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Google Adsense Best Practices


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A Google Adsense Best Practices and Case Study slides presented by DevsTeam's Co-Founder Nasir Uddin Shamim at Google Business Group-Dhaka Event.

Published in: Technology
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Google Adsense Best Practices

  2. 2. AdSense Earnings! An Overview!
  3. 3. Big is Better!Choose TheRight Ad UnitsBest performing Adsare :>336*280 LargeRectangle,>300*250 MediumRectangle and>160*600 WideSkyscraper!>Enable Text & RichMedia Ads For BetterCPC
  4. 4. Blend everything! Looking like anFormat Your Ad is a fault by default!Ad Unites>Make your AdsBackground same asyour Site’s Background!>Make Your Ads TitleColor as exactly whatyour Article Title is!>The Ads Text Color &fonts would be same asyour site’s text color &fonts!
  5. 5. Stop Feeling Shy! Put Ads AbovePositioning Is the Fold. Please!The Real Fact!>AdSense Ads workwell in the body ofContents! Not inSidebar or Header!>Large Rectangle justbelow the Title in rightor Left aligned worksthe best!>Ads just after the firstparagraph works welltoo!
  6. 6. Check How I Use Ad Units!
  7. 7. My Another Site With Ads
  8. 8. Placement Targeting & AddingMake Your Little Description Is Genius!Ads Targetable>While Creating A NewAds Pallet; make thistargetable toAdvertisers.>Ads a little butenticing description foreach new pallets!
  9. 9. More Relevant Ads Means HugeImprove Ads Potentials To Get A Click & SoRelevancy! The Value!>Practice White Hat SEO& Helps Adsense Bots toDeliver Better Ads!>Use ImportantKeywords in Heading likeH1, H2 and so on!>Reasonable number ofKeywords in the body ofContent.>Publish High Qualityand Longer articles.Better Ads would beshowed up!>Follow GoogleWebmasters Guideline!
  10. 10.  Use channels!Test Should BeContinued!>Create CustomChannels.>Re-position your AdsUnit.>Use different type ofAds Unit.>Check which colors ofAds work best to you.
  11. 11. Stuffs Must Lead You To beNever Try Banned Permanently!Those!>Never Click on yourown Ads! Google isdamn strict on thisissue.>Don’t entice others toclick on your Ads.>Don’t publish anyCopy Pasted /spinned/rehashed article on yoursite.>Don’t use copyrightedmaterials like images.
  12. 12. Thank You!GBG-DHAKA DEVSTEAM