Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Planning Grid with activity ideas and starter words.                                     ...
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Gardner’s multiple intelligences planning grid with activity ideas and starter words


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Gardner’s multiple intelligences planning grid with activity ideas and starter words

  1. 1. Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Planning Grid with activity ideas and starter words. A 1 Bodily Musical Naturalist B 2 ? Kinaesthetic Verbal/Linguistic C Rhythmical Logical/Mathematical 3 Visual/spatial Interpersonal Intrapersonal Environmental List, locate, write, state recognise, define, Venn Diagram (Word, Kidspiration, Mindmap (Inspiration, Act out or Mime Listen (Media Work with a partner Mindmap (Inspiration, Record and talk (iPod, recount, facts Inspiration) Kidspiration) (Video or digital Player, iTunes) Discuss in groups Kidspiration) PDA, microphone) Remembering Create Mindmap (Word, Inspiration, Kidspiration) Graph (Word, Excel) Draw /Sketch (Paint, camera) Identify and name Invite a speaker Diary or Learning log List Label, select, Question key (Word – table, Excel) Timelines (Word, Excel, Inspiration) Artrage, KidPix) Prepare a visual instruments Brainstorm (Word, PowerPoint) Gather pictures and group Gather pictures summary using Write a limerick List (emotions, Write the thoughts… Find (photos) Reverse key A-Z Key (PowerPoint) Survey Draw a map (Paint, symbols and pictures Show personality traits) Classify, categorise Who, What, Where, When, Name, identify, List in order of severity (Word, Excel) Artrage, KidPix, Word) Collect, label, match (Word) describe, recall Fact Recall Show Make Fact Recall Trace (Artrage) Examine, show Interview, compare (iPod, microphone) Classify Make, model Mime Mime Debate Write (story, essay) Research Describe, oral report ((iPod, microphone, video) Graph cause and effect (Word, Storyboard (PowerPoint) (Word, Inspiration, Who am I? What am I? Act out Role play Discuss Take photos Understanding Excel) Draw (Paint, Artrage, Role play Write a Share Kidspiration) describe Explain, identify, predict Write, Discuss, outline, summarise Survey KidPix) Describe Draw stages (Paint, Artrage, KidPix) Photograph (Digital Demonstrate song/sonnet Work with Research (Internet) Question key (Word – table, Excel) Timeline (Word, Excel, Inspiration) camera) (Video or digital (GarageBand) Explain Imagine Confirm, match, restate, translate, demonstrate, rewrite camera) Categorise Poster, cartoon (Word, Interpret, translate Comic Life) Experiment Create a game with open questions Graph and analyse (Excel, Word,) Gather pictures Create a simulation Perform Work with Write (instructions), Use (magnifying Create an instruction book (Word) Cost an activity Draw, photograph, film (Video or digital Use environmental List, Write, imagine, suppose, apply, change, Teach letter glass, Proscope) Draw maps (Word, Paint, Artrage, Paint (Paint, Artrage, camera) materials as Translate Journal Design and make solve, show Use new vocab KidPix) KidPix) Act out instruments (Word, PowerPoint)Bloom’s Taxonomy Prepare a matrix (Word, Excel) Timelines (Word, Excel, Inspiration) Put together, Show, Deliver a speech Compose Construction key, A-Z key Design a game produce (GarageBand, video (Garageband, midi Applying Predict, how might, forecast Diary (Word, PowerPoint) Illustrate (Paint, Artrage, camera) keyboard) Flow chart (Word, Inspiration) Calculate, Solve, experiment KidPix) Show Practise KWL, KWHL A-Z key Construction key Practise Produce Diagram (Inspiration, Produce Word) Create PMI. KWL, Venn Diagram, questionnaire, Present a chart, graph (Word, Excel) Draw (diagram, cartoon, Make Play (music, CD, Prepare a Analyse List (Word, comparison charts, (Word, Inspiration, Survey (Word) map) (Word, Inspiration, instrument) Kidspiration) Survey, research, write, organise, Model sociogram Write (Word) Inspiration) Venn diagram (Word, Inspiration) Comic Life) Create (Garageband, (biography) Group analyse, identify, classify, examine, what Grid, diagram (Word, Inspiration) Make media keyboard, Analysing evidence, compare, contrast, distinguish, connect, Separate Monitor the Select group (Word) Group Group iTunes, Media Disadvantages key Select Select Player) development SCUMPS (Word, Inspiration) Interpret Order Give details Timeline Picture key Research Interpret Create KWL, PMI (Word, Inspiration, Kidspiration) Analyse (Word) Storyboard Role play (Video or Listen Debate Write (essay, story, Debate List recommendations Decide, Explain, defend, rank, interpret Critique (PowerPoint) digital camera) Choreograph Evaluate the exposition) (Word, Create Justify, what solution or outcome, argue, validate, Explain Paint (Paint, Artrage, Act out music to evidence iPod, microphone, assess, compare, recommend, solve, judge Judge KidPix) demonstrate Prepare a report Podcast, Blog) Evaluating Interpretation key Disadvantages key, What if key (Word, Rank Timeline changes (Word, iPod, Imagine Inspiration, Kidspiration) Assess Create connections (Garageband, microphone, Interpret Grade media keyboard, Podcast, Blog) Debate iTunes, Media Defend Player) Create brochure (Word, Publisher) Graph (Word, Excel) Design (poster, stamp, Create (model, Compose With a partner Solve Create (rules) Write (article, report, essay, story, recount, Present a chart (Word, PowerPoint, CD cover) (Word, invitations, Wordfind, crossword, diary) (Word, dance, puppet, Create (sound In a group PMI (Word, Take photos Publisher) Artrage, Paint, KidPix) play, simulation) effects) Develop (Word, Inspiration) PowerPoint, Inspiration, Publisher) Prepare speech, Podcast or Blog (iPod, Cost an activity Create display, comic Design Design using abstract (Video or digital Make (audio iPod, microphone, Devise a plan Garageband, iTunes) Use SCAMPER, Use BAR Draw maps (Word, Artrage) symbols camera) Performance) Podcast, Blog) Produce Combination key, Inventions key, The ridiculous Acrostic poem (Word, Publisher) Invent Compose (Garageband, Creating key Prepare a diagram Compose Imagine media keyboard, Propose iTunes, Media Plan Use BAR Construct Hypothesize, construct Player) Imagine, invent, combine Create puzzles (PowerPoint) Improve, combine Choreograph Construct combine Adapted from an ideaPohl, M. (2000). Learning to think. Thinking to learn. Models and strategies to develop a classroom culture.Hawker Brownlow Education.