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Boot Camp: Patent Sales


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The profiles of patent buyers, as well as their motivations, are changing. This makes the ability to package assets to maximize deal-making success more important than ever.

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Boot Camp: Patent Sales

  1. 1. Business Sense • IP MattersBusiness Sense • IP Matters 1 Boot Camp: Patent Sales Russ Binns CEO, Allied Security Trust Ed Fish Co-Head Technology and IP Advisory, Houlihan Lokey Kent Richardson Partner, Richardson Oliver Law Group Ray Strimaitis VP and Deputy GC, Yahoo Contact Information: +1 (650) 967-6555 Copyright 2017 ROL
  2. 2. Business Sense • IP Matters What’s the Secondary Patent Market? 2 Seller Buyer Copyright 2017 ROL
  3. 3. Business Sense • IP Matters Where Is the Patent Market Today? 3Copyright 2017 ROL
  4. 4. Business Sense • IP Matters Deal Flow 4 Sellers Buyers Direct Sales >1000 deals per year hit the market Copyright 2017 ROL
  5. 5. Business Sense • IP Matters How Big Is the Patent Market? 5 $0 $2 $4 $6 $8 $10 $12 $14 2011-Q1 2012-Q1 2013-Q1 2014-Q1 2015-Q1 2016-Q1 2017-Q1 ROL Group Tracked Secondary Patent Market ($B) $11 billion plus in patent packages 90 thousand plus patent assets 100 technology categories Copyright 2017 ROL Unsold Sold
  6. 6. Business Sense • IP Matters Corporate Patent Selling Top 10 1. Gather and use your internal resources to help sell and establish buy-in 2. Find out what people need 3. Define what you can and can’t sell 4. Define what a successful sale looks like 5. Price the assets using objective data 6. Simplify the early engagement (e.g., simple NDA) 7. Be clear and reasonable about expectations and communications 8. Use your network 9. Read the expected reps and warranties – develop a process for clearing them 10. Adjust your plans to reflect the changing market 6