Transformation workshop


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Example of a teaching Transformation Workshop using links to Mathletics, Rainforest Maths, Studyladder and websites

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Transformation workshop

  1. 1. Choose the word that names the move
  2. 2. Build a block
  3. 3. Symmetrical PatternsStudyladder: you will need to type in teacher user name and password, click on Tasks andselect from tasks)
  4. 4. Line of symmetryStudyladder: you will need to type in teacher user name and password, click on Tasks andselect from tasks)
  5. 5. Sides, Corners, Lines of Symmetry
  6. 6. Lines of symmetry and rotationClick on Grade/Year Six and then 2D shapesRainforest Maths
  7. 7. ComputerChoose a shapePress Command DSlide (translate) theshape to the rightRepeatiPadTap on the +Choose a shapeTap on the shape, choose CopyTap and hold and choose PasteSlide (translate) the shape to the rightRepeat
  8. 8. ComputerClick on first shapeGo to Arrange – Flip VerticallyMove into placeDuplicate and translateiPadClick on first shapeWith two fingers, pinch and rotate theshape 180 degreesMove into placeCopy and Paste
  9. 9. ComputeriPadTap on a shapeTap on the Paint Brush, Style andSelect a colourCopy and paste and translateChange colours of other shapesClick on a shapeClick on the Fill button and select a colourDuplicate and translateChange colours of other shapesHint: Shift clickmultiple shapesto colour all atonce
  10. 10. ComputeriPadClick on a shape, press Command A toselect allGo to Arrange –GroupPress Command D to duplicate and thentranslate the shapes so that they fittogetherTap on a shape and hold, tap on all of the othershapes to select allWhen all selected, let go and tap one, tap Copyand then tap on the page and select PasteTranslate the shapes so that they fit together
  11. 11. ComputeriPad TricksSelect all objectsHold your Shift key down and click multiple shapes select all at onceNudge an objectSelect the objectPress and hold the Command key and tap the arrow keys to nudge objectMatch the sizes of two objectsMatch the sizes of any two objects on the screen by tapping on a selection handle on theobject you want to resize, and then tapping and holding the object you want to matchwith another finger. When the words “Match Size” appear on the screen, lift your fingerfrom the resized object first.Nudge an objectTap and hold with one finger the shape you want to nudge, swipe with another fingerand it will move in small increments. Try swiping with 2 and 3 fingers for largerincrements
  12. 12. The following tessellations are all examples from M.C.Escher