the wings of your avatar, lower body clothes and you may also choose a belt for your super hero avatar. Next you may choose a weapon, shopping bag, or a baseball bat for your super hero avatar. When you have finished with your avatar you have to press finish.
  6. 6. After that your super hero avatar will appear with a name, when you have finished that you will press download and you wait for it to save on your desktop, then you may put it on your website page and let everyone see.