Timeline of photography (2)


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Timeline of photography (2)

  1. 1. Timeline of Photography By Shola Welch
  2. 2. Camera Obscura Camera obscuras were first used from 470 to 390 BCE. They are used to project an image from their surroundings onto a screen. It consists of a box or a room with a hole in one side, light from an external scene passes through the hole and hits a surface inside. Where it is then re- produced upside down. It can then be projected onto paper and then traced to a highly accurate representative.470 to 390 BCE
  3. 3. 16th century • Brightness and clarity of camera obscuras was improved by enlarging the hole inserting a telescope lens into the camer obscura. In the 17th century camera obscuars were more frequently used my artists, and made portable in the form of sedan chairs.16th century 17th century
  4. 4. 17th century• Camera obscuras in frequent use by artists and made portable in the form of sedan chairs 17th century
  5. 5. First ever permanent photographThe first ever permanent photograph took 8hours to make. The method for making it is thefollowing : put a silver coin in nitric acid, whenthe coin has dissolved add cooking salt. Thenpaint it onto paper 6 times. As soon as he found out that this worked theycould put photos onto nickel, metal, and glass. 1727
  6. 6. Giphantie• Before the stages that led to the development of photography, there is one amazing, prediction made by a man called de la Roche in 1729- 1774 in a work called Giphantie, this was a tale where you were able to catch imgaes of nature on a canvas which had been coated with a sticky substance. This surface, so they say, would not only provide a mirror image on the sticky canvas, but would remain on it. After it had been dried in the dark the image would remain permanent. The author would not have known how certain this prediction would be, only a few decades after his death. 1729
  7. 7. First ever permanent photograph• The first ever permanent photograph took 8 hours to develop. The method for this was to put a silver coin in nitric acid and when it had dissolved add cooking salt and then paint it onto paper 6 times over and over. Using this method they were able to develop photos onto nickel, metal glass and paper. This was made by French inventor Joseph Nicéphore Niépce this image was later accidentally destroyed. 1829
  8. 8. This was the first ever photograph 1829
  9. 9. First ever camera• This was the first ever camera invented. Kodak made it and they first ever invented the film. This camera needed film to function; where you put the film in and then when h film is full it is taken out and put into a dark room to develop. 1889
  10. 10. This was the first ever photograph of a human being 1938
  11. 11. This was the first photo of the moon taken by Apollo 8 crewmember Bill Anders . 1968
  12. 12. 1986 – Kodak scientists invent the worlds first megapixel sensor 1986
  13. 13. 2000 – J-SH04 introduced by J-Phone was firstcommercially available camera integrated withmobile phone, that can make and share stillpictures. 2000
  14. 14. 2009 – Kodak announces the discontinuanceof Kodachrome film. 2009
  15. 15. And to this day we have very advancedmegapixel camera oh phones, camputers andlaptops. Since camera were discovered theyhave advenced from this to this .
  16. 16. Thank you for watching