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Humanity A - English BNW Presentation


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Vicky, James C, Reece, Olivia

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Humanity A - English BNW Presentation

  1. 1. What is Love? Vicky Roh English 10A
  2. 2. “It’s just that this little boyseems rather reluctant to join in the ordinary erotic play.” (32)
  3. 3. chemicals, so people tend to ignore redflags in the beginning, and prevent a clear picture of the relationship” (Renshaw of Loyala)
  4. 4. “I do.” “Well, go on.”“But in the intervals I still like him. I shall always like him.” (188) (188) (188) (188) (188) (188)
  5. 5. “Feeling you cannot live without a person creates "relationship addition" that can beemotionally destructive, one-sided and abusive, according to Mental Health America.”
  6. 6. Brain vs. Heart
  7. 7.
  8. 8. Happiness: a feeling of satisfaction orcontentment. a feeling of satisfaction orcontentment.
  9. 9. “The world’s stable now. People are happy;they get what they want, and they never wantwhat they can’t get.” -p.220
  10. 10. “A gramme is better than a damn” -p.56
  11. 11. “...greed creates social conflict,as those who lose out resentthose who win more than an evenshare.”-Richard F. Taflinger-Richard F. Taflinger-Richard F. Taflinger -Richard F. Taflinger
  12. 12. Birth is suffering,aging is suffering,sickness is suffering,dissociation from the loved issuffering,not to get what one wants is suffering:in short the five categories affected byclinging are suffering.”-Buddha-Buddha-Buddha-Buddha-Buddha-Buddha-Buddha
  13. 13. Citation••••••• sad/
  14. 14. The Value of an Individual James Chae 10A
  15. 15. "Stability. No civilization withoutsocial stability. No social stabilitywithout individual stability" (42).
  16. 16. "When the individual feels, the communityreels" (94).
  17. 17. How is death perceived? Reece Kim, A Block
  18. 18. his is the answer for my thesistopic):How is death perceived? Depressing misfortune Natural and beneficial
  19. 19. xample #1 :rave New World “More than a kilo and a half per adult corpse. Which makes the best part of four hundred tons of phosphorous every year from England alone. Henry spoke with a happy pride, rejoicing wholeheartedly in the achievement as though it had been his own.” (Pg 73).
  20. 20. xample #2 :rave New World “”Now, who wants a chocolate eclair?” she asked in a loud, cheerful tone. “Me!” yelled the entire Bokanovsky Group in chorus.” (Pg 207).
  21. 21. xample #1:eal Life Example 11 Terror, how people are easilyxposed to death. Which bringsear to everyone who gets exposed. Exposure
  22. 22. Citations•••••