Dating, Lies and Algorthms


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Dating, Lies and Algorthms

  1. 1. Dating, lies and algorithmsDating, lies and algorithms
  2. 2. We were all single onceWe were all single once Yesterday 33% of couples met online. It will be 70% by 2040
  3. 3. The effect of the internet on matingThe effect of the internet on mating
  4. 4. Physical first, personality secondPhysical first, personality second
  5. 5. Personality first, physical secondPersonality first, physical second
  6. 6. Celebrate! The geeks won?Celebrate! The geeks won?
  7. 7. It's been a periodic victory?It's been a periodic victory?
  8. 8. Not so fast... the fightback has startedNot so fast... the fightback has started
  9. 9. Social dating is on the riseSocial dating is on the rise
  10. 10. But think about the data!But think about the data!
  11. 11. Think about the money!Think about the money! The US dating service market is estimated to be worth $2.2 billion! 1. IAC (, OkCupid, Tinder, ...) at 27% 2. eHarmony at 13.8% 3. Zoosk at 5.1% 4. Spark Networks (JDate, Christian Mingle, ...) at 3.2%.
  12. 12. Money you say?Money you say? UK's biggest online dating companies is Edinburgh-based Cupid plc, a company which generated revenue of £81m last year The average dating site customers spends £150 per year
  13. 13. ...oh that's where the money has gone...oh that's where the money has gone
  14. 14. Imagine if you were deviousImagine if you were devious
  15. 15. Imagine if you liedImagine if you lied
  16. 16. Lacked moral judgementLacked moral judgement
  17. 17. ...or simply had shareholders and investors...or simply had shareholders and investors
  18. 18. Imagine what you could do with all thatImagine what you could do with all that data?data?
  19. 19. Learn from the dealersLearn from the dealers
  20. 20. Offer a free trial to new usersOffer a free trial to new users
  21. 21. Raise the level of urgencyRaise the level of urgency
  22. 22. Make it more addictive than a class A drugMake it more addictive than a class A drug
  23. 23. Add game dynamics and repeatAdd game dynamics and repeat
  24. 24. Make it like shopping for bread or milkMake it like shopping for bread or milk
  25. 25. Abundant blur of facesAbundant blur of faces
  26. 26. Make it easy and attractive to start againMake it easy and attractive to start again “Apermanentlypaired-offdater,afterall,meanslostrevenue”
  27. 27. Sell the greener grass, on the other sideSell the greener grass, on the other side
  28. 28. If you're not paying, you are the product?If you're not paying, you are the product?
  29. 29. Additional insultAdditional insult
  30. 30. Create fake/shadow profilesCreate fake/shadow profiles
  31. 31. Fake profiles which message people leavingFake profiles which message people leaving Florida mom's photos used in more than 200 bogus profiles $1.5 billion lawsuit profiles-rampant-match-lawsuit-article-1.1526124
  32. 32. Offer no protection to your usersOffer no protection to your users “the company ignores the fraudulent profiles and also creates its own”
  33. 33. Introduce premium match algorithmsIntroduce premium match algorithms
  34. 34. Charge for personalised searchesCharge for personalised searches
  35. 35. Paid dating “experts”Paid dating “experts”
  36. 36. Matching algorithms lies?Matching algorithms lies? The past 80 years of scientific research about what makes people romantically compatible suggests that such sites are unlikely to do what they claim to do.” A recent paper from the Association of Psychological Science was pretty clear that there's little evidence for any matching algorithm's scientific merit ("no compelling evidence supports matching sites" claims that mathematical algorithms work")
  37. 37. Lawsuits? Sell the data, get out!Lawsuits? Sell the data, get out! plaintiffs in the case are arguing that the company fraudulently misled them about their services, charging $1,000 per year for services that they did not deliver Two major online dating agencies are being sued for alleged fraud and malpractice
  38. 38. Is LOVE intangible?Is LOVE intangible?
  39. 39. Do weDo we actuallyactually want to quantify LOVE?want to quantify LOVE?
  40. 40. Remember sex education at school?Remember sex education at school? Dr. Fisher earned a BA in Anthropology and Psychology from New York University in 1968; an MA in Physical Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology, Linguistics, and Archeology from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1972, and a PhD in Physical Anthropology: Human Evolution, Primatology, Human Sexual Behavior, and Reproductive Strategies from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1975. She is a leading expert on the biology of love and attraction. She is currently the most referenced scholar in the love research community. In 2005, she was hired by
  41. 41. Mmmmmmmmoooooore data!Mmmmmmmmoooooore data!
  42. 42. Well poke me... sounds like Facebook?Well poke me... sounds like Facebook?
  43. 43. Remember zuck's site in 2004Remember zuck's site in 2004
  44. 44. Facebook knowsFacebook knows
  45. 45. Facebook is the ultimate dating siteFacebook is the ultimate dating site
  46. 46. Thank you... (Thank you... (no dating sites were harmed in this talkno dating sites were harmed in this talk)) Ian Forrester |Ian Forrester | | | @cubicgarden